Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Drop Out of your College

Every person doubts his decision to be in college at least once in his life. Am I doing the course that I really want to? Will I succeed in life if I pursue this course? Should I go for some other course? Should I have my own startup? Should I start interning? A multitude of questions goes around in the mind of every person who goes to college. The main question they have to face is “What next?”. College can get tiring and competitive, but that is not a reason to drop out. Here are a few more reasons that will make you realize that staying in college is in fact worth it and that you shouldn’t drop out.

10) College helps you to make connections and networks

No matter which field you want to excel in, establishing good connections is a must. There are different people you are going to come across in the duration of your higher studies, most of which are going to be in the field of your interest. Being skilled is important but having contacts is equally important as it provides you with opportunities. It can help you with landing the job that you want. Most people land jobs because of their good networking. Who you know is extremely important as it often trumps what you know.


9) College makes you feel independent

You don’t just become an adult because you turn eighteen. When you go to college, you get to exposed an environment which isn’t protecting you all the time. You have left the safe bubble of your school and are made to interact with people you don’t know. Not only does college teach you how to manage your money and expenses, it also teaches you how to commute till college and travel in the state. Most of the students stay away from their homes during college which teaches them how to do their own laundry, cook their own food and other life skills that are essential.

8) It builds your resume

College gives you a lot of exposure. Many assignments that you get can be added to your resume. Any employer is going to look at your resume to see what all you have done and the skills that you have. If you are an asset or a liability will be decided by the employer on the basis of the resume. You can intern at various places and help strengthen your resume. You need to gain an added advantage over those around you which you can showcase in your resume.


7)  Having a degree gives you security

In today’s world a person with a degree is looked at with more respect in comparison to a person who doesn’t have a degree. A degree will make it possible for you to land a job in a decent company. You can’t stay in your parent’s apartment and leech on their resources for your entire life, you need to go out there and work!


6) Your parents have invested so much in you, its your turn to make them proud

Your parents have spent their funds for years for you to get a good education. By staying in college and getting a degree you can make the most of your skills and secure a good future. They should be able to boast about the fact that their child has completed his education and has a degree to show for it.


5) College years are probably the best years of your life

Once you exit school and gain new found independence in college you are bound to have loads of fun. Going to the college and chilling with your mates in the lawn rather than attending every lecture, going for tea when you get a break in the winters, there’s so much you can do!


6) You meet recruiters

In most of the colleges, top companies come to recruit students as they want young blood in their companies. This allows you to interact with top companies and land a job with them rather than taking your CV and going to every office where you’re just going to get told to come back later.


5) Being a quitter is never the solution

You decided to become a part of the college for some reason. No matter how hard it gets, you must remember those reasons. Be it making your parents proud or having a secure future, you must ensure that you don’t quit and complete what you started.


4) You will gain theoretical knowledge which will help you gain practical expertise

College teaches you both the theory as well as the practical. It is important to understand the subject before you can gain expertise on it. For example, you cannot become a photographer without understanding the essential things about photography such as aperture, ISO, Shutter speed etc. You need to learn about them before you can go out and become a professional photographer, this theory works in every field.


3) College is a fun-filled experience

Ask any adult and they will tell you that college life was the time when they had the most fun in their lives. Bunking lectures, partying till late, going out for early morning drives, cramming their notes one day before the exams, spending hours in the lawn doing nothing but talking etc. There are so many things you are going to learn and so many people you’re going to meet, why would you want to give up on that?


2) Not everyone is the next Steve Jobs

Yes, people do luck out and get successful without completing their college but that is not always the case. For every person that succeeds without an education, there are many who fail as well. It is a tough world out there with ever increasing competition, it is a sensible thing to have a degree in your pocket and play safe.


1) You will grow as a person

There can be no growth if a person is stagnant. If you stay in college you will learn a great number of things, not all of which are work related. You will learn how to make relations, you will learn to cope with the fact that relationships get damaged and people change. You learn how to cope with difficult things without your parents’ protection. You learn to pick yourself if you fall. College makes you interact with a lot of people who belong to different backgrounds and have different thinking. It broadens your thinking and at the end of three years you see the change in your mindset. Not only do you become more accepting, you become more helpful as well.