Top 10 Table Manners Everyone Must Learn.

Introduction: – 

When we are small, everyone teaches us a lot of moral values and manners like how to sit, behave, talk, greet others, be presentable in front of others. Manners and behavior are what reflect the real personality of a person. , whereas an ill-mannered person is neglected. Styles are an essential part of our lives as they help us present ourselves in the best way in front of our society.

When you share your room with someone, and you have kept it all messy, it will create a wrong impression about yourself. Similarly, when you have been invited for lunch with your colleges, and you are unaware of the right way to have your food, then it can become a reason for great embarrassment for you. So, let’s take note of the top 10 table manners that must be followed necessarily by everyone: –

10. Say thank you for inviting: –

It requires a lot of time and effort to arrange a social gathering and take care of everyone’s preferences and liking’s. So, when you finish your food, it is necessary to pay your regards to the person who has invited you for lunch or dinner. Giving importance to his indulgence in organizing the gathering reflects your good personalities and values and makes you stand out from the rest. It even makes the host happy as his hard work has been praised.

9. Appreciate the meal: –

When we organize a social gathering, we either prepare the meal ourselves or order it from a restaurant. In both cases, time and money get invested. The host always tries to put in all the efforts to serve you in the best possible way. For some reason, if the food is not as per your convenience, it is manner less to blurt out bad things about it and insult that person’s initiative. Instead, you must appreciate him for his warm hospitality and efforts as there is a saying that disrespecting the food is a sin.

8. Electronic Devices: –

It is our general tendency to keep our mobile phones glued to us all the time. But while eating our food, you must keep it away from the eating table as an excellent table manner requires so. You should keep it either in your pocket or in your carry bag. So that when water or any drink gets spilled by you or anyone accidentally, it does not cause damage to your expensive phone. It is advisable to keep your phone in silent mode while eating. The people sitting might get startled when your phone rings as there is a calm atmosphere while dining.

7. Eating slowly and Quietly: –

We are so engrossed while enjoying food that we don’t notice that some of our eating habits cause a terrible impression. Eat your meal without making any chewing sound and drink water or drinks instead of gulping them down. Even if you are hungry as hell, eat slowly and match the pace with the rest of the people sitting along with you. Try to make the least possible noise with your spoon and fork. So that it does not cause any inconvenience or irritation to the people sitting around you.

6. Excuse Yourself: –

Sometimes you might be in the middle of completing your food, and an urgent phone call comes up. Getting up from your place with a loud cracking sound of the chair to attend the appeal is considered discourteous. Instead, you should request the people around to excuse you for some time and say, ” May I take your leave for a minute.” Then slightly get up from your chair to receive the call. These are the basic manners that have a significant impact on others.

5. Utensil Etiquette: –

It is essential to learn this necessary table manner. While sitting on your chair comfortably, make sure to place the plates on your left and glass to your right. Start eating from the plate, which is at the outer edge first and then moves towards the inside. When serving the food, ask for the dish when it is far from you rather than getting satisfied with the nearer ones. While passing on the plates to others, give it to the person sitting at a distance rather than your neighboring person. That will show that you are concerned about everyone and are not a lazy person. Try to finish all that you have on your plate and keep the spoon and fork in the center once finished.

4. Correct Posture: –

Your body language reflects a lot about your interests, likes, dislikes, and attitude. The person inviting you can easily judge by your expressions that his hard work has paid off or not. It depicts your carefree view and arrogance if you sit casually, while the rest are all interacting. Sitting with your elbows placed on the table instead of eating your food, not only distracts other people around you. It indicates that you did not like the food or are unable to complete it. Resting the elbows on the table before the plates are laid on the table, is not a problem. Shaking your legs while eating may hurt the person sitting in front of you, causing inconvenience.

3. Using Napkin appropriately: –

Unfolding the napkin and placing it on your lap is the first thing to do when you get seated on your chair comfortably. Generally, we do this to avoid our food getting spilled on our clothes and leaving a stain. No need to wear it on your neck like an apron which makes it look uncivilized. If you have a cough and cold, do not use that napkin for wiping your nose. Instead, take a tissue paper. Clean your fingers nicely with the towel after finishing your food. Then with a clean area of the napkin wipe your lips. Do not forget to fold the napkin gently after use.

2. Avoid Excess Stuffing: –

It is imported to keep in mind that you are not sitting alone, but in between a group of people. Any strange activity can grab the attention of the mass and can be embarrassing. When you are eating your food, take only that much quantity, which you can eat comfortably. Taking excess than required and wasting food is not acceptable. Try to take small bites one at a time to avoid spitting out from your mouth and chew it easily without choking. Do not drink anything when you have food in your mouth as it can be dangerous. It is a bad idea to talk to a fellow member while eating as it can look dirty.

1. Wait for everyone: –

They must take care of every invitee and serve them well when someone invites you for lunch, dinner or at a party. It is an unacceptable attitude to become selfish and sit down at your seat quickly, while the host is still standing. Be generous enough to greet him and others while waiting for all members to settle down nicely. When the host asks about your preferences, go through the menu, and answer wisely. Thank the host for his hospitality and get up immediately from your place to leave.

Conclusion: –

Manners and ethics taught by our parents and teachers stay with us for a lifetime. Following them can help create a good impression and increases our value among others. It takes ages to maintain the right image, but a little wrong behavior or wrong action can ruin it within seconds. It is vital how you present yourself. Learning proper table manners can show others how systematically and calmly you can perform your tasks in your daily life.