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Top 12 Effective ways to Control Population

Controlling population is one of the major concerns of the world today. There are various consequences of increased population, but majorly it affects the natural environment. Larger population strains the resources of the country. Also, a large population size contributes to air, water pollution and a demand for larger agricultural areas. A degraded environment leads to a lower economic state which further leads to poverty and other social crisis. It also demands the increase in the technological advancement which further takes a toll on the environment. Moreover, with the increased population human value is also degrading day by day.

So here are top 12 effective ways to control population-

12. Intervention of Law in Private Sphere

The government can easily have the key to control population. Their intervention in the private family matters through the concepts of family planning, mandatory contraception and strict laws for child marriages etc can help reduce the population to a great extent. For example, creating strict laws such as of not procreating after having two babies. The real life example is China’s one child policy which was implemented to control China’s enormous population.

11. Controlled Migration

This way does not ensure control population in the quantitative sense but more in the terms of location. It becomes somehow better for the government to keep a check on the population when the population is concentrated in one place. Widely dispersed population makes it difficult to keep a count of people belonging to one region.

10. Better Medical Facilities

Most of the developing countries face the crisis of poor medical facilities. Even if they have better hospitals and medical care centres, they are majorly located in the urban areas of these countries. The people located in rural areas still have to travel to get any prime treatment. For this reason, rural people tend to develop this tendency of giving birth to many children. As the infant mortality rate in rural areas is very low. So the idea is if they have many children, eventually few of them will survive. Providing them with better medical facilities will help them to restrain this tendency.

9. Easily available cheap contraceptive

Contraceptives must be cheaply available not just at the medical stores but also at all the hospitals and small medical centres. The government must ensure that the rural people have knowledge and access to them easily. Contraception not just ensures birth control but also prevents sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Furthermore, it ensures small healthy families.

8. Overall Development

Developing countries face the problem of increased population. On the other hand, developed countries are not striving to cope with its population. But the idea is that the developing countries must look after its overall development. Usually developing state struggles with high poverty, high discrimination, high illiteracy rate etc. Furthermore, there must be overall development of class and gender irrespective of the location.

7. Eradicate Poverty

Population and poverty have a direct relation. Usually, it has been observed that the people with low financial status tend to procreate more. Poor people believe that the more children they have, the more hands they will have for begging. Furthermore, they tend to sell their children to rich people in return for money. Eventually, these children are used for labour or unethical tasks. Poverty is the main reason for child labour, slave trading, human trafficking etc.

6. Delayed Marriages

Delaying the marriages is one of the ways to control population. An early marriage usually keeps the person devoid of proper education. Moreover, it gives a woman a longer span for giving birth. These two factors lead to procreate multiple times. If the marriages are delayed, people will try venturing into education field and better job opportunities. A person with better education and job will obviously consider family planning and will know the benefits of smaller families.

5. Providing Incentives

The government must try to employ incentives or giving small benefits to the people with smaller families. This will give the family a reason to go for smaller families. These incentives or bonus can include health, educational or financial incentives. For example- providing free education for a single child or providing a financial bonus for the people having two children.

4. Awareness Campaign

The lack of awareness has caused the population to increase so much. Most of the people living in rural areas are totally ignorant about the measure that can help them control reproduction. The government must carry out awareness campaigns especially in the rural areas. Guiding and making people aware of the contraceptive measures and surgeries to control or stop reproduction.

3. Education

Education is the backbone of any individual and economy. An economy where the number of people going for higher studies is more, that economy always turns out to be a better nation. Even before conducting campaigns, the government must look after educating as many people as possible and creating policies for the same. If the people of the nation are illiterate then there is no point conducting awareness campaigns as they will not understand it and may find it meaningless.

2. Adoption

Adoption is one of the most generous and meaningful ways of controlling population. All the able people out there must adopt a child or more as per their capabilities. The couple who cannot reproduce due to some medical conditions should also consider adoption rather than going for other alternatives such as surrogates. Same goes with all the homosexual couples. It is better to give shelter and love to the already existing orphan child than to reproduce more.

1. Empowering Women

Women empowerment can be the most important agenda to control population. Women who are uneducated and married at a very tender age happen to give birth several times. Mostly because they do not have any say in it. Also, most illiterate poor families prefer sons over daughter and pressurise the women to give birth to sons. These women are raised in such a manner that they cannot take a stand or fight back any discrimination. Thus, women empowerment can play a major key role in controlling population.