Top 12 Best Excuses to Avoid Going to School

They sobbed and wailed. They sniveled and whimpered. They mewled and bellowed. They grovelled and implored. Some students don’t seem to build a connection with school at all. School seems to serve as a prison to them, that cages their freedom for a quarter of the day. Compelling your body to wake up at the crack of dawn, dressing up in the first flush of the morning, having breakfast in the wee hours of the day, rushing to catch a school bus, struggling to keep eyes open during the lectures, the fear of being asked question by the teacher, the terror of being subjected to those harsh punishments, the sorrow of being mocked at school and the scuffle of reaching the house with a boulder on your shoulder. All this contributes to abhorring and despising school from the depths of some student’s hearts. Schooling is a crucial stage in life which contributes in inculcating manners, discipline and giving life-long lessons. Though the act of bunking school is totally condemned, avoiding school at certain occasions for resuscitation can be granted.

So here are a few excuses that will help you get away with school and grant a day at home, of complete leisure and recreation:

12. Make climate the culprit

Blame it on the climate. Accuse the sun of shining too brightly, the wing of blowing too gustily and the clouds of pouring too violently. Convince your parents that such an extreme climate can play a havoc with your delicate system, ultimately leading to fever or other complications. Thus, use the functioning of nature as your natural defense and get away with school.

11. Hasta La Vista school bus

Clothe yourself in laziness and exhibit torpidity. Try to work in slow motion and take extra time to complete the activities of the morning. All the extra time consumed will ultimately lead to the school bus departing because of your dilatory movements and late arrival at the stop.

However, if this doesn’t work and your parents manage to show you the door on time, how about walking extremely slow till the stop, or secretly sitting on a bench to hide from the bus or even pretending to fall and cry over a fake injury. In this way, you might just save yourself from school and stay back at home on the genuine pretence of missing the school bus and blame it on the driver for not stopping for you.

10. Dissimulation of a bookworm

Put on those nerdy glasses and dive into the depths of your books to convince your parents that you need to excuse yourself from school for a ‘never’ declared test. Faking a preparation for a test might readily grant you the permission of staying back at home by your parents. So you enjoy a leave from school with full consent of your parents. *win!win!*

9. A self-declared holiday

Not in a mood to go to school? Sit in the Principal’s chair and declare a holiday for yourself. Avoid going to school either by telling your parents about the ‘self declared’ holiday or explaining to them the futility of going to school as the teacher will not be present or the lectures would be off due to the preparation of some activity in school. *puppy face*

8. Lost in the land of Nod

Persuade your parents that you are lost in the land of Nod and opening your eyes is as difficult as Sisyphus’ task of pushing the boulder up the hill. Explain your parents about the nightmare that you saw last night or a school assignment that kept you up for longer than expected and so you need to give school a miss. *zzzzz*

7. Because you feel unattended

Complain to your parents and convey to them the feeling of being unattended makes you less interested in class. This could arise due to partiality by the teacher, who pays attention towards or praises only her favourites. Convey to your parents how the miserability of being unappreciated or unrecognized makes you feel. Not for too long, but your parents will definitely keep you home for a day or two and pamper you with lots of attention and love.

6. That the austere authoritarian sends shiver down your spine

You could also tell your parents that how your extremely strict teachers makes life in school extremely difficult for you. Inform your parents that her exceedingly uncompromising rules and attitude make you a subject of torture and mockery. You could tell your parents of the harsh punishments that you get subjected to, in front of the class, even for a whisper, that shatters your self esteem into pieces. This could raise a concern and sympathy within parents and this concern is a sign of your victory *evil smile*

5. Because bullies are everywhere

You could also stay back at home by bemoaning about bullying at school. Communicate to your parents the anger, helplessness and a sense of inferiority you face at school because of being mocked at by your classmates or seniors. Make them aware of how this gives you a feeling of exasperation and powerlessness. This excuse guarantees you a day at home and might also help you get away with the bullies (if any), thanks to your parents.

4. Wear a mask of a misanthrope

Tell your parents that you don’t feel like going to school because you have no friends to play with, eat with or talk to. Convey to them the sense of solitude and alienation that surrounds you at school. Tell them about how you dislike a few children at school or narrate the tales of groupism. The lonely child is going to receive assured pampering after the carping and moaning.

3. I’m not well

The age-old excuse of staying back at home is fake a fever. Get into your blanket and refuse to attend school owing to a feeling of dizziness, weakness or nausea. You could also fake a high body temperature and cough incessantly to prove how miserably ill you are. This excuse is proven to save you from school and has been used to miss school since forever!

2. Assignment on ice

Excuse yourself from school by notifying your parents about an assignment that is undone or incomplete due to the arrival of guests or other reasons. Request them to grant you the permission to stay back by convincing them how the teacher might burden you with criticism or punishments that you are unwilling to face. This is another sure shot excuse to keep you home.

1. My stomach is upset

Come hell or high water, an excuse that promises you a stay at home is that of an upset stomach. Your parents will make you stay back home even if its an exam day or any other important occasion in school. Knowing of the urgency an upset stomach could cause, no forces of nature can compel you to go to school that day. So take a back seat, sip on that favourite juice, enjoy the constant pampering and dote on your favourite TV show.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article are purely meant for fun and entertainment and does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any parent or teacher.

Bored of school? Try the above excuses to luxuriate in the coziness of your bed and spend a relaxing day.