Top 10 Tips To Handle An Arrogant & Dominating Wife

Gone are the days when men used to be the center of the whole wide world. With women stepping up and only up, let us all take a moment to agree that the world has become a better place. However, we’re still human beings and many of us women forget to behave under certain circumstances. They get irritated about petty things and have mood swings like no other sane woman. This makes your marriage not only endangered but very unhealthy for your relationship. You start feeling bound and the whole relationship becomes one way. Personal space feels gone and whenever you try to prove yourself right, they always have sentimental or diplomatic tactics to get on the greener side. With such signs, it is clear that your relationship is not headed towards the right direction and it needs to be saved.

If you’re feeling lost about such a situation in your life, read on and get to know how you can save your relationship in case you’re still planning to.


10. Figure it out

Make sure there’s no unnecessary reason behind her behaving this way before you start blaming her out of the blue. It could be anything from her past experiences to present scenario. A woman may experience a lot of emotions at once and still not be sure why they are feeling so. They might have unconsciously made up a defense mechanism against a certain kind of insecurity, fear or something else. All of this arrogance might just be a bubble around her you need to pick.


9. Let go

It might not be good for a long term, but ignoring her little tit-tats for a while may actually bring bliss to both of you. By not responding to her arrogant or dominating behaviour, she’d feel guilty or regretful about treating you this way. Sometimes, on responding you may stimulate the whole process of fighting and it is a big problem when you’re not saying out the things she might be wanting to hear. Bring up a happy memory and mute your wife for that very instant. With that, her attention seeking behaviour might come at an end.


8. Communicate

Your relationship might seem perfect, but it is probable that is has been missing communication for a long while. A large percentage of couples go through this stage and don’t realise until it’s too late. We don’t want the normal “How was your day?” communication here. Sit and talk to her about what has been bothering her or why exactly has she been behaving this way. Don’t try to blame her, rather sound like you want to figure out her troubles and help her get it through.


7. Take your stand

It could be that your wife has seen the soft side of you, and you have not been able to confront her. This is only bad because she would keep getting selfish about this and her behaviour may never stop this way. Just let her know, how a few things about her or a few things that she does are not morally acceptable for you. Keep it clear that you demand peace and love in your marital relationship, not full-time arguments.


6. Get-together

Every one of us needs a break. If your wife has been stuck in a routine for a long while, it is high time you take her out on a little getaway. It could be as simple as a candle lit dinner under the moonlit sky or watching the sun go down with her. Make her fall in love with her life once again, so she can fall in love with you once again. Dance with her, cook with her, even watch Netflix with her. You never know what might work out. Her fun side has been missing and you’d both feel great to feel happy with each other again.


5. Family outings

The innocence of your kids can sure be put to use here, in case you have one or two. Take your whole family out and soon she’d realise what she has been missing. Watching her kids laugh around her would help her value her family more. Don’t forget to involve your wife when with kids. Remember, this isn’t about the kids right now but for your relationship. Play a game, watch a movie or have a little picnic beside the lake. She might hesitate to behave badly around her kids and would gradually come to know that she must stop this behaviour altogether.


4. Get the right social group

If your social circle thinks that it is totally alright for your wife to behave this way, you belong to a different group. Your friends need to understand how you are being a culprit without any cause and they would never motivate you to make things right or provide essential advice. When your group starts supporting you, then you would realise that you’re not always on the wrong side and that one human being cannot always be right.


3. Public scenarios

For once, refute her in public and she would hesitate to make such bad occurrences in public again. Humiliation would serve as a lesson and make her think before she would speak again. Ask her to stop this attitude or the consequences would be such. Try not to make it a big deal but just a little push so that she can get back to her senses.


2. Make your own decisions

Your indecisiveness may be the reason why your wife became so dominant with time. Start making your own decisions and don’t rely completely on her. She might have made up an image where you are incapable of doing things by yourself and which is why she feels better to take charge of everything. Take some family decisions and stand by on them and she’d be surprised to see you in your new confident clothes. It could be anything from dropping kids to school, painting your home or even which clothes you should be buying for yourself.


1. Counselling

If everything else fails, there’s always marital counselling for such doomed relationships. It may be only and the best method for you two to solve the unspoken differences. The professional cause won’t let you become animals and the guidance of a professional counsellor would you understand each other better. You’d both start taking charge of your own problems and that’s half the problem solved. With the presence of an authoritative and an assertive person around, your wife would feel intimidated. You’d each deal with psychological levels of both of your minds.