Top 12 Brunette Stereotypes

Typecasting people is perhaps something that everyone does. Most often these stereotypes are baseless. Some of the common stereotypes are the blonde v/s brunette ones. Haven’t you heard often that blondes are fun while brunettes aren’t, or Brunettes are nerds and blondes dumb or that one set is serious and the others are cute? Brunettes are arrogant while blondes are sweet goes the stereotype. There are plenty of mediums including movies and books, that frame these stereotypes. But as said earlier most of these stereotypes are ridiculous. Both blondes and brunettes are individuals with an intellect and personality that has nothing to do with the hair colour. Hence, there is no point in labelling them to a specific category. Here are some popular brunette stereotypes.

1.      They are too serious


One of the most common features attributed with a brunette is that she is serious. While being serious is not a bad trait, generalising them as serious isn’t that cool either. This might also be stemming from the idea that blondes are light-hearted, hence brunettes by default shall fall to the other category. However, this stereotype is baseless. There are serious blondes as there are light-hearted brunettes.  For instance, Chelsea Paretti, one of the best-known female comedian is a brunette.

2.      They are all nerds

Have you seen star wars? Once you pay attention to the details of the characters, you’ll realise that most of them are brunettes. Or for that matter take any popular movie, all the not so cool, geeky girls with glasses are brunettes. Be it Hermione of Harry potter or Gabriela of high school musical. Yes, I agree being a nerd is great. But why limit it to brunettes? All nerds aren’t brunettes nor are all brunettes nerds. There are dumb brunettes as intelligence is counted not on the basis of your hair colour.

3.      They don’t have any fun in life


A brunette is a nerd and serious. Obviously, it follows that she isn’t fun loving. But really? Isn’t Demi Lovato, the singer, fun? See, all these stereotypes surrounding her prompted her to try out the blonde look. And she returned to the brunette look soon. Or think of Taylor swift! The coolest girl of our day. Who says blondes shall have all the fun? Don’t utter this stereotype ever. All people have their share of fun- explicit or not. Adding to that is the fact that each one is different in their own way. So, stop typecasting brunettes.

4.      They are control freaks

Brunettes and their controlling nature, sounds familiar, right? Well, there are people who love controlling others. On the other hand, there is all sort of control freaks- the fat one, the tin one, the red headed one, and the black headed one, the blonde, the pink haired one. So the colour of your hair has nothing to do with your character but your genes play a part. Pure science man. Next time someone thinks you are controlling because of your hair colour, chuck those judgemental idiots.

5.      They bitches

Just because a girl has brown hair doesn’t mean she is bitchy. In fact, the colour of your hair has nothing to do with how you treat your fellow beings. Colour of your hair is determined according to the amount of melanin content and melanin has no association in determining the character of a person. All thanks to Disney for propagating this stereotype. Check out any Disney movies? Blondes are the epitome of goodness while brunettes are evil and bitchy. Be it Cinderella’s step sisters or Rapunzel’s mother.

6.      They are plain

Observe in movies or books who gets a makeover? Yeah, you guessed it right. It is always the brunettes. No blonde ever gets a makeover as they are born great. Remember Anne Hathaway of princess diaries? Clamp this all together. Brunettes aren’t plain. Look at Zoe saldane or Jennifer Lawrence for that matter. Or do you think Kim Kardashian is plain? Everyone is beautiful in their own ways and beauty of all that matters lies in the eyes of the beholder. Still, think brunettes are plain? Your problem, not mine.

7.      They are arrogant

Old stereotypes die hard. Brunettes are often portrayed to be selfish and arrogant. Brunettes with attitude say the adage.  They are thought to be stuck up and icy. Yeah, there might be brunettes who are unapproachable, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. People are different, and difference definitely doesn’t stem from the hair colour. There are approachable and cool brunettes too. So, stop generalising. As Kesha said “You really can’t stereotype people or put them in boxes. That is unfair.”

8.      They aren’t hot

Another common stereotype is that brunettes are not hot. But really? Aren’t they? Can you take your eyes off Penelope Cruz or Miranda Kerr or Audrey Hepburn or Arizona Muse?  Or think of Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Eva green or Kerry Washington. All these pretty hot ladies are brunettes. And adding to their sex appeal is many times those dark long hair locks. So brunettes too are super-hot. If you don’t think so it’s time for you to rush to your ophthalmologist.

9.      They are smart

Yeah, they are nerds and serious, hence they have to be smart. Though, being smart isn’t an offensive comment, circumscribing everyone with same hair colour into one category doesn’t seem to be nice. Speaking all that, it is a fact that this is perhaps one among many stereotypes that might make a brunette happy for a while. Time and again there is just one thing I repeat, your character has nothing to do with the colour of your hair. There are smart people who are from all hair colours and there are not so smart ones falling from all groups

10. Gentleman don’t prefer brunettes

Yeah. Gentleman prefers blonde over brunettes. This actually follows the stereotype that brunettes aren’t hot and are individualistic, hence easily rejected. Why is it that Cinderella or Rapunzel or any other blonde never rejected in any movies by anyone? Why is it that always they are the epitome of integrity? Yea, this are all ideas created in your head by movies and books and which is far from the reality. Will any gentleman reject Angelina Jolie, just because she is a brunette? I don’t think so. Do you?

11. They are sporty

Wah! This is quite a statement to be made on brunettes. How can anyone associate physique with the colour of hair? There are plenty of brunettes who doesn’t know the     ABCD of sports. Well, I agree there are many brunette sports star. That’s no excuse to label them.

12. They are reliable

Reliability! That come with your personality. Be it a blonde or brunette or pink headed women, they might all be reliable or not depending on a lot of factors. Certainly not their hair colour.