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Top 10 Romantic Innovative Ideas for a Perfect First Date

“First impression is the last impression” in most cases, particularly in the game of dating. First date is the most intimidating and important part in any relationship. The sequence of events to follow is dependent on how well you handle your anxiety and nervousness and make sure that you both have a wonderful time together. First date is about getting to know a person for real, seeing him for the first time, giving a shape to all the psychological and visual images of that person in your mind. It is often said that a girl decides if she is willing to go out with a guy again in the first 5 minutes of her first date. Yes guys! It’s true. How we vehemently disregard the idea of judging a book by its cover, but in case of the first dates, we often forget all our moral and ethical codes and start judging the relationship that is yet to begin.

First dates do not necessarily have to include crazy drunk stories or uncomfortable silences. There is a plethora of creative and innovative options to choose from, only if you are willing to put a little effort and present the real version of your personality. I am going to give you a list of some awesome First date ideas that are so much fun that you will trash the conventional notion of visiting a fancy restaurant to have a sophisticated but boring date altogether, always staying alert, conscious and careful about your actions and words.

1.Visit a bookstore

Now, if you are going on a date with a bookworm, a bookstore to that person is like Paris to all the fashionistas. Books give you a chance to get to know a person based on what he likes to read. The choice of author, genre, story and the interpretation of a text reveals a person’s thought process and personality. Books give you a lot of common topics to talk about and delve deep into the other person’s perspective. They give you the opportunity to influence and be influenced. You can also read out your favorite love poem of all time to her. Trust me, it not not only a romantic gesture but a self satisfying act. You can debate about your favorite authors over a cup of coffee and play random book games. For instance, you can pick up a book and ask him to define you in terms of the characters in the book.  But make sure that you do not come off really strong and adamant if her point of view on a book differs from yours. Be patient and get to know her. When you both are book lovers, you will definitely bond over your favorite works. You can also take her to local streets lined with book shops. The smell of the old, torn pages, the visual paradise of a street full of books, is the ideal date for book lovers.

2.Stay indoor and cook dinner together

Now when you are going on a first date, you generally try to visit a public place. But that’s just too mainstream. Spending thousands of bucks on trying the best cuisine in the city is nothing compared to the warmth and comfort of homemade food, over some good music and wine at a homely place. You can start your evening by watching a movie together, be it romantic, comedy or thriller, depending on your taste. The perk of having the first date indoor is that it gives you plenty of time to talk and figure things out about your date and get used to each other’s presence. If she is not much of a social person then she would definitely fall in love with the idea of chilling indoors. You could watch your favorite series or play video games alongside some popcorn and coke. Having lived through this casual start you could light up some candles and cook her favorite meal together. It does not have to be the best thing she has eaten in her whole life. It is the effort and idea that counts. Chop veggies together, bake cakes together, pour wine together and have deep conversations about the universe. It’s more fun when you show genuine interest in the other person’s passion and interest rather than nodding to everything that she says only to wake up hungover the next morning.

3.Go for a romantic stroll together, sit by the river and watch the sunset together

Some of the best dates are those that involve laughter and child’s play rather than fake poise and pretension. Have a simple and memorable first date by simple walking together side by side, breathing in the fresh air, amidst the lush green trees, having a real conversation, spotting birds and cracking jokes on other couples walking by your side. You could sit on a bench at a park and talk for hours over some candies and a cup of coffee. Let the child inside you come out and have fun. Run like nobody’s watching you. Run till you loose your breath. Get on the swings and sing songs. Observe the different kinds of trees and appreciate the world we live in. You could also go for boating during the sunset and embrace the sky changing its color and if the Universe is with you both, it will rain while you walk back, giving you the perfect romantic and picturesque frame to enjoy the scenic beauty together. But don’t go out for a walk on extremely sunny days. It ruins the fun.


