Top 10 Ways You Can Make This Christmas Extra Special

Christmas holidays are genuinely one of the most awaited for holidays around the world. However, this festival is much more than being just about exchanging presents; it is about togetherness and celebrating with your family. Every family has their own little Christmas party, which make this festival special and unique for everyone. This holiday season, do not limit yourself to the same old cake, presents, and tinsel. Here are some ideas you can adapt to make this Christmas even more special and memorable for your family and friends.

1. Donations

Christmas and other holidays are much more than being just about ourselves; they can also represent an opportunity to be a part of a larger good and to do your bit for the community. Public service and donations are a great way of sharing your prosperity and well- bring with the less fortunate. The various ways that one can help out can be by donating money, food, or clothes via different agencies available in one’s areas. While NGOs and religious institutions like churches are most common, food chains like Starbucks also have collection campaigns going on around the holidays in some regions. Other ways include volunteering your time at homeless shelters, distributing food or clothing among the poor, etc.

2. Interacting with the sick

One of the greatest joys of the holiday season can be had by sharing a piece of your happiness with the ones who, in one way or the other, are unable to celebrate this holiday with their loved ones. A great idea can be to visit palliative care centers, convalescent homes, orphanages, and nursing homes. If there are children in the house, they can take along handmade decorations to brighten up these places at Christmastime. One can spend time with them, talk, play games, sing carols, etc., to bring festive cheer into their lives.

3. Baking together

Christmas is synonymous with baking. As 25th December approaches, the fragrances of vanilla and cinnamon are everywhere. Any Christmas dinner is incomplete without the delicious desserts that characterize this festival. An excellent way to celebrate Christmas in a spirit of togetherness is to engage in chores as a group, instead of everything falling upon one single person. Everybody engaging in the cooking and baking not only makes things easier and faster, but it is also a beautiful way of celebrating Christmas together and teaching the children a lesson in the importance of versatility and self- reliance. Ideas that one might consider include baking cookies or making gingerbread houses and decorating them together.

4. Homemade decorations

Another indispensable part of the Christmas festivities are the ornaments and the honor of the Christmas tree, a tradition without which any Christmas would be deemed incomplete. Instead of buying ornaments from the shops this year, twist things. Engage in making the decorations of the tree yourself, along with family and friends. It’s a great way to bond and relax, and saves a ton of money. In addition to this, you can make decorations using eco- friendly materials and keep them to be reused next year, doing your bit for the environment in this way.

5. Take a step toward nature

Christmastime is a great time of the year, weather-wise. Enjoy the cool in the air, and snow if your region is cold enough. Go for long walks with flasks of cider or hot chocolate; you can sing carols in groups during these walks for added Christmas cheer. For decorating the house too, you can use elements of nature. Bunches of fresh flowers and boughs of holly and mistletoe can be used inside the house for decoration. Ideas like spray painted leaves for place settings can also be explored for quirky ways to decorate the dinner table.

6. Go for out-of-the-way outings

Christmas is a time of meeting one’s family and friends. A considerable number of trips to the movies or the mall are inevitable. However, instead of doing things or going to places that you do throughout the year, make Christmas a time of exploration. Try going for dance recitals, ballet performances, musicals, plays in local theaters, orchestra or symphony concerts, etc. While this would provide you a different, holistic experience, these outings also do the outstanding job of supporting and keeping alive local art forms and groups.

7. Dine in style

Christmas signifies a time that one’s family and friends gather together for festivities and meals. And what better time to whip out the fancy china than when one’s loved ones are all together? To lend an extra special touch to the Christmas meals, put some effort into setting the table. You can use fancy place settings, placeholders, an elegant centerpiece, etc. Other ideas that can be implemented include folding the napkins into shapes, using candles and mild potpourri to make the meal more enjoyable and wholesome on the senses.

8. Games

Fun games, like cards and charades, become an inevitable activity when one’s family and friends are gathered after a hearty meal. However, instead of going the conventional way, one can design and customize games according to the personalities of the people present, for added fun. Games like these can be thought of a few days before the day. Other quirky activities that everyone can participate in are holding a talent show of all the people present, with others acting as judges, and tapping out songs or carols with a pair of spoons and the others would guess the tune being tapped out.

9. Christmas drinks

Falling right in the middle of winters in most parts of the world, Christmas gives one an excellent opportunity to indulge in warm, sinful drinks. You can go for traditional options, like hot chocolate and marshmallows, mulled cider or wine, eggnog, etc. There are recipes abound for unique Christmas cocktails and mocktails, which include spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Jars of hot chocolate mixes, marshmallows, craft or flavored coffee, bottles of wine or homemade cider also make for great, personalized gifts that will make you the talk of every household that your donation reaches.

10. Christmas movie night

Another thing that makes Christmas great is the myriad movies around it, and the dinner table arguments over the best. A great idea of spending the holiday nights is to watch everyone’s favorite flicks of the holiday season. Movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, Love, Die Hard, or The Holiday are great picks. Curl up in blankets with steaming cups of hot chocolate and lose yourself in the goodness of these movies. It is an experience, enjoying them with your loved ones. The more adventurous ones can also go for a movie marathon on one of the holiday days.