Top 12 Ice Cream Flavours Around the World

“I scream, you scream, we all scream ice cream.”
This is a slogan that we all used to shout out when we were kids. The happiness of eating an ice cream is not something that is just a right of a kid, but it is something that can drive an adult go crazy, in equal measure. Having a scoop of ice cream on a sweltering day or having one while listening to the pitter-patter of rain is equally enjoyable. There are a number of ice cream available that can make you go crazy. However, I have gathered 12 of the very delicious flavours of ice cream, which are savoured by people all around the globe.

12. Sweet Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream! It is a flavor that is usually loved by kids. Blend some of the fresh strawberries with cream, vanilla, sugar and milk and enjoy the magic of strawberry in the form of ice cream.  It is thought to have come into existence in 1813. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream and strawberry ripple ice cream are some of the most favored varieties coming in this flavour. Fresh, sweet and yummy strawberries are never going to disappoint you.

11. Cutie Cherry Vanilla

There is something amazing about having vanilla flavor with a cherry on the top. So why not just blend some cherries into a vanilla ice cream? The fruity and chunky flavor of the ruby-red cherries with satin-smooth vanilla ice cream will surely tickle your taste buds.

10. Debonair Dulce de Leche

For those who aren’t familiar with Dulce de Leche, it is nothing but sweet condensed milk that has been heated and cooked for a long time. This gives us a caramel like mixture. The best part is that it can be easily made at home. Got some Dulce de leche and whipped cream at home? Whip it up and sprinkle some salt (a tease for your tastebuds) and freeze. Bingo!! You have your own homemade ice cream.

9. Nostalgic Neapolitan

Confused about which flavor to have? Why not go for three at a time? First featured in late 19th century, Neapolitan is a mix of three long standing prime flavors, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Often made as three evident blocks of these three flavors placed on top of each other and attached, some ice cream companies now mix them to give a touch of swirled design of these flavors.

8. Mmm… Coffee…

This is a special dedication for people who think, eat, drink and breathe coffee. Already made a huge fan following in Europe, it is now gaining fans across the globeFeeling drowsy?? So why not a dessert, instead of traditional coffee? This flavour of ice cream is easy to make at home. Got some condensed milk, espresso powder and redouble cream? Mix them together and freeze it for an hour or two. Tada! A delicious coffee flavoured ice cream is ready.

P. S. : Use decaffeinated coffee if you don’t favour excess caffeine.

7. Buttery Butter Pecan

Pecans are pinkish-brown nuts, popular in America. Lately, pecans are gaining popularity outside the continent as well. Butter Pecan is a nut covered in a signature sweet and buttery coating. This gives the ice cream a buttery texture and taste. The buttery taste adds more to your taste buds by increasing the overall charm of this flavor. Smooth vanilla ice cream with buttery taste and pecans spattered on it, sounds like heaven right? I have already added this to my bucketlist.

6. Bonjour.. French Vanilla

French vanilla is something that you can call as Vanilla ice cream with a twist. Vanilla is supposed to be the first flavor recorded in history of Mankind by Aztecs, as they were the first civilization to cultivate it.  So, it should not be a surprise that vanilla gets upgraded and enhanced more often than other flavours. Combining the sweet fragrance infused taste of the vanilla bean with egg custard and egg yolks, gives you this dream like flavor, which is thicker and more creamer than our good old vanilla flavor. Are you a vanilla flavor fan? Make you that you don’t miss out this variation of vanilla.

5. Minty Mint Chocolate Chip

Remember the school days when you ate mint and blew air through mouth to sense the cool air rushing past? This flavor brings back those memories. This one flavor is universally loved and equally enjoyed by both children and adults. The cool mint taste adds to the refreshing characteristics of this dessert. The dash of chocolate chips is well balanced, giving sweet cool tingly sensation to your taste buds. Many ice cream manufacturers use green food color to give that signature green color that makes it stand out. Known as Choco chip mint or mint ‘n chip, this “peppermint bon-bon”, as known in Minnesota and Wisconsin, is a must have flavor.

4. Yummy Chocolate

Do I need words to describe this? Chocolate lovers will understand that chocolate is an emotion, not just a flavour or snack or dessert. The soft velvety texture is something that you must feel as it melts tantalizingly inside your mouth. Now imagine this as a frozen dessert! There are many variations coming out in chocolate flavoured ice cream. Belgian dark chocolate, chocolate mudslide, caramel swirl chocolate are some of these (already running to get one).

3. Ro Ro Rocky Road

If there exists something that would make chocolate taste even more heavenly, then one of them will be Rocky Road. Delicious, gooey s’mores with rich chocolate flavored ice cream and chocolate covered walnuts. This is Rocky Road.  In 1929, William Dreyers created this flavor. Thanks to him, that we are enjoying a stupendous flavor in all its grandeur.

2. Chippy Chocolate Chip

Do you love vanilla but want to add a little twist to it? Do you love chocolate but not to the extent to have mushy chocolate flavors? Then go for this one. Lightly flavoured vanilla ice cream with a smattering of the chocolate chips makes it one of the top most favourite flavours across the globe. A perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla, that is what this one flavor is all about.

1. Creamy Cookies and Cream

This is the most voted ice cream flavor around the world. Remember when a plate of cookies and a mug of warm milk solved all problem in school? Well, now we have cookie and cream. Also known as cookie dough flavor, this ice cream consists of our classic vanilla flavour with a twist, add biscuit chunks. If those chunkies are Oreo, even better. Some add choco chip to make it true Choco chip cookie dough.

“Wonder of the world” that’s what I call ice creams. Never say never to an ice cream and here it comes.