Top 10 Signs of Being a Tomboy

All the tomboys are not born the same way, even if they are of the same gender. If you’ve enjoyed things that boys tend to like and you seem to wonder how girls could feel comfortable in their pencil heels, there are chances that you are a tomboy. From what you played with to what you preferred in the clothing store, you were distinctly different from the other girls. You thought you were ‘abnormal,’ but then you figured that you were just a different kind of girl. Here are the top ten signs that indicate you are or once were a tomboy.

#1 Fashion is Not Your Thing

You cannot possibly get more bored when your girl-friends talk about the latest trend or the new hairstyle. Buying glittery clothes, matching your jewelry, and painting your lips red are not things you are interested in. You are more of a person who likes to sneak into the men’s section and grab a few comfortable loose T-shirts from there. That could be a good sign that you are a tomboy and not the ‘girly’ girl your parents may want you to be.

#2 You are One Among-st the Guys

If you take a moment to count the number of friends you have according to their gender, it may not come as such a surprise that there seem to be more boys among-st them than girls. If you feel more comfortable talking about your feelings to this group of guys and you can relate to what they say, it is with good reason that you don’t fit into the girl gang. You have spent so much time with your guy friends that you now use their slang and do things like them. You are not a girl among-st the guys but one among-st them.

#3 Sports and Video Games Draw You

As a child, you grew up playing video games with your brother, and now that you’ve grown up, you rush to read the Sports section in the paper first. You are an ardent follower of sports and is a small fan club all by yourself. You enjoy playing games with your guy friends or brother and dressing dolls up or playing with a kitchen set were not your things. When Barbies are your friends’ favorite things to play with, you would instead buy a ball or a car with that money. That is a definite sign that you may be a tomboy.

#4 Dirt, Sweat and Bruises

You were always an active kid. Do you remember when you used to come home after your cricket matches or simply rolling in the mud with your friends, it is not a surprise to your parents that you tend to come back covered in dirt and sweat with bruises all over your body. It’s with a reason that your mother hesitates to let you wear that new white T-shirt. This mess has become a part of your daily life, and you have come to terms with how dirty you almost always are. What’s more? You kind of like being this disorganized and is secretly proud of it.

#5 Make Up? Make What?

It amazes you the amount of time and patience your sister or mother puts in before stepping out of the house. Lipsticks, mascara, eyeliners, and foundation are foreign words and will always be. You are someone who is more interested in just pulling on a T-shirt and going out, not bothered about how you may look or what others are may be thinking of you. Beauty parlor is a place you have never visited in your life. Your mother may resent you for this, but you are not that concerned.

#6 Shopping is a Punishment

You hate shopping. Really?. If your mother ever took you to buy clothes, you are hoping and praying for the day to get over as soon as it can. Going through rows of clothing and trying one after another is not your cup of tea. Let’s not even talk about how irritating it is to do a mini fashion parade for your family once you are back home with all the clothes your mother made you buy.

#7 Messy Hair is Your ‘Good Hair Day’

You sometimes wonder what difference your sister is talking about when she tells you she is having a ‘good hair day.’ To you, every day can be one if you are allowed to roll up your hair in your casual bun. Brushing your hair is a rare event that your mother forces upon you to do. Hairstyles do not go with your style unless your mother makes it by sitting you down and doing it for herself. Hot clips and hairbands in the drawer or ‘Do It Yourself Hair-do’ videos in your phone are impossible things. To you, honestly, hair is just a part of your body, not a site for beautification.

#8 Confident and Clear

You are confident about what she wants and doesn’t let anyone else’s opinions go to your heart. You know who you are, and that’s enough. When your girl-friends are shying over their new crushes and blushing every time, they pass by, if you have a crush on someone you are the kind of girl who would stand in front of them and confess it out without a second thought. You know what you want, and you are not scared to speak it out with clarity. After all, what’s the point in not talking about it anyway?

#9 Photography is a Punishment

Posing for the camera once you wear something for the first time and sprawling it all over social media is not your thing. Selfie Queen is a tag you would never get. You wonder how anyone could ever gain any pleasure from keeping a tab on the number of likes they receive on the post or the comments people are posting. Seriously, who wants their approval? The only way you are going to get a photo clicked is if there is a dire consequence waiting for you if you don’t. Even then, you are not going to take the blame if someone says you didn’t look at the camera right.

#10 Floral Prints Repel You

For starters, you don’t like to wear dresses. They are, perhaps, one of the most uncomfortable things that restrict your mobility and freedom. If you are given a floral printed dress to wear, you are going to wonder what you have ever done to that person to deserve such a treatment. Flowers, fragrance, pastels, and anything that speaks of your ‘femininity’ are not going to find a place in your wardrobe, and you are not sorry.