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Top 10 Remotest Places in the World

Introduction: –

Over the years, our country has changed significantly. Modernization and globalization have taken place turning the country into a fully commercial and industrial area. Unlike earlier times, we don’t get to witness the forest area and plantations. Huge buildings and shopping centers have turned this world to a congested place that lacks the blessings of mother nature. The beautiful plants, trees, flowers, and the soothing sound of the birds chirping is decreasing day-by-day. Love to escape from the fast forward world and relax at some mesmerizing yet remote places in the world.

Here is a list of some top desolate places in the world: –

10. The Cape York Peninsula, Australia: –

Australia is one such country which everyone wishes to visit one day. It is famous for having many undiscovered areas. The Cape York Peninsula located at the tip of Australia is one such place which is distant from the mainland. It has a small population of about 18000 people who belong to the tribal areas. It is the largest untouched destination in Australia as it is difficult to reach this place. Due to the floods and the poor management of this area, it is advisable to watch the peninsula from a helicopter. If you wish to cover this area by road, then it is 28 hours long drive from Cairns. You can reach this place by renting four-wheeler and drive down from the Peninsula Development Road. It is the only way to visit this place.

9. La Rinconada, Peru: –

It is such a blissful experience to spend some time sitting in between the area covered with snow and glaciers. For all those who love snowy places, this town is worth exploring. It is a small mining town located in the Puno province of South America. It is located at 17000 feet above sea level and has a population of about 3000 inhabitants. The difficulty of finding this place arises due to the frozen glaciers and the windy mountain roads. It is the highest city in the world with poor living conditions, sewage systems, and drinking water. The inhabitants work in the gold mines and keep a small percentage of it as a reward for their hard work. A 6 hours ride to this desolate place via trucks is a challenging task.

8. Socotra Islands: –

It is one of the most strange looking places on Earth having around 40000 inhabitants. Socotra Islands are 400 miles away from Sanaa located at Yemen’s Gulf of Aden. The island is unique because of the weird 800 plant species that are very rare. The extreme flora and odd shapes of the plants depict the tropical desert climate. In 2011 for the first time, roads were built reducing the remoteness of the island. It is better to use cars for expedition here. Flights are available from Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. This island is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7. Kerguelen Islands: –

These islands are popularly known as ‘Desolation islands’ and are on the southern Indian Ocean. They are about 2000 miles away from the southernmost tip of Africa and lie on the coast of Madagascar. It is home to many scientists and biologists belonging to France. Island remains covered with snow for around 300 days in a year and ship sail for four days.

6. Oymyakaon, Siberia: –

This town in Russia is the coldest place on Earth. It has an average temperature of -58 degrees and sometimes falls to -20 degrees. So, 500 inhabitants living here survive on reindeer meat, frozen fish, etc. People here spend around 21 hours in darkness every day. It is not convenient for planes to fly at such a place. So, a two days drive with cars is the only way of transport. Oymyakaon is popularly known as the Road of Bones, which adds thrill to the journey. You can get to the town via air from Moscow. But it is 60 miles away from this town.

5. MC Murdo Station:-

It is the lowest place in Antarctica. Due to its environmental conditions, it has no inhabitants. Still, it is home to many scientists, researcher, and military persons. MC Murdo is one of the largest stations on Ross island. This island is at the northern tip of the continent. The condition of this station has decreased significantly. Now, it includes various facilities like gym, television, golf course. It is easy to reach this place via airways.

4. Pitcairn Island: –

This island has a population of 50 people and is another desolated place. It is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is known as British territory. The green hill and clear blue water make this island exceptionally beautiful. The inhabitant here earns a living by fishing, farming, selling postage stamps, etc. In 1790 natives discovered the remains of stone Gods, earth ovens and burial sites. There is no air stripe on this island. So, taking a yacht ride from New Zealand is the only way to reach the island. New Zealand is around 3300 miles away from Pitcairn Island, hence it is 32 hours journey. Due to the sexual assault scandal in 2004, people are less willing to reside on this island.

3. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland: –

In 1925 the settlers belonging to Tasiilaq and West Greenland discovered this town. it is the largest Island of the world having an area of 836000 square miles. The small population of 500 people makes this place quite distinguish. The inhabitant here lives with the seal, polar bear, walruses, narwhals and arctic foxes. There is one grocery store sufficient for the small population. As it is towards the north of Iceland, it remains snowy with for nine months. It is a popular cruise destination for tourists. They visit this town to enjoy sleighing and see the northern lights. Helicopters are available from Nerlerit Inaat airport to take you to this place.

2. Easter Island: –

Easter Island is also known as Rapanui. The Chilean Cost is 2000 miles away from this island. The stones sculpture built in the year 1500 by the Polynesians is a great attraction. The population of 4000 people living on 70 square miles of land shows how remote this island is. Now it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Today LAN airlines having a price of $400 starting from Santiago, Chile is available.

1. Motuo, Tibet: –

It is one of those places which is still safe from modernization. It is in China where Motuo means hidden lotus. Around 12000 people reside here who are dependent on the cultivation of cotton, soybean, and gingeli. The beautiful Buddhist sculptures and the floras are the main attractions here. It is very tough to reach this country. The only way is to pass through the 200 meters long suspension bridge built through the frozen parts of the Himalayas. It is essential to keep the necessary items like food and medicines, along with you throughout the journey.

Conclusion: –

Hans Christian Anderson has rightly quoted that “To travel is to Live.” It is essential to experience new things in life. Moving around different places in the world makes us aware of diversity. You gain knowledge of the various customs and traditions followed worldwide. Getting to interact with people from all over the world is a great experience. Live your life to the fullest to stay content forever.


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