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Top 10 Things That One Should Not Say In Front Of The Boss

A lot of times we feel to answer back to our boss. But appearing anything unprofessional or disrespectful in front of your superiors is the quickest way to lose your job. It is not the best way to succeed in your career. There are many ways to handle one situation. One should look at things differently. Professional boundaries are set for a reason and staying within these boundaries is essential for your professional growth.

Here is a list of top 10 things that are better left unsaid in front of the boss –

1.“I need to leave early for an interview”

With the boom of the service sector in the past decade, it is natural for people to switch jobs and find better opportunities. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. If anyone finds any better chance that can boost up his career, he should surely opt for it. You might need some off from your previous company for the interviews of your prospective jobs and while that is entirely acceptable. Expressing this as the reason for your absence at your boss would not be correct. Please don’t mention your plans for switching jobs to anyone before you have an offer letter in your hand.

2.“You don’t even try to understand what I am saying”

As two separate individuals, you and your boss are bound to have different views and opinions. Your superiors will highly appreciate a politely framed, respectful and professional argument.Aggressive disagreeing discussions with your boss will land you in trouble. You will undermine the authority of your boss and also will reduce the legitimacy of your argument. Try explaining your point of view in a softer tone by using words that do not provoke the person who is listening to you.

3.“You were wrong.”

Boss always feel that he is always right. So never pinpoint your manager even though  he has done anything wrong. Your superior may have made a wrong decision, but you cannot walk up to them, and straightaway say that you are wrong. Get the view from other teammates to check over your viewpoints. After that arrange a meeting with your manager and put forward your perspectives in the form of discussion rather than arguments.

4. “Mention my name for the next promotion.”

With cut-throat competition in the job market, every person wants to have a better work opportunity but asking for favors from your boss rather than doing honest hard work is not advisable. Demanding for promotion will create a negative image of yours in front of your superior, but your colleagues will also start disliking you. Personal and professional relationships should always be kept separate, and any intermingling of the two will reflect poorly on your morals and ethics.

5.“It wasn’t my fault.”

One of the worst things a person can do after making a mistake is to make weak excuses for it in front of their boss. Own up to your mistake and find ways to rectify it. Instead of giving reasons and trying to explain the adverse circumstances of the situation, show your dedication towards your work and find a solution. Actions speak louder than words. Showing your responsible nature will make you earn the respect of your superiors as well as your colleagues.

6. “My job sucks.”

Saying that your job sucks in front of your boss would do you more harm than good. Never forget that your boss works for the organization and is your superior no matter how friendly he/she is with their team. If your boss isn’t close to you, well this might be your last day on the job!

7. “It’s not fair.”

It might have happened that blame of someone might have come on you or you might not be awarded for work that required appreciation. So in such a situation do not work to your manager and express that he has been unfair. Mention to your manager in a clear and concise way. Get your point across to your boss and let him know the issue that you are facing. Cribbing about it to your boss will not solve the problem. Crying about things will only create a bad image of yours.

8.“Ask someone else to do this” or “I can’t do this.”

Your job description might not mention this, but if your boss asks you to do a job which is within your capacity, you cannot altogether refuse to do it. Make an effort to work on it and if it is still not possible, try to find another way to get it done. Also, if he allows to do something different, he never refrains from putting in some extra effort. It may be an opportunity which advances your career.  Let it go just because it required additional work and effort would waste your potential.

9.“That’s not what you said”

Miscommunication happens quite frequently in the course of our jobs. There are situations where your boss might not acknowledge something that he/she said a few days ago. The correct way to address such issues is to be polite about it. If you have proof of the conversation, answer an email conversation, then respectfully get them to realize that you were at fault. Politeness is the way to go in situations like these.

10. “Your job is so easy.”

Your boss has responsibilities just like you do. They may be different, but never assume that their work is in any way more relaxed than yours.  You might feel that they do nothing all day but expressing that will get you in trouble. Your boss is accountable for the work they do as well as the work that is done by their team. By assuming that the job is easy and can be done by anyone in the company, you not only insult their position but also the hard work they have put in to reach the level.

Conclusion :

These are the top 10 things that you should never say in front of your boss no matter what the situation is. To succeed in this world, using your soft skills properly is an essential, fundamental requirement. You should know what to speak when to speak and whom to speak in front of any boos or manager.


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