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Top 12 Characteristics and Personality Traits of Leo Sun Sign

We all, as human beings, are defined by certain traits and characteristics that distinguish us from the rest. Now, in this progressive world governed by science and technology most people do not really care to explore the broad realm of studies that astrology is. However, believe it or not, zodiac signs do shape the nature of an individual in its own ways. As we know, the fifth astrological sign in western astrology, Leo, is symbolized by Lion. True to its name, people falling in this category are said to be born strong and passionate. Leo, belonging to the element of Fire, brings together fiery people born between July 22 and August 23.
We have often seen two people bond or hate over sun signs as it opens up a range of similarities and differences in the personalities of different individuals. Here we are looking at certain characteristic traits of Leo sun sign that will give you a clearer idea about a Leo’s personality.

1. Born leaders-

As the status of “ The King in the jungle” fits a lion, metaphorically a Leo can also be considered the King in the jungle that our society is. A Leo’s roar is powerful enough to lead the way for people. Yes, these are the kind of people who are the first ones to raise hands in a group project, meeting or group discussion. The commendable leadership abilities and influential skills in a Leo bring people together and encourage others to work as a team. They always tend to remain in the limelight. However, this strong, authoritative and dominating nature is often taken for arrogance. But who cares what others think? The Lion with its dignified magnetism remains unbothered and continues to be a Leader. Their idealism and distinctive aura naturally makes them the center of attraction.

2. Extremely passionate-

Needless to say, passion and Leo are synonymous. Leos make sure that whatever task they undertake is carried out with a lot of passion and excitement. A Leo’s love life is full of unpredictable adventures and interesting conversations. They’ll always come up with exciting ideas to make every second count. Leos are generous and respectable lovers with a slight penchant for melodrama. You have got yourself some quality love if you are dating a Leo.

3. Enthusiastic and cheerful-

Leos are one of the most energetic and charming people you would meet in your life. They are always full of life and ready to take up any challenge. They have such a mesmerizing zest for life that their optimistic attitude and amiable companionship never leave a dull mark in anybody’s life. They have a playful and fun-loving nature that allows them to make a great first impression too. They absolutely hate monotony and patterned existence. Leos make sure that everybody is having a good time with them but that doesn’t necessarily make them the clown of the group. Their regal nature and strong personality is enough to intimidate people.

4. Strength is their ultimate weapon-

Strength and courage are the two most appropriate words that define a Leo. Fearless and bold, these people are both mentally and physically strong. They are capable of retaining their sense of bravery and valor in the most critical situations. They take everything upon them independently and deal with things with the utmost composure and toughness. They do feel the need to control a situation and in doing so, at times, they come across as aggressive and inflexible. They can go through an emotional turmoil and still maintain that smile on their face.

5. They are incredibly loyal-

I think Harvey Specter must have been voicing out a Leo’s mind when he said “Loyalty is a two-way street. If I am asking for it from you, then you are getting it from me.” Leos can be among the most loyal and supportive friends you have. They are forgiving and encouraging and tend to have a friendly personality that makes them socially likable. They will shower you with tremendous amount of trust, respect and reliability. You never feel the need to question their loyalty as they always stick to your side through thick and thin. So, think twice before you try to ditch a Leo.

6. Creativity defines them-

The idiosyncratic and creative aspect of their personality sets them apart from the masses. Leos always come up with out of the box ideas and find unique ways to deal with things. Their innovative ideas are always meant to leave a captivating impression on people’s mind. So, if you are in the arts and crafts club then do not forget to take a Leo in your team.

7. Pride is in their veins –

A Leo’s pride is his worst enemy. There’s no coming back from hurting a Leo’s pride. They are really sensitive about their pride and have a really fragile ego that’s easy to hurt. This is something that can get into their path of success and leave them disappointed. They demand admiration but are too proud to ask for it. They want people to appreciate them, failing which their ego gets hurt on trivial matters.

8. Self-confidence oozes out from their personality –

A Leo is never taken down by insecurities and criticism. They possess a remarkable amount of confidence in their own self which boosts their performance in every level. They are spontaneous and competitive creatures who won’t let you dull their spark. Self-doubt is a word that has no place in their dictionary. They are the kind of people who know how to appreciate themselves for what they are. But this confidence, when transformed to overconfidence, makes them self-centered and stubborn.

9. They hate to sugar-coat things-

Leos are straightforward and frank individuals who are not afraid to say what they feel or think. You’ll not see a Leo trying too hard to make people like him by saying things that others want to hear. Leos have their own distinctive perspectives and opinions that they refuse to hide. They do not like talking behind anybody’s back and ridicule anyone who does the same. These are the kind of people who will actually say the truth, no matter what. So ladies, never ask a Leo man to go with you to the parlor or to go shopping with you.

10. They are warm and generous people –

In Joey Tribbiani’s words “They are humid prepossessing homo sapiens with full-sized aortic pumps”. In other words they are warm, nice people with big hearts. A Leo has a big heart and is always up to help anyone in need. They have a lot to give and they do embody the idea of “the joy of giving”. Their kindness and compassion is extraordinary which gives them a genuine pleasure in being a helping hand in getting someone out of their misery.

11. Short-tempered! Do not mess with a Leo –

Fury is a Leo’s magic potion. It is very easy to piss off a Leo as they are naturally impatient and irritable. A Leo can lash out in the most unexpected occasion. “Someone at my sandwich”, “I can’t find my trousers”, “Why did you use my toothpaste” – all lead to the same short-lived consequence – peevishness. However, when a Leo gets furious on serious occasions, it becomes an unmanageable task to calm him down. Do not wake the sleeping lion, guys!

12. You cannot divert them from fulfilling their ambitions –

As the “Old Man Canyon” song “Don’t let the ones that want to steal your dreams, They’ll steal your dreams away” goes, Leos actually do not let anyone come in between their them and their goals. They are ambitious and dedicated individuals who give their hundred percent to accomplish their goals and they are not even tensed about the outcome as they always make sure that they have fun doing what needs to be done.

Now that you have learnt a good deal about Leos you must be looking forward to meet a Leo and verify all these characteristics. It is interesting to try to figure out a person based on general characteristics of his sun sign but in the same time one must make sure that they do not approach individuals with preconceived notions. Following their personality traits based on sun signs you can definitely get an idea about the person but let’s just enjoy the real charisma of an individual with a clear mind, with no judgement whatsoever.