Top 10 Simple DIY Christmas Gifts

The Holiday season happens to be the most festive time of year. Snow and lights everywhere – there’s simply cheer at every corner. It also happens to be that time of year where stress piles up with the year coming to an end and of course the multitude of presents you’ve got to buy, what with Christmas around the corner. Additionally, burning a large hole in your pocket, finding appropriate and charming gifts for the family and friends is a hassle. So why not make them something yourself. It’ll be easy on the wallet and nothing says ‘heartfelt wishes’ like handcrafted presents.

Here are 10 simple and gorgeous little DIY gifts you can whip up for Christmas.

1. Christmas in a Jar

Little decorated Mason Jars can make for a present any time of the year and sprucing them up to be Xmas-y is super easy and fun! All you need is a few mason jars and a bunch of other cute stuff that you might as well find at home. You’ll find little Xmas trees in craft stores which you can entwine with fairy light and place on top of some cotton within your mason jar. Alternatively, some good old Hershey’s Kisses within a jar tied with a pretty silver or gold bow is a charming gift too. If these are too dull, you can always replace the chocolates with Christmas tree decorations for a more festive look!


Bookmarks are wildly cute and simple to make. And you can make them with absolutely anything! Popsicles, paper clips, a piece of card, they all fit perfectly. All you need is a bit of colored card and a creative eye. Stick Rudolph or one of Santa’s elves on to a Popsicle stick and you’ve got yourself a bookmark. For the religious bunch, a handwritten Quote from Mark should do the trick. Don’t forget to attach a length of glittery ribbon to jazz it up.

3. Homemade Soaps

This one is a bit tricky. You’re going to need some essential oil or the other, whichever you find mild and composing. Lemon, cinnamon or Frankincense should do the trick. I’m sorry to say that you will need some experience in making Lye soaps. So once you’re done with the liquid version, stir till you’ve got no lumps left and add in your oil and pour into your mold.

4. Candle in a jar

Scented or colored candles are an all-time favorite in the gifting arena. You’re going to need little glass jars, beeswax, essential oils, candle wicks and a few small pans, red, and green crayons. Now beeswax is normally white in color, so you won’t want white crayons. Melt small batches of the wax in a pan adding amounts of crayon depending on how dark a shade of red or green you’d like. Choose an essential oil and add a couple of drops stirring till it’s melted and smooth. Pour it into the jar and pop the wick in and wait for this to cool. Continue to do this with the other two layers and remember to let it cool before adding another layer.

5. Personalized photo frames

Photo frames are gifts that come at a low cost, are incredibly personal and fit into season’s themes all year round. Find a photo frame you do not need or just buy basic frames from your everyday gift shop along with a bunch of supplies and you can repurpose it into a festive treat in a jiffy! Some card cut and painted as Christmas trees, candy or even Santa could serve as decorations. Or you could simply jazz it up with some Christmas tree ornaments or stones and bits of glass. A little glitter paint to good taste and you’re good to go!

6. Christmas journals

With the new year around the corner as well, this could be the perfect present, and we’ve got awesome ideas for you to make a boring looking journal into something special! All you need is a regular notebook, slip pocket covers, some glue, ribbon and memories from last year. Most of us get cards every year that we just pile up, because let’s face it – there’s little else you can do with it. Well here’s your chance to repurpose them! Cut up your Christmas cards from last year to fit the width of your notebook, and after sticking your ribbon bookmark, paste it on all sides of your card! Once firmly glued, you can cover it with your clear pockets and voila! You’re done.

7. Sand in a bottle!

Now these are absolutely charming, fun to make and easy on the pocket. You know how you have old beer, oil or even wine bottles lying around the house. Well, now is when they really come into use. Dig up some sand from your backyard and pick up a bunch of colors from your local crafts store. Color three or four shades of sand to colors you like, but of course, you could go with the traditional red, white and green. Pour these into the bottle in layers, shaking the bottle down after each layer to make sure there are no air gaps. When you’re up to the brim, put a cork on the bottle and tie some twine around it with maybe a little card with your wishes. Now, doesn’t that look positively enchanting?

8. Christmas mug

With all the magical snowfall and winter breeze outside, Christmas is also a wonderful time for a mug of hot chocolate or some coffee on your couch. Which is why, a personalized or themed mug is a wonderful idea for a present! All you need is some oil based permanent markers or ceramic paint and some print outs of Christmas shapes. You can either cut out the shape you want and placing it on your mug, perhaps fastening it with some double sided tape, you can simply paint the rest of the mug. Or after tracing the pattern you need, you can follow up with it using festive colored markers!

9. Christmas coasters

Let’s face it, we all love collecting quirky little stuff and making our home look super cute. Many of us have collections of pretty little fantasy themed coasters on our kitchen tables, so why not add to the collections. Make your own coasters from scratch and bring joy to hearts of those you love! You’re going to need some ceramic times, some mod podge and clear craft sealant. Print out pictures you want on your coasters or perhaps even pictures of people you’re going to gift them to and glue the proportioned photo onto the tile using Mod Podge. Get it nice and covered using the sealant and let them dry.

10. Baked goodies!

Christmas is all about baked goods and you can never have too much of it. And old family recipe or your special cookie recipe could work wonders in dishing out a fabulous present! Wrap some of these treats in a basket, put a bow on top and you’re all set. Very easy on the pocket and it’s less work ‘coz you’re baking stuff anyway for Christmas; what’s a few extra pieces!


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