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Top 10 Things People love about Childhood

‘If you carry your childhood memories with you, you will never grow old’ – Tom Stoppard. It was that age when everything and nothing were fine. Who wanted to be the school’s principle in your childhood and dismiss your class teacher from school because she scolded you in front of the whole class? Did you fret over the fact that your parents would love your newborn sibling more than you ultimately sending you to the hostel? I did, and I guess most people did it too. It was a crazy age, an age which was curious, creative, energetic, full of life and dreams. When I look back I love a lot of things about my childhood. Let me make you a bit nostalgic making you miss these things about your childhood.


Grandparents are one of the cutest people on the earth. They love us more than anyone else. I feel the lads who have enjoyed their childhood with their grandparents are the luckiest. For sure, people miss the stories sessions with the grandparents from their childhood. These days, everyone’s so-called ‘me time’ is spending alone on their smartphones. Most people are ‘netflixing and chilling’ to de-stress. But nothing could compare to those nights spent with our grandparents listening to their stories shedding all our worries.


When was the last time you slept like a baby without using your phones? You don’t remember, right? Neither do I. We used to wake up early, go to school, play games, keep on twirling all day resulting being extremely tired by the end of the day. That sleep around 9 or 10 pm after a tiresome day was just bliss. There was no tension about the next day or whatever happened on the same day. Such sleep is no way near us, now.


Who said we didn’t have issues back then! We had to deal with the burden of home works, best friend’s absence in the school, class tests and a lot more. But all these issues were sorted in a blink by just resting on our parent’s laps discussing with them the entire story. This therapy could work today too but most of us have become self-contented these days. We also feel diving our parents into more issues would only give them stress. All of us love this about our childhood. There is nothing better than running to our parents in all our happy and sad moments.


We still love Saturdays and Sundays more than any other day. It is tough to stay at home without creating Saturday night goals. If the Sundays are not spent like ‘breakfast in bed’ kinda days then it’s a waste. I know each one of you can feel me. There is a lot that has changed on our weekends though. Going on dinner dates every weekend with family is pretty not a common scenario presently. That moment was enjoyable and we used to wait the whole week to go out with parents. How I wish the time could have stopped then and there.


One memory from my childhood which is crisp and clear is playing for hours without getting tired. I including all of my colony friends looked forward to our playing hours making sure that we are never late. That was the best time of our day. These things don’t happen now as all of us are busy with ‘adulting’ with our lives. We still play though, candy crush and ludo on our phones.


I am not even kidding! We didn’t know what was cheating until we entered the sassy experimental zone called the ‘teens’. We never cheated on our exams or our food. This new concept of having a cheat day and dieting ruthlessly on all other days to maintain a fit body was out of our league. There was no one to judge which made us eat whatever and whenever we want. Elders tried to keep us away from junk and chocolates but we somehow managed to get them. God, please can I get those days back.


Most of us stay away from our home for various purposes. Yes, life happened and we had to move out from our comfort zone facing the real world. It’s not that we don’t like this life but who is satisfied staying away from home and parents. We consider our friends as our family which shows deep in our heart we are incomplete without family. We plan in advance by managing our holidays to go meet our parents. This sucks for sure making us realise our childhood was way too blissful.


Every woman wants to be independent and every man wants to achieve everything in life. We have become competitive, ambitious, envious, and what not while rat racing. With ambitions comes responsibility. Paying bills is a major responsibility we hate but have to deal with it. Back then, during our childhood, we did not have any such responsibilities. Sharing a personal secret which I know would not be appreciated but I remember telling my tuition teachers responsible for low marks.


I was the happiest kid in the school during the fancy dress competitions because we had to ditch the boring school dress with casual fancy clothes. I remember dancing in my house a day before while planning the best dress for the event making sure that I look the best. Be it the school picnics or any other event where we had to dress in our casual outfits, the school’s attendance was the highest. How bad we all miss those events and competitions!


This list will be totally incomplete without including school. We are who we are because of our school. We all love school more than anything. But when I say I love school, I mean friends and the memories, not the actual school. They say school life is the best life and I know most of you will agree with this. The friends we make in our school life are our real-life friends. We all miss this majorly about our childhood. I went school on the first day with teary-eyed and I left with bigger tears and swollen eyes. The pain was deep.

Time, tide and childhood wait for no one but if you have utilised the time properly then you won’t have any regrets later. As they say, it is one life but if you have lived it gleefully, it is enough. Childhood was a lot better as we dreamt huge without thinking about real life scenarios. Additionally, I also love those candies which are not available anymore, cartoons which I can still binge watch, pretty princess dresses which will be counted as OTT for me now along with so many more things. Do you also love these things about childhood?