Top 10 Reasons Why Being Single is Beneficial

“Relationship status: Sleeping diagonally on my bed,” reads the meme you post to Facebook, half asleep and half depressed. The humour of the joke is long lost on you, as you ‘like’ the comments full of laugh emojis that your friends post in reply.

Your coffee mug has dried up beside you and you walk to the sink to wash it yourself. Your parents call and joke if you’ve found a future spouse. You hang up, only to be mentally reminded that you need someone to accompany you to the concert next week.


Seems familiar? Well, you’re in the right place. For if being single may seem like a daunting prospect for you, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The single life is better than you thought. Clichéd as it may sound, it’s all in your mind. Just ask that friend of yours who’s been single all year. He’s always the happiest of the lot, isn’t he?
Believe me. Give this article a read, and you’re not going to regret singlehood for a second.

10. Solitude will help you introspect.

This one is simple to understand. The time you have is now almost entirely yours. Because you aren’t racking your brains on trying to understand the emotions, thoughts, views or beliefs of another person, you are free to use the valuable time on yourself. Delve deep into your innermost. Discover that voice which hitherto only whispered to you.
This is the only way you shall be able to understand yourself, realize what elates and depresses you. And then, you finally begin living.

9. Avoid embarrassment

Relationships are fraught with faux pas and sticky situations. Without even mentioning the often agonizing rigmarole of sexual experiences, there are plenty of other ways you can hurt or be hurt, irrespective of your intentions. The first step itself puts you in a quicksand of no escape: (“D’you want to go out with me?”)
Even if you’ve worked hard for days, trying to establish whether or not the person has feelings for you, there is still a strong chance that you shall be rejected, embarrassed, and shown the door.
You’d rather be single, until you’re assured of better prospects.

8. Save some dough

Let’s face it. Even though people may rhapsodize about how love transcends monetary losses and is beyond anything money can buy, the truth leans more to the worldly side of things. Because any relationship worth pursuing is one wherein you show your partner he or she is important. Spending time is a different story altogether. You must take your girl out, buy her a bouquet occasionally, pamper her, show her you that you care. And sometimes, when you’re not really in a situation to do that, the relationship becomes dreary, empty and a huge pain.
Again, you’d rather be single.

7. Rejuvenate yourself

Gautam Buddha once said, when you do not have to worry about another person, when you don’t have to try and keep someone constantly happy, then perhaps you may achieve true happiness. Whether or not you completely agree with his apocryphal saying, you shall have to concede that there is a significant truth in it, namely that, how much ever one may try to keep another satisfied, his efforts will never bear fruit unless he is happy himself. That it is nearly impossible to do this while one is pandering after a partner’s whims, is unquestionable.
The message here is a tad different from the one pertaining to solitude, as this one suggests you actively indulge yourself. Hit the spa, buy a pet, treat yourself to a night out at the movies. Rewind and relive.

6. Save time

You’ve been neglecting your family and friends. It’s only been your partner and you for the last few months. And then you broke up. For two weeks, you’ve been whining the house down. Have you thought of all the time that you’ve lost?
Or better still, invert the question.
Have you thought of all the time that you’ve gained? The time you can spend bonding with your siblings and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles who’ve been waiting to hear how your new job is going?
The time you can spend covering up on your your studies or work, which you can’t seem to recognize beyond a few pages?
The time you can use to finish off that incomplete novel, or the unfinished season of your favourite new web series?
Stop complaining, and start now.

5. Why stay unhappily ever after?

John and Jane were good pals. They met in college by way of a few mutual friends, who immediately after introducing them to each other, envisioned them as a pair.
The problem was, neither John nor Jane had feelings for each other. They ignored the insinuations and grew closer as friends. As they turned a blind eye to their friends’ jokes, the jokes gradually stopped.
One day, John was with Jane. They walked home after college, only to hear no cackling jibe or raucous laughter. It was odd.
John first grew a little pensive.
Then a lot.
From the next day on, John began noticing Jane in a different light. A feeling welled up in him; until a week later, he asked her out.
And was rejected.
Nothing ever remained the same between John and Jane. They were never seen in the same room together.
Now who would you rather be? John, Jane, or one of their carefree friends?

4. Save effort

As I said before, relationships entail hard work. You aren’t a true lover unless you pine for your beloved, unless you drive for miles to meet him or her, unless you write lyrical phrases to the beauty of his or her eyebrow. When you’re devoid of a partner to impress, a relationship to work towards, imagine the productive work you can do with the same energy.

3. Unfaithful no more

You’re single. You admit it. Or why would you have scrolled this far?
Now while you’re at it, have you ever thought of wanting to have multiple sexual encounters? You’ve fantasied about it. Then why lie?
Do you realize you can safely indulge in one-night stands and woo without serious intentions, now?
What’s that, your jaw dropped?

2. The beauty of equality

Picture a scenario where in you have dozens of extremely close, considerate friends of the opposite sex. You haven’t made any romantic advances towards any of them, but you wouldn’t mind to. Of course, if they are all truly good friends, they shouldn’t mind you singling out one for especial love. But consider this. You ask one of them out. He or she agrees. How different will your equations with that person and the others become?
When you are single, however, each one of your friends remains special to you. No one is above the rest. No one is slighted.

1. You grow

That’s right. You grow into a more mature individual until you’re ready for a more serious relationship. The fact that you broke up, or that you haven’t dated yet only proves that you haven’t found the right person for you. And until you do, why not flourish, arise and abound?