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Top 10 Things which Germany is Famous for

Talking about Germany, the first thing that pops in everyone’s mind is Adolf Hilter. Am I right or am I right? But this western European country hosts numerous other remarkable things and events contributing to incredible lifestyle of Europe, making it even more wonderful. Thinking about the scenic beauties of Germany, it is a well known fact that the city lies in between mountains, forests, and rivers and this makes it to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But apart from these facts which are well hitched in our minds since ages, Germany is a lot more than it meets our eyes and minds. It is an extreme fancy country with lots of things you still need to know about, which makes the country famous in these unexpected fields as well. Let us scroll down and explore the specialities and things which Germany is famous for.


Germans live and love music to the core. Germany contributes in having the third largest music market in the whole damn world and ranks to be first one in Europe. This is crazy, isnt’t it? Hilter’s country knows how to top it every where. LAUDVIG Van Beethoven and Johann Bach are the two incredible music composers of the world which Germany has produced. These two have given extraordinary music pieces to the world making their country proud. Backfest Leipzig is one of the annual classical music events which the country hosts amd this is one of the top things which Germany is famous for.



Not only music, Germany boasts to be one of the finest countries hosting massive film festivals. This event is full of glamour and attracts the most media attention during the time. The beneficiary part of this film festival is that they showcase innovative movies and creative artwork in the spectrum of global cinema. Based on the attendence statistics, this film festival is believed to be the largest one.



We are talking about all fun and exciting things which Germany is famous for and to add to the element, we would talk about the Beer obsession of the country. If you are a beer lover then hands down Germany would be the ultimate destination on your bucket list. The beer consumption in Germany ranks the third in the world. I told you, they do everything grand. German breweries have introduced the modern German beer with some different ingredients to the whole world. They even have so many beer songs to host the parties.


This country understands love like no one else. The laws, rules and regulations of the government of Germany makes it the safest place for the LGBT community. Berlin, the most famous city of Germany, hosts about 3,00,000 gays and lesbians which is a huge number. Undoubtedly, this country knows that love knows no boundaries and there should be none for it too. The best part is that they also allow these LGBT couples to adopt child for themselves.


Be it Mercedez Benz, Audi or BMW all these cars which we always eye upon are the German cars. Germany has large car museums and factory tours which allow you to visit them and also take a ride down the scenic lane and explore your driving skills. I bet you didn’t know about these things which Germany is famous for. Germans are expert and leaders in the automobile and machinery sector. Also, an interesting fact to know is where we all are drooling over their world class cars, they prefer trains over their exotic Audis for their regular transportation.


The country is not only crazy about movies, films and parties but is also insanely possesive about their most awaited Frankfurt Book Fair. If you are a book hoarder and still in this world of technology, where you always jump on to the smell of new books, this book fair is a paradise for you. It is also considered as one of the most important global book events as it is the largest book fair in the world. This is enough to tell you how much Germans are crazy about real book reading.


Want to have the princess moment just like in the fairy tales? Then you would be glad to know that Germany is a land of castles. You would not know such things which Germany is famous for but there are 25000 castles in the country. Neuschwanstein is the most famous castle of the country and is in Bavaria and it is inspiration of the Disney castles. Most of the castles have now been converted to restaurants and other public places. Getaway to the most beautiful Instagram backdrops though!


Have you heard about any food item which can be the culture of any country? Okay, let me tell you that bread is believed to be the culture of Germans more than just food. Every region of this country has its own speciality of bread and they produce 1500 varieties of bread using different techniques and production methods. If you love breads and have not tried your hands on the German bread then you have not tasted the best bread till date.


German countryside is beautiful and gorgeous. You just need to take time and sit back in the river cruise  on the Rhine and Maine and enjoy the landscapes, vineyards and every other beauty of the country. Exploring the country on water makes you see the beauties from a different perspective and approach. The cruise are generally happy and positive because lots of people go on it at the single time making the most of their trip and enjoying together.


As evident from the other facts and things which Germany is famous for, we have known by now that this city is crazy for celebrations and parties. Carnival is  another celebration time of the year for the Germans. They have carnivals named as Rose Mondays, Ash Wednesdays and many more. The Germans are seen doing street dancing in flamboyant costumes, marching bands in every bizzare setup on the streets.

These were some of the incredible facts and things which Germany is famous for and we can’t control our excitements to be a part of their culture, celebrations and food anytime soon and I can feel you in this. Germany has a lot in its heart in which you need to dive in to explore it all. The country has equal respect for relationships, customs and laws and it is difficult to match up to the levels of this country in being open minded.