Top 10 Weird Fetishes from Around the World

There are two kinds of people in this world; some likes chocolate- others like vanilla, some like feces – others like farts. While some are attracted towards men and women, others find dead bodies and teddy bears arousing.

Wait, what? Dead bodies and teddy bears? Feces and fart? This has to be a joke! But, the truth is that it is the truth. There are some men/ women who have a variety of weird preferences when it comes to sexual pleasure. Sexual fetish means a sexual excitement in response to an object or a body part that’s not typically sexual.

While some of these fetishes can be pretty common and can be considered “normal”, (such as fetish of shoes, or stockings, or feet) others might be quite weird and even a  bit offensive. We have rounded up a list of 10 weird fetishes:

10. Formicophilia

Ants on a human hand.

We have known people getting aroused when they are tickled, but this kind of tickling is a little more unusual and uncommon. Formicophilia ( Formica= ant + philia=love) is the sexual interest in being crawled upon or tickled or nibbled by insects, such as ants or bees or any other small creatures. As weird as it may sound, bestiality (or sex with animals) is as old as hills (and illegal too). Formicophilia is a relatively newer phenomenon, involves tiny little crawling insects instead of animals and is a little less harmful to those innocent insects. One may think that it’s better to molest an ant instead of crushing it under your foot, but I guess it’s still a lot weirder! Ouch, an ant just bit me, I think it’s trying to take revenge!

9. Furries

People who dress up as animals as part of their sexual activities are called furries. While getting in touch with your inner animal sounds like a hobby or a fun thing to dopeople of “furry fandom” want to be “romantic” with erotic animal-human hybrids (humans dressed as furry animals). It’s about sex, it’s a religion, a fetish and whole new way of life. They engage in sexual activities with partners of similar interest, dressed as furry animals such as a raccoon or a wolf or fox or rabbit.

8 Coprophilia

Coprophilia (Kropos= excrement + philia= love) is a unusual fondness towards faeces or excrement. As weird as it may sound, these people do find sexual arousal and pleasure from feces and enjoy watching other people defecate or defecating on others themselves. They may also like the smell, taste or texture of feces.  This may also include coprophagia, which is the consumption of fecal matter and can lead to serious health risks. Another form of Coprophilia may be Urolagnia. It is when a person derives sexual arousal and pleasure from urinating on others or watching others urinate. It is also known as “water sport” or “golden showers”.


7. Coulrophilia

Coulrophilia (Coulro=clown + philia=love) is a feeling of attraction towards clowns. People having this fetish have sexual and erotic fantasies relating to clowns. They may imagine or seek out clowns as partners or may even as clowns.



Agalmatophilia agalma= ‘statue’ +philia  = love)  involves sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative objects. The object could be anything, a sofa or amusement park rides or a pen or doll or statue or the Effiel tower. In fact, a documentary, “The strange love: A woman married to the Eiffel Tower” was released in the year 2008 that revolves around the lives of three women in love (or lust) with inanimate objects. Remember this the next time you swoon over your favorite doll! 


Teratophilia is a sexual desire of “deformed or monstrous people”. People having this fetish are attracted towards ugly, monstrous or deformed people. Yet another form of this fetish is acrotomophilia, sexual attraction to amputees or apotemnophilia, the sexual interest in being an amputee.

4. Mechanophilia

Some fetishes are perfectly healthy and don’t draw much attention of the authorities towards them. This one is a totally different ball game. Mechanophilia is a fetish wherein people get sexual arousal through machines (what!?) such as bicycles, cars, helicopters, bikes, airplanes or ships. In countries such as the UK, having sex with a car is considered criminal offense and the offender could face prosecution. So, don’t get cozy with your automobile before checking out the law of the land.


Teddy bears are cute and attractive, little stuffed aren’t they? But did you ever feel the little-stuffed toy is in any way sexy? Or have you ever had inappropriate thoughts about a making out with one? If yes, congratulation! you have a fetish of what they call Ursusagalmatophilia. Warning: this one is totally capable of ruining your childhood! Ursusagalmatophilia is a feeling of sexual arousal and pleasure by a teddy bear. This is also known as Plushophilia, although this term includes fetish towards any stuffed animal and is not specific to teddy bears. Not that sexual attraction towards any kind stuffed animal is weirder than the other, Ursusagalmatophilia does seem to have destroyed the warm cozy feeling of sleeping with a stuffed animal. Remember this the next time your girlfriend insists on sleeping with her teddy. 


Every adult yearns for childhood. Those innocent years of no worry and constant attention and care by our parents are enough to make every grown up person nostalgic. But, Autonepiophilia makes a person too much enthusiastic about being a baby in a diaper. Autonepiophiliaalso known as paraphilic infantilism – is the practice of fully grown adults role-playing and portraying himself/herself in a child-like state. They get sexually aroused by dressing up as a baby, drinking milk from a bottle or wearing diapers, soiling oneself and even speaking in gibberish. They may even engage in role-playing with themselves or their partners acting like a mother, cuddling and/or breastfeeding the “baby”. According to studies, this fetish is more common in middle-aged married men! Men certainly are more immature than women, hence proved.

1. Vorarephilia

Vorarephilia (Vorare= swallow + philia= love) is a fetish where people get their kicks from having someone eat them, eating another person (yuck!) having someone eat them or watching two persons eating each other. Since the actual execution of this fetish is not quite possible, for obvious reason, it is usually done through graphic novellas and anime. Most vorarephiles describe themselves as being “prey” (one who is “eaten”) while those who do the eating in the fantasies are referred to as a “pred” ( predator). As if it wasn’t enough weird with the human-eating-human thing involved, Vorarephilia may also include anthropomorphized animals, dragons, and enormous snakes. Vorarephilia is considered an “imaginary fetish”, as fulfilling them, in reality, is both difficult and illegal.


Could it BE more weird?