Top 10 Reasons why Revenge is bad for you

Expressing and understanding your emotions is very much important for everyone. It is important for people having intense emotions to understand how emotions and thoughts of a person influence people around them. Understanding your emotions will let you strengthen your weaknesses and help manage your actions.

No one understands revenge. The urge to take revenge is self-destructive. It is one of the deepest instincts one can have. One thinks of justice in way of taking revenge. People think that taking revenge is a form of protection and enforcement. Maybe the purpose of taking revenge might insure that the person won’t hurt you again in future. But, sometimes the idea of revenge might not be good due to some actions.

People consider taking revenge simply to hurt the other person, just because they have been hurted or betrayed by them. But, is taking revenge really needed? Let us discuss, whether taking revenge actually makes one feel better?

  1. It is not going to make you feel unwind or relaxed.

It was Martin Luther King Jr that said,” Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”

Revenge may seem a way to get please yourself or feel better. But trust me its all way around. You might feel some kind of satisfaction but it doesn’t last much longer. There are many evidences that people who seek revenge instead of being merciful or kind tends to feel worse in long run.

2.The fact is it will make you feel more gross.

You may get yourself absorbed into anger after the fight or some kind of heart break and do something illegitimate to satisfy yourself but you will definitely get to feel bad later on, may be because that person is to close to you or you involve yourself into some unlawful activity which will destroy your reputation. You might feel regretful, guilty, upset and these kind of feelings may linger and make your conscience way heavy. Therefore it’s better to move on and leave the past in past.

3.You could get a rebound.

Gandhi once said “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” you must know the reverberation of your actions. You might end fighting with your teacher or fellow mates or parents for seeking revenge. You might get yourself hurt in the hunt of revenge. So try to aim at good things and look all the possible ways which will make you live your life better and take you to some new heights.

4.You are wasting your valuable time.

Life is too short to think and waste your time on the people who are not worthy. Make out some plans with people who are always there for you, makes you feel better, shows you all new perspective of living a beautiful life. Your time needs to do some work out, think of all those thing which gives you pleasure. And make your life more happening and set a example for others to look upon. Consume yourself in something more productive instead of just sitting idle and planning of revenge, this won’t take you anywhere and trust me you will realize this later that how much you have lost and it is not going to come back. So, instead of crying and regretting later it’s better to move on and invest your time on someone else who is there for you.

  1. Because karma works

“It is up to God to take revenge. Only God can judge. Nobody has to worry about getting hands on anybody or taking out any kind of aggression on anybody for any reason. Doing that is a weakness, anyway”- truly said by Jim Brown.

You might not swallow it but karma is a friend and foe both. So make sure you keep right things on your side.

  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The wrong done to you can’t be undone so going for a revenge is like biting a dog because it has bitten you. Try to be a person who knows how to forgive people, who has a bigger heart, knows how people feel when they got hurt. So the main thing is everything in life can’t be reciprocated, some things are meant to be as they are. You make things happen the way you want them to and just don’t be in thirst of something in return because if you fail, you are going to feel downhearted.

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  1. Might enter into a monotonous revenge loop. 

You go for revenge from the person who has hurt you and they reciprocate your revenge in exchange of your revenge and this cycle goes on. This can be worst feeling of your life because that person who is close to your heart continues to break it continuously, which might get you in depression and make your life difficult to live.

  1. Your problems are yours

No one would ever care about your problems. You may think that people you care for will reciprocate the same for you but believe that’s the least possible case. Many people even don’t want to hear your story or your inner feelings which needs to go out. And this is what because of which people go for revenge , nobody is there to console them or to tell them how they should face this situation and come over it and continue there life more happily than ever before.  And always remember that God gives the toughest exam to the most deserving candidate because he knows that they wont fail and come up with flying colors.

  1. Life goes on and remember nothing is constant

Think of somebody ditching you and leaving you all of a sudden without letting you know the reason behind it, then what will you do cry for them or ruin your life because of them. And they wont feel anything there life is running as smooth as it was ,it was you who is destroying yourself for a person who didn’t even know how you feel .So remember Life must go on ,no matter what happens .Horse is meant to be run ,if we let it stay at a place then it will forget to run same is with life if you keeps on pushing your life instead of living it ,there will be a point when your life becomes constant neither you will earn anything new nor deceive anything and you will all of a sudden start feeling depressed. What I want to say is no matter what happens, the show must go on and that to in full swing. Just remember the people who want to see you smiling, who are living because of you and they can be your parents, wife, children or someone you love (may be your lover, pets or anyone).

  1. Health

Most Important thing is you, always remember to keep yourself in pink of your health. Sometimes it happens that when you are angry form someone you give up your food and give yourself a kind of punishment physically by not providing it with the adequate amount of resources. Health is concerned with both mentally and physically and now-a-days socially also (because people are more linked with social medias and it affect’s on their living conditions). Mentally your health deteriorates and makes you behave in an ill manner which will make you sick mentally. So you need to take care of your health, no matter whatever you face in your life you must not give up healthy conditions. Go for morning walks, take your pets out, spent time with cultivated people so you get to know about life more.