Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Leaving For School

Whenever I look back, I remember students always thinking of joining college too soon. Many students are eager to enter college and take on the adult world immediately after high school. In the process of growing up, students eventually fail to realize that after school life is not that fun. During High school years, we focus so much on academic accomplishments that many times, we overlook the necessary life skills or lessons. I am going to list ten things that will give them lead start irrespective of where they are headed. It’s crucial for every student to maintain balance in their life and be focused on achieving their goal.

Find below Top 10 Things that should know before leaving for school

1. Advance Planning of future:

By planning, I don’t mean to plan about the job or the money aspect but be prepared for the real life course. During school life, you need to research thoroughly about your future master subject and explore your opportunities according to your interests. School life is so much fun, but amid that fun, always fix your priorities and learn to work on them. It will improve your overall personality, as well.


2. If not this, then what?

Always be prepared for plan B. If not this, then what? We all have goals, but we need to differentiate between real life goals and fantasy. As a student, we are crazy to go and get the thing done, but when we step out in adult life, things are not as easy as it seems to be. Be passionate about what you want; work hard to achieve it, but in case if it doesn’t work out then be ready with plan B. Be consistent with your work and determined.

3. Think out of the box

As a student, you have a pool of golden opportunities. Don’t just jump to the conclusion, without examining or analyzing the situation. You have ample of career options to explore. Don’t just look for traditional courses like- Engineering or Medical. Keep on researching the subject you like the most and want to build a career. The research will make you more confident and independent.

4. Be more involved in co-curricular activities

High school students can be excused for lack of social skills, but out in the real world, it’s essential to get along with people, look other is the eye, shake hands and carry on quiet conversations. While some students with amusing confidence can be seen as imperiousness, others are too timid to speak up. Learning a more equitable approach — being confident but not overconfident — will help them throughout their lives.

5. Be prepared to face reality:

Life is the harsh reality you need to face it one day or another. However, as a student, we never focus on that part of human life, but it gradually comes, and we are not prepared for it. Enjoy your student life but also keep on preparing to enter the adult world. Start working on your absolute powers and behave like an adult even if you don’t want to.

6. You build a real connection in school:

After high school, when physical education classes and sports are over, it’s easy to abandon the games and exercise part. School students should establish a routine for daily activity and make it a part of their everyday lives — whether by joining a health club or getting involved in a sports league — will help them stay fit and deal better with stress.
One thing you need to learn about school life is that after this phase is over, its hard to find real-life connections. You have friends with whom you have cried and shared your happiness at the same time. They know your weakness, your vulnerability, your strengths, and maybe about all the things you laugh on. That’s a particular part of school life. You get very close and maybe that bond lasts forever and ever.

7. Do what your heart wants, you have enough time to explore

As I say do what you want to do. Just do it with perfection. Whether you choose to do engineering or you choose Mass communication as a career involves yourself entirely into it. Enjoy your school life to the fullest but don’t get distracted in the way. It’s vital to maintain consistency even in student life.

8. Maintenance and keeping up with peer-pressure:

Whether home will be a port room or 2bhk flat, students should always be prepared with the basics of taking care of it. It includes appropriately hanging pictures without harming the walls will keep dorms and landlords from charging for damage. Students should always learn to regularly clean their rooms or at least the bathroom and floors. This way, they will be prepared to face hostel life. It will also provide a sanitary environment and make it easier to clean when the school year or lease is over.

9. Don’t play safe, start thinking of ways to earn pocket money

Whether they’re going to work or college, students will soon need to find a job offline or virtual work. They at least need to fix a constant source of income. However, schools often help students put together resumes and CVs; they also need to know how to look for jobs. It’s called a “job hunt” for a particular reason that is hunting is required, asking for help, connecting with actual world people, networking and getting creative about new places to look. Genuine independence includes knowing how to get around with people. Every teenager should know the art of driving, how to drive a car before leaving school, including driving at night, or in extreme weather conditions. School-going students should also know what information to exchange after an accident. But a car is not the only way to get around town; it’s also essential to understand how to use public transportation. Students should know how to find and read a bus schedule, access the subway, and call a taxi driver whenever needed.

10. School is not the end; life has just started

Start working on your decision making and problem- solving process. Students should know how to solve problems themselves — to speak up, ask questions and be smart. Living with a roommate requires adjusting, setting boundaries and limits, the lists of things to do, voicing concerns and opinions over the related subject and settling disputes. School students whose parents have intervened for them up until this point need to step back and let their kids solve their problems. At last, don’t think this is the end of a fun life, the best is yet to come.