4. Watch a match together

Isn’t that the dream? To watch a match with the girl you are dating? I know it sounds more like a third or fourth date kinda thing but if you both are into sports then it is the best way to spend some quality time over some crazy cheers and nasty comments passed at the opponent. The adrenaline rush of supporting and cheering for your favorite team with the girl you are on a date with, is absolute bliss.The bonding you share over hating on someone is more real than any other form of bonding. Isn’t that so? Take her to see her favorite team play. Even if your girl is not the biggest sports fan, you can watch a game show with her. You can very well compensate it by watching her favorite “Sex and the City” episode. You can do that, come on. You bring the chips, she brings the beer and you are sorted. You can bond amidst all that excitement and cheers and have fun at the same time but make sure that you do not get too engrossed in the game that you forget about your date and start cursing the players when they go off track.


5. Go for brunch and play board games

Instead of going to a classy restaurant for dinner, go for brunch at the local eateries and play board games together. To start your day with the person you are on a date makes him feel special and needed. Play scrabble or cards with your date and try to exhibit a friendly vibe. It is very important for your date to feel comfortable with you, if you want to score a second date. In the process of playfulness, cheerfulness and fun, you start to share a bond that is real. Ask her to guess where you want to take her out for brunch and then take her to the first place she guessed. Let her order for herself and vice-versa. If it’s cold, offer her some hot chocolate or coffee. This kind of setting allows you to shine without being cornered by the ambiance.

6. Visit a museum together

For all the art lovers out there, a visit to a museum is a must on the first date, not only because you share the love for art but also because it gives you a fair chance to know about the other person’s interest. Before taking a girl out to the museum, make sure she enjoys visiting a museum and does not find it boring. If the girl is a party animal then she is most likely not going to like this idea. A museum gives you a number of interesting topics to talk about. You learn new things together. You are going to love this experience if you are not much of a talker and more of an observer. You could also take your date on any special event at the museum like poetry slam, story telling and so on. After the long walk in a museum, you could take her to a pretty desert parlor and have some sweet conversation. Or maybe, you both could go for a long, long drive. Open the windows and let the wind blow in your hair, while you enjoy the music from your favorite band and engage in light chit-chats.

7. Go to an amusement park

For all the adventure lovers, the amusement park is the to-go place in order to ensure an experience that is not only exhilarating and thrilling but also intriguing. You can opt for some exciting and crazy rides, laugh your heart out and initiate occasional hand holding. Amusement parks are the vest way to make a person comfortable with you. You get to know each other in between the enthusiasm and anticipation in the rides. If your date is not comfortable with you then he or she would most likely avoid getting on rides. You have your hint right there. You can hop in the roller coaster and enjoy the adventurous ride or have an innocent moment in the Toy Train.


8. Go to a concert together

Grab two passes for any kind of concert that your date likes- be it a rock concert, opera, orchestra or recitals-and groove to the music that is sure to get you two closer. Who doesn’t like music? According to psychology, a person who does not like music is capable of killing people. In that case, you know what to do. However, a concert brings out the fun-loving and outgoing side of an individual. Music and romance go side by side and if you both love the band performing, then there isn’t the slightest doubt that you guys would click because “Music is magic, magic is life”.

9. Live jazz music

If you don’t like noisy pubs and have a thing for some classy music, then you should hit a jazz bar on your first date. The sensuous jazz music complimented by the classy ambiance, exciting cocktails and some really sumptuous food, is the ideal set up for a perfect first date. The live jazz performance already helps you make a strong impression on your date but if you request the musicians to dedicate a little something to your date on your behalf, then hands down, it will be a gesture she won’t forget for a long time. Live jazz music adds a classy, fancy and elegant outlook to your first date.

10. Haunted House

Now you don’t want to scare your date away on the first date but if you are fond of this kind of adventure then visiting a haunted house is definitely going to be an interesting first date. You could explore the local places that are regarded haunted or go to an artificial scary house where men dressed as ghosts scare people off. This is an unusual and fun activity for a first date in which you are sure to get a lot closer than before in between the uncanny happenings and spooky journey. You might as well scare your date on purpose, giving her a chance to hold your hand. Smart, right?

So are you decided on where to go for your first date yet?


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