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Top 12 Unique Ways to Confess Your Love

So it has been a while since you and your partner have been seeing each other, and it is time to finally bring up the L word. Even though the feelings have been around for ages, saying I love you is a daunting task. Especially when you’re not sure of how to say it. While you could opt for the cliched options such as getting down on one knee with a rose or confessing it over dinner, we have compiled a list of unique ways you could confess your love. We’re sure it will be a story for the kids!

12. Say it Through Food!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this holds true for women as well. Organize a nice romantic dinner date and the menu should be his/her favorite food. Even if you can’t cook well, try getting help from a friend. What matters is that fact that your partner sees the efforts you take to make them happy. At the end of the date, hand over a fortune cookie to your partner, and let them break it open to read the ‘I love you’ on the tiny slip of paper. He/she will definitely be impressed by your romantic gesture.

11. Say it Through Music

If there is one common thing that everyone loves, it’s music. We all wish our lives had background music and thus saying I love you through a song is one of the best ways you can confess your feelings. Use the tune of one of their favorite songs and customize the lyrics to your love story. Doing so will make sure that every time they hear the song again, it will bring back romantic memories of you two. A musical confession will definitely increase your chances of having your feelings reciprocated.

10. Say it Through a Trek

If you both are adventure enthusiasts, going on a trek together and confessing your love for each other on top of a mountain is the most unique and beautiful manner to do so. With the backdrop of a majestic scenery and the thrill of the adventure, you will have the most picturesque memory of saying I love you to each other.

9. Say it Through a Video Montage

We are assuming that you and your partner have been together a while and you have your share of goofy selfies and tiny Snapchat videos of you two. Compile all of these into a video montage and invite them over with the pretense of watching a movie. Put the starting credits of a regular movie to trick them, and then play the video montage. It will add a nice surprise element to your confession. Going through old memories will make him/her both nostalgic and romantic and it will be the perfect moment to say I love you.

8. Say it Through a Camping Trip Under the Stars

We already know that being under a full sky of stars puts anyone in a romantic mood. Whisk your partner away for a camp where you’ll have an unobstructed view of the stars and add some music to help set the mood. Dance to the music, and get down on one knee and say I love you. It will be a picture-perfect moment that you both will remember forever.

7. Say it Through Craft

When it comes to making an effort to say those three words, craft tops the list. Come up with a little craft project to decorate your confession. You can make a box with a few of your memories like a movie ticket stub or a polaroid of the two of you and add confetti and other craft items to decorate it. You could also choose to decorate their room and add candles for a romantic touch.

6. Say it Through a Concert

While you could always play the same songs on a speaker while confessing your love, why not take it up a notch and say I love you when the songs are live? The vibe of concerts can give you the perfect setting for your confession. The lights, the music and the enthusiasm in the air can give you both the ideal moment to profess your love for each other.

5. Say it Through a Treasure Hunt

Why not confess your love for your partner through a series of clues like a treasure hunt, with the ultimate X being ‘I love you’? Set up a treasure hunt by coming up with clues relating to the two of you such as places you usually go to, a quote from a movie you both love, lyrics from your favorite songs, and put it all together to form a map which leads to your confession.

4. Say it Through Dance

You can show your love for your partner through dance. Dance is one of the best forms of expression, and what better way to express your love for your partner than a romantic waltz in a candle-lit room? Plan a nice dinner and dance party for the two of you. Prepare a playlist of songs which you both can dance to, either goofy or romantic, and at the right moment, you can confess your love.

3. Say it With the Help of Your Friends

Why not include your closest friends in your confession? Either organize a house party or take your partner to some romantic location like a lake where your friends can help set up the surprise. Your friends can give you the extra courage you need to say I love you and having them around can give you all a memory to remember forever. As a bonus, you have someone to click photographs and take videos when you finally make your confession.

2. Say it With the Help of a Pet

Want to add an ‘aww’ factor to the moment you finally say I love you? Pets can be the ultimate cute factor to your confession. Tie a small note to the collar of a puppy or attach the note on a ribbon and tie it to a kitten. When they’re playing with the pet they’ll see the note and will love you for the cute way you chose to confess your love.

1. Recreate a Scene out of their Favorite Movie

A unique way to say I love you and create a fairy-tale worthy moment is to recreate a scene from their favorite movie. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic film, you can choose a romantic scene from any movie that they love. Memorize the dialogues and say it to him/her and make them feel like they are part of the movie, and confess your love the way the actors did in the film. It will definitely be a moment they will remember forever.


Saying I love you to someone in a unique manner can create a romantic memory for the rest of your lives. No matter what you choose, you should come up with something that will make your partner feel special. And while it may be a scary prospect to finally express the feelings you have been harboring for a long time, just stop worrying and say it. It will be a beautiful and fond memory for the rest of your lives.