Top 10 Unconventional Ways To Save Yourself From Getting Fired

To keep a check on the standard of living, we all have a routine to follow. Human beings without a specific time table are considered to be futile and abortive. Maintaining a job standard is quite hard these days. People have multiple things to look out from household activities to office presentations. Everybody tries hard to cope up with all the stress and pressure, but sometimes they end up getting fired. So is there some way to secure your job? Is there another way out to hang on to the job? When you love your job, and you have this fear of getting fired. You won’t stop looking for nutty ways to save your job. That’s where the odd ways, to be specific “the unconventional ways” come into play. Here is the magic spell; you need to keep in mind to save you from getting fired. So let’s get started with all the ways, you could use to protect your job.

1. Better Communication Skills:

Everyone is a fan of a person, who knows how to communicate. Not to mention, you should also know “when” to communicate. Overdo of anything sometimes reverses all the golden chances of saving your job. Better communication skills include all the morning and happy occasion wishes, not only to your Boss but also to your colleagues. Being over-smart like treating your teammates ill and buttering your leader doesn’t work. Your Boss is the master of all activities. He observes everything. You can’t just fool around. So the tiniest you could do is to be friendly with everyone and try to establish better communication with your team members. This quality will eventually help you to improve your overall performance and will decrease your chances of getting fired.

2. Always try to be the “Star Member” of your team:

Team co-operation always brings the best result. Like every coin has two sides. Similarly, every person has two mega personalities; a good and bad one. If everyone bonds with their best hands; it will gradually make a difference in bringing the best solution for the company. In a time of conflict or disagreement, try not to be dominative instead help in problem-solving methods to improve efficiency. People think to start performer, they just need to perform with accuracy and speed, but they tend to ignore the fact that every office needs the calm and polite one to deal at the time of emergency.

3. Go on fun trips:

If you want to bond with the office staff, people take them out. That’s the best way to bond with them on a personal level. Take your guys out for a drink and enjoy the match. If you enjoy trekking or an adventure sport suggest it after some time and go on a guys day out. The same thesis applies for a girls day out. Knowing someone outside of work makes it real. So step out and let the worries slip away.

4. Problem-solving guy:

When you see, you can’t make a difference in terms of your performance. Then you have to play the role of problem-solving guy actively or at least try to fix things at your level. There are plenty of internal conflicts rambling at the workplace. Try not to complicate things for your Boss, elucidate it before he finds out about it. This way, you will earn extra points and will be in good memory of the leader.

5. Playing an active role in Workplace politics:

We call him “Neta.” There is always this person; we run to seek advice. In times of crisis or disaster, we yearn consultation and encouragement. We want someone to support our decision and stand on our side. It’s always fun to be one “political player” in the workplace. He doesn’t own power in the real sense, but he sure exercises it in the real world.

6. You can play “baby card” if you are a parent:

It’s consuming and draining job to look after the baby. But somedays, bringing the baby to the workplace can make your life easy and less bored. The baby always influences the environment around him/her. The work environment tends to be more amicable and tranquil. If you are entering into motherhood, you need not be afraid of getting fired. All you need to know is, if you love your job, it is not getting away from you.

7. Go on a talkie-walkies show:

The modern-day need is to bond with your Boss. Whenever you find he is alone, or free. Go and ask if he needs something. Talk about new projects, new strategies, and the ways to deal with future clients. It will help you in building your image and identity and will open up new opportunities for you in the workplace.

8. Invite them to Dinner parties/Family gatherings:

Have you ever heard of the phrase” United by the Food.” In spite of all the differences, we have something familiar that is Food. When we sit together and eat together, there develops this sense of belongingness. Establishing a connection with office-buddies over dinner parties has now become part of the office culture. People get to know each other more. You develop kinship in the real world other than the office world. This way, two families come closer and get to know each other better.

9. Find your people:

Every new workplace you join, look for similarities. Common grounds are important. For example, if your Boss has an interest in the latest social media tools. Then you should work accordingly, be updated about all the advance social media gadgets and their utility. This sort of reciprocity will help you build good relations with your Boss and your people; Under challenging times, these relationships will only help you.

10. Remind yourself to be “Entertainer”:

Amid perplexity and work-stress, there is a high demand for the entertainer. You need not be dramatic about every situation but a mood-builder. Every company has its functional structure and deadlines. Always ask yourself what you could do best, to uplift all the employees and motivate them to work effectively. Every workplace needs an influencer to keep with their sanity. Remember the guy/girl from your high- school and college days that were always the center of attraction still? You now have to be like them and follow them. You always wanted to be one. Have a laudable story up your sleeve and use it whenever you can. Entertain at the lunch table and be happy. When you are so glad you keep your colleagues happy, and this will make you an asset. An adhesive that holds them all together. His way they won’t fire you and rattle the team, they will fire someone else, and you will clean up the hash. A perfect give and take  An ideal bilateral relation.