Top 10 Ways to Make-up After a Fight

Fights are an unavoidable part of every relationship. Even though fights can ruin your mood temporarily, it also gives you enough opportunities to rectify yourself and make you feel loved. Because let’s face it, nobody wants a conversation to end with the door slamming or loud shouting. Conflicts, disagreements and fights are always going to be a part of any kind of relationship, no matter how compatible the couple is. A fight-free relationship is a myth. For some reason I believe that fights in a way add spice to your relationship if you are smart and caring enough to patch things up in the right time. It is absolutely normal for people to fight and love, love and fight. However, if you are unwilling to let a petty fight ruin your relationship but you are running out of ideas regarding how to not go to bed alone feeling hurt or binge watch TV alone then here’s some help. Don’t let the negativity overpower your beautiful relationship.

10. Talk it out –

Relationships are not always about cute dates by the beach and pretty pictures on Instagram. No matter who starts the fight someone has to end it, right? There is always one person whose compromises make the relationship stronger. There is no shame in owning up to your mistakes if things go south. I know that it is not a very easy task to swallow your pride and admit your mistakes especially after you’ve yelled so much to prove your point but sometimes a sincere apology is all your partner needs to go back to being normal. Sit down together, hold each other’s hands and just go with the flow. Confess how you feel and actually feel guilty. Here’s a trick, even if it isn’t your fault, APOLOGIZE! It makes the other person feel guilty and ends up making things good once again.

9. Give it some time-

When you are fighting, you both tend to go into a zone where rationality and logic doesn’t exist. When all the bitter emotions in you try to control you, you end up becoming competitive to win the fight. You might as well say things that could ruin the relationship forever. So, before it starts getting ugly all you can do is take a deep breath and calm yourself. Don’t try to extend the fight just for the sake of winning it. Give him some space and give your mind some time to cool off. You both might end up feeling very differently if you actually take time to understand the other person’s perspectives.

8. A big Hug-

A tight, warm and cozy hug has the superpower to immediately turn every fight into a moment of comfort. Hugging your partner in the middle of a fight immediately makes her feel loved and cared. It helps her calm down and realize that any fight is not worth the trouble of putting your relationship in jeopardy. Keep on hugging her till you feel that she is ready to let things go. But be careful, if she is not ready for a hug then you might end up getting kicked.

7. Gifts please –

Now I don’t want to be misunderstood for someone who suggests people to seek material help in order to eliminate emotional and mental pain. But sometimes a thoughtful gift can do wonders in relieving the tension after a fight. Thrill her with something that she really wants- be it her favorite flowers, chocolates, a “I am sorry”card or a dress from her favorite brand. It could be anything, even the rock that she wanted to collect from the sea shore. Make it unique. Make it count. Make her feel like you are not willing to let her feel hurt over some stupid fight. Now, guys! Don’t just hand over the gift to her without saying a thing. Try quoting “The notebook” while you gift her something. That will definitely melt her.

6. Surprise! Surprise!-

Surprises always elevate the fun in a relationship which is why it comes to the rescue even when you mess things up. You do not have to dig your brain to find innovative ideas regarding how to surprise her. You might as well do so by washing the trousers that she has been nagging you to wash since time immemorial. Bring forward your caring and loving side and let her know that you actually listen to her by doing the things that she always wanted you to do. If you have slammed the door on his face and stormed out and already feel the need to make things right then add some humor to the situation. Try sending him your most hilarious pictures or a funny video. Get your meme game stronger. Crack some lame jokes over the phone or in person. Try to alleviate the tension by looking at old pictures together or by playing with the pet together.

5. Love letters –

Not everyone is a Shakespeare in today’s world but one doesn’t have to be a poet to express what one feels. Try bringing some old school romance back into your relationship by writing a poem about her. Appreciate her for the things she does for you. Leave a romantic note on her pillow. It is not the quality of your letter that matters but the thought and emotion behind it. Love letters never go out of style! And if the letter is accompanied by a cup of morning coffee made by you then you are sorted for at least the next couple of days till you initiate another stupid fight.

4. Cook a meal –

As they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, the way to a woman’s heart can be through her stomach too, provided she is not diet-conscious. Even if you are not a master chef, at least your attempt to make your partner feel special is enough to win her heart. Try making her favourite dish and share it together. The comfort of food and the cuteness of your attempt can be a brilliant way to make things right after a fight. As long as you do it for her, it doesn’t matter if the cake is hard or the fries are burnt.

3. Movie magic –

Want to know what’s better than the two of you fighting? – Seeing other couples fight over stupid issues while you poke fun at them. Yes, a rom-com is the perfect way to go about after a lame fight with your partner. If your partner is unwilling to see a movie with you after you have said mean things to him, then just start by watching it alone. Eventually he will join and before you know it things will be back to being normal. The laughter, tears and joy shared by you both while watching the movie will definitely take your minds off from the fight that you just had. It is highly advisable to invite her to watch a funny movie to lighten the mood. You can’t just make her watch a documentary on football right after a fight. So, grab some beers and popcorn and choose your movie wisely!

2. Sing our heart out –

The irresistible appeal of melodious music cannot go wring in mending things. Sing a romantic song for him and let him know his importance in your life. Even if you are a bad singer at least your failed attempt to dedicate something melodious to your partner will make him smile. Sing his favorite song from his favorite band; it is a sweet gesture that can’t be overlooked. To add a little bit of spice to it try dedicating a song that is purely your own. Write something about him and play it on the guitar. Of course this stunt should be performed only by experts. Others can stick to The Beatles or John Mayer.

1. The cuddle effect –

Cuddling is like a therapy that is needed by every individual after a fight ends. There is something powerful in snuggling that makes people forget any kind of pain and just live in the moment. Sleep in each other’s arms quietly and comfortably. It is a way of solving things without actually having to solve them. The warmth of your touch can sometimes make things up right away. Cuddling makes you realize how much you enjoy each other’s company which is not to be compromised at any cost.

If there are a hundred reasons to fight with your partner then there are two hundred ways to make things up as well. If you guys have any other innovative ideas on how to make things right after a fight then do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments section.