Top 10 Reasons When One Gets Fired

Introduction: – 

In this fast forward world, money has successfully empowered our human relations. Even though money can not buy happiness, more than 80% of the world’s population is busy in earning more and more money. Everyone has different responsibilities on their shoulders, so the need to make money is evident. Some people earn massive wealth for a decent living whereas some people want to live a luxurious life. Everyone desire to earn more and more money because no one is satisfied nowadays with what they have.If you see a billionaire or millionaire all are struggling hard to gain more and more. For earning money, a person should need to find a job that matches there capabilities and where there is a healthy working environment. He needs to work in one place for long hours and sometimes stay awake all night to meet the deadlines. After shedding your sweat, you receive your reward in the form of salary. Your work and attitude in the office describe your stay and your promotion. So if by mistake you violated the rules of the company or do something against the law you might have to leave the job. Listed below are some of the reasons for getting fired by your boss: –

10. Speaking ill about others: –

Earlier at workplaces, people used to gossips and passed comments verbally about other colleagues behind their back in private places, but in today’s professional world where the use of computers and the internet have become necessary, poor-mouthing has become immense. Now we can reach the world in a minute through various social networking sites. The use of bad words or rumors for your colleagues on any social media site is not acceptable in the office. Good Companies take care of there colleagues and tries to provide a pleasant atmosphere for them. If bad words and rumors are spread regarding their colleagues anywhere, the company will do investigation regarding the same as it is unethical and hence may fire the person who is the creator of such an event.

9. Undertaking any side business: –

It is essential to adhere to the norms of the company where you are working. Firstly, In some companies policies its mentioned that employees can’t do any side business while he is working in their company. So if they find anyone doing side business while working in their company, it causes a direct termination then and there. Secondly, if the company does not have a policy related to this, still a person doing any side business during office hours, he can be fired on the circumstance that he is not paying proper attention to his work and losing productivity. It is definite that you may make your boss angry for not giving the best in the office and he may realize that you were a wrong investment. So, your boss may offer you a termination letter ordering you to leave the job.

8. Irregularity at the job: –

Making excuses for reaching the workplace or leaving early very often shows your lack of commitment and sincerity towards your career. So many people are struggling in the world to find a secure job, and when you are having one and are not realizing its importance, you are doing injustice to other prospective candidates and the company. If you get late for a job or have to leave early in case of an emergency, then it is not a problem but making it a habit is not permissible. You may have to lose your job due to your carefree attitude and insincerity.

7. Violating the company policy: –

It can be one of the essential reasons for you to get fired from the company. It is necessary to read all the documents and the agreements carefully and take note of all the rules and regulations designed by the company. Every company follows a particular code of conduct and going against it can have adverse consequences. Some companies may prohibit making relations with colleagues, meeting relatives during work hours, etc. so it is advised to abide by the rules strictly otherwise you get unemployed. Though it is said that rules are meant to be broken but applying this principle in the office can be a little risky.

6. Not meeting the job requirement: –

Your liability towards the company begins from the day you get a job. You must remember that because of your desirability and potential you have been chosen among other job seekers. So you need to put in all the efforts to prove that you are fit for the job by completing your work on time, meet the deadlines, take active participation in group discussions and accept your mistakes when pointed out by your boss. Being lethargic, unorganized, carefree and stubborn will not help. Your Human resource department will step in and may ask you to submit the resignation letter. Making a good impression is easier but maintaining it is a tough task.

5. Stealing Company items: –

Loyalty towards your work and your boss is essential. Without permission, if you use any personal belongings or any official property like machines, electronic items, etc. for your personal use or you steal any documents, materials, cash from the cash register or stationary, letter pads, pens, etc then it is not at all acceptable and it will be considered as a theft. You may be immediately terminated from the job for doing such shameful activities, as they are against the laws of the company.

4. Misbehaving at the job: –

The working environment plays a vital role in all companies. When a company hires the candidates, they always keep in mind the behavioral aspect of the candidate. As it is said that one rotten fish spoils the whole pond. The companies want to hire candidates who are kind in behavioral issues, cooperative, calm and friendly.Everyone working at the company should be helpful but not too over close. One should not use abusive words in office premises.  Sometimes people try to bully and harass on others. They even so some activity like locking another person inside the washroom, guiding him to the forbidden place, etc. so as to have revenge. When you come across any such situation, without any second thought you should discuss it with your seniors as this kind of behavior is not at all tolerable and is strictly against the rules and regulations. The person doing such deeds is liable to be thrown out from the company immediately.

3. Being dishonest with your boss: –

Honesty is the best policy” that everyone should abide by this. Being dishonest in the office is not an offense but a crime. One should be honest with everyone. Some employees commit mistakes in the office like stealing products of office, altering the account entries, sharing confidential information with the third party, etc. Companies are very vigilant to such activities. If they notice such an act done by their employees, that employee undergoes a proper investigation. Here comes when an employee becomes dishonest. If an employee is truthful to the company, the company may give warning to the employee whereas the company won’t think of anything other than termination for the dishonest employee.

2. Damaging office property: –

Whether it is a small scale company or large scale, they have fix amount every year in their budget for the maintenance or purchase of the office equipment. They have allocated their monthly cost for various activities like office maintenance cost, salary, etc. It is not easy for any company to bear additional expenses if someone is damaging the office property.So, intentionally or by mistake, you cause damage to your office property like chairs, tables, computers or printers, etc. you may have to pay for the damages caused or even leave the firm for committing such offense. Careful handling of things is necessary to avoid facing such circumstances.

1. Dealing with illegal items: –

One of the most likely reasons to get fired by your boss is when you are either caught using any drugs or alcohol during your working hours. Taking drugs or even dealing with it succoworkersing it to your coworkers is considered a severe offense. It is an illegal act that is strictly forbidden in the company agreement papers. It is also a crime in the eyes of the law so you may not only get terminated from the job but also handed over to the police labeling you as a criminal. Committing such an offense can put the rest of the life at stake.

Conclusion: –

In this competitive world, it is difficult to find a company that can offer you a dream job. If you are the one who is fortunate to have it, then why to let it slip from your hands and spoil your reputation by getting into any of the activities mentioned above. Your main aim should be to work harder with full sincerity and dedication to earn money and become successful in life. The right path always leads to happier living.