Top 10 Tips to Manage your Time

 “But at my back I always hear

Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near;

And yonder all before us lie

                           Deserts of vast eternity.”      -Andrew Marvell (To His Coy Mistress)

 We all agree that time flies away like a gust of wind, the brevity and value of which is seen in the famous proverb, “Time is precious”. Surely it is, and thus it is important to make every second count, right?  Time management therefore, is the ladder to success. In today’s world, where there is a cut-throat competition and a race for power and success, it is essential that you first learn to manage your time, to ensure that all your daily tasks are completed and you achieve success. Wondering how to manage your time well so that all your tasks are completed? Fret not, we, your saviors will help you manage your time well.

Here’s a list of Top 10 tips to manage time:

10. Expunge the insignificant.

Knock out tasks or activities that are not essential or are simply insignificant to avoid the elimination of important tasks. While undertaking any important task, you need to keep in mind that any sort of distractions or irrelevant tasks should be overlooked, as they can take away the time that you would rather invest in doing something productive or substantial.

9.Epochal tasks first.

Hitting the most important tasks in the day is essential to manage your time. Make it a point to finish all the important and time-consuming tasks first. Keep the less important and quicker tasks to be done later. In this way you can be assured that all the essential work is done before hand and the short-term tasks can be done when you’re almost done for the day.

8. Relax. Repose. Unwind.

All that is important, must come to quietness and waiting. Rest is essential for an individual to refresh himself and start again. As the famous proverb reads, “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Therefore it is essential that you also take time from your busy schedule for recreation and relaxation. Make sure you take time out for all that you love doing, for exercising and also for resting. Make sure you sleep at least for 6-8 hours so that you are not overworked. All your tasks will fall in place if you rest well and start your task afresh with full zeal and enthusiasm.

7. Organize similar task under the same batch.

Grouping similar tasks under the same batch is an efficient way of saving or managing time. For instance, cluster all the outdoor activities under the same batch, so that all the outdoor work is done together and your time is saved. This technique is a good way to finish all your tasks before-hand, so you have enough time to relax or recreate.

6. Au fait your deadlines.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry”, goes a famous saying. Therefore, it is extremely essential to be aware of your deadlines and keeping in mind the completion of their work before time runs out of your hand. Always keep an eye on the dates of your deadlines, be well-planned, productive and orderly so as to complete the given task before-hand.

5. Prioritize wisely.

Spend more time and energy on the tasks that are significant. Prioritize your tasks wisely. Do not indulge in petty tasks for long hours. In doing so you’ll lose the time you would rather spend on tasks which are important and whose incompletion may became a cause of anxiety.

4. Be an early bird.

Rising early in the morning is the best way to ensure that all the tasks, lined up for the day, fall into place. Getting up early and starting early provides you enough time at your disposal. Moreover, getting up early provides you the much needed energy, allowing you to work faster and with more enthusiasm.

3. Diligence all the way.

Dedication is the key to managing time. Devote all your focus on the task allotted and try to complete it with utmost tenacity. Staying focused not only helps you complete the tasks on time, but also complete it with great results. A task completed with thorough devotion becomes a product of great work and appreciation. Thus, make sure you spend all your wit and energy on the task in hand, and complete it with focus, which surely will be completed before-hand, giving you ample time for the other tasks.

2.To-do list.

A To-do list is a must to make sure that you are managing your time well. Although, many people claim that to-do list can never be followed, try to burn this myth. Prepare a to-do list, allot time that is enough for the completion of each task. Make sure to mark ticks on the completion of each task Follow the list. A to-do list is the best way to manage your time since it is like a planner that lists all your tasks of the day. In this way, you do not forget to do any important task. Moreover, the time allotted assures you that you can complete all your tasks in a day and also have enough time to relax.

1. A ‘Done’ list.

Adding a ‘done’ list to your to-do list is probably the best motivation you can get. Since it is believed that a planner can never be followed, by adding a ‘done’ list to your to-do list, you are very much putting an end to this myth. Moreover, a ‘done’ list makes you confident and fills you with a fervor to have completed the tasks that you had planned to complete. It gives you an immense sense of satisfaction. A tick against the task allotted will give you a level of satisfaction that cannot be measured. You’ll be extremely proud to know that you can complete your tasks, which will give you a sense of motivation to start afresh the next day.

Thus, follow the above tips to manage your time and complete your task, while also getting enough time to relax and enjoy. As Jim Rohn rightly quotes, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you”. So make sure you are the former, not the later. Be the most of every minute, for time is precious. Don’t collapse under your work load. Be sure to manage time so that you can spend time with your near and dear ones. “The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot”- Michael Altahuler. Therefore, make the most of your time, after all, every second matters.