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Top 10 Ways to Double Up the Adventure During a Trip

Are you someone who loves going on vacations that has your adrenaline rushing and leaves you all covered in sweat? Do you enjoy adventure? In that case, you are someone who counts on the real excitement of things to keep your trip enjoyable. While long drives with your loved ones and visiting beautiful and sublime locations may excite some people, if you are someone who needs the adventurous spark, nevertheless, here are ten ways you can make any trip exciting.


1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You can create an adventure if you want it. Being adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put on your sports shoes and go trekking. Do something that you wouldn’t do on a usual day. Try out new food items, bond with people you didn’t know before and get out and explore the place you are traveling without a tour guide. These are all adventures in their ways. Pushing yourself off your comfort zones is the first step towards having an exciting trip.

2. Go for Spontaneity

When you plan out your next trip, remember not to have it all organized with an itinerary. Leave out blank spaces where you can do things that you want to do right then and there. The excitement of exploring a place is finding things there that get you curious and to follow them. And this, cannot happen when you sit at home in front of an article about the place. Let the site decide your trip. Go with the moment and let yourself free. There’s going to be more adventure than your pre-planned bungee jumping session.


3. Take an Individual Trip

One of the best ways to make your trip exciting is to go alone. Being by yourself may leave you a little uncertain about whether or not you will be able to cope up with all the situations yourself, but it will also give you a new sense of independence and self-reliance. What’s more, without another person’s preferences to take care of, you are all on you, and it is not every day that one gets to do whatever one feels to do. There is also no fear of judgments and no one to tell you that something is a bad idea making it adventurous all the way.


4. Go Somewhere Out of the Tour Books

While it is a great idea to research before you visit a place about its local culture and people, try looking for sites that are less visited and have less material written about them. When you have a country’s entire landscape written down, there are lesser chances of getting surprised and the ‘wow’ factor, in most cases, goes missing. Visit a place that is not conventionally considered to be a tourist destination and go out and find out for yourself what the site. However, remember to take care of your safety and try talking to people from the place about what it is that you should be aware of so that there are no unpleasant occurrences.

5. Keep Your Backpack Light

Your travel backup is the backbone to your trip, and you don’t want to miss out on anything essential. At the same time, try to keep it less in weight so that it doesn’t become a hassle for your adventures. Never carry more than one bag and don’t over-pack. Go for minimum clothes and only things that are necessary for sustenance. The heavier you, the more difficult it is going to be to carry it around. Also, look for a convenient bag instead of a fancy one. The point is not to show-off.


6. Get Inside The Local Minds

The local culture of the place is going to give you a lot more interesting facts than a tourist guide. Talk to them and get them to tell you about the exciting places you can visit. Visit their homes if they offer you an invitation and explore the everyday life of the people there are like. Get rid of your inhibitions about trying out new things and grab every opportunity that they present to you to get closer into their hearts. After all, a place is made of its people.

7. Find New Routes

The map says that the easiest way to reach a tourist destination is through the main road, but you can also see an alternative that is a little riskier and requires you to reroute into a local area. Go for the second option and make your routes yourself. It may be scary, and you may even find yourself continually doubting about how wise the decision but do it anyway. When you do at last reach the location, it will give you a heightened feeling of having achieved something. However, remember that this is not a good option if you are traveling by yourself or is few and is visiting a new place.

8. Pick Up a New Skill

Sit with the local craftsmen and find out how to make their local handicrafts. Learn swimming from the local swimmers in their neighborhood lake. Learn something that you’ve always wanted to but had no time at back home. You can also make a list of things that you want to have done at the place before leaving it and cross each one out as you finish them. Go wild and crazy with your imagination and let nothing stop you from pursuing your unique goals. Remember, the idea is to surprise even yourself.

9. Go Natural

Used to eating fruits out of cans or plastic bags? Leave the habit for once and get out to get in one with nature. Drink water from the pond instead of going back to your bottled mineral water. Go for early morning walks, chase butterflies, and see what life has got to offer in the adventure front. Sleep under the tree instead of inside your tent for a change. All the while, make sure that you are carrying yourself safely.


10. Set Yourself a Goal

Give yourself an aim that you are visiting the place for. It doesn’t have to be anything sophisticated or complex. Only something that will keep you going in case the site doesn’t turn out as high as you expected it to be. If you are a foodie, you can have the goal of trying out all the different kinds of food the place has to offer. If you are someone into history and art, promise yourself that you will visit all the exhibitions and museums before leaving the place to come back home. Stick to your plan and excite yourself.