Top 12 Most Useless Inventions

Living in the 21st century is the greatest gift of all, as the life in the 21st century has given some of the greatest gifts to mankind. Now, we have discovered multiple sources of clean energy and ways to utilize them, we have created communication networks across all nations that have led to the formation of a globalized world, we have simplified day-to-day jobs of the humans by creating several machines. However, the invention of the great gifts was accompanied by useless and sometimes, downright comical inventions.They served no actual purpose other than to let humankind have a hearty laugh, something that’s largely needed to the quickly evolving world. As they say, life comes in a complete circle. Similarly, humankind’s present-day achievements could not be accomplished without the contributions of some stupid inventions along the way.

Back to the future painted a rather imaginative picture of this decade. While it was right about its imagination of virtual calling and alternate energy sources, but instead of flying cars and hoverboards, this future came with a barrage of useless inventions which would even tickle the funny bone of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Let us browse through some of the many amusing inventions that are sure to make you double into laughter.


  1. Toilet Paper Hat

This bizarre invention meant to morph a toilet paper dispenser into a portable version, so they made a hat out of it. How reluctant do you have to be to carry tissues or handkerchiefs that you end up wearing a hat that dispenses toilet paper? You are sure to become a public attraction during your visits to public restrooms.

2. Incognito Barefoot Shoe

This is for those of you who are torn between letting yourself loose and not letting yourself loose due to the fear of the judgemental glares. Fear no more, now you can have the earthly experiences of walking bare feet while letting the onlookers believe that you have your shoes on. Wasn’t this the great invention the world was waiting for? NO.


3. Baby Mop

Okay so, having a baby is too much work. So some brilliant minds came up with the idea of Baby mop. So, while your babies are crawling away, they also mop the floor while they are at it. Now, isn’t this supposed to reduce the parents’ workload? For that Baby Mops should perhaps send a full-time sitter to run the baby a bath, every time they clean the floor and get dirty themselves. Hear that Baby Mops?


4. Ctrl+Alt+Delete stick

This stick enables the user to accomplish the mammoth task of pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination on a keyboard, instead of using your fingers like normal human beings.

5. Shoe umbrellas


Our second feature in the bizarre shoe collection, after Incognito Barefoot Shoe, is the shoe umbrella. It is probably meant for those who are obsessed with their shoes and want to go to extreme lengths to save them from the cruel rains. However, the shortcomings of this one are too many to count. It does not actually save your shoe from being drenched, rather, it just saved its tip. The shoe umbrella needs for your shoe to have a hole on its tip and most importantly, they look absolutely ridiculous and the one who wears it subjects themselves to people’s assumption that they are an absolute maniac.

6.  Revolving Ice cream holder


Remember those time when you are really in the mood for ice cream but are too lazy to revolve it to be able to savor it properly. Well, neither do we. Needless to say, if you have hands to hold the revolving ice cream holder, you might as well muster the strength to revolve it using your hands.

7. Banana Slicer

This particular invention is meant to serve the greater good of a huge section of the general populace. It helps those who have lost all the knives in their kitchen, along with their minds. What restricts its usefulness, even more, is the fact that it remains unchanging in size and shape. So it is perfect for you if you hate knives and eating standard-sized bananas.


8. USB Pet Rock

This is by far the most useless invention on our list. It is a rock that can be connected to a power source by a USB cable. You would be interested in knowing what does it do. Absolutely nothing. So why buy it? It is the perfect conversation starter, when people ask you what does the rock do, you can make absolutely any story to cover up the fact that you purchased a useless piece of rock. It is the perfect pet as it doesn’t need to be fed, doesn’t need to defecate and doesn’t bother you when you do not want to be bothered.

9. The Remote Control Headband

In this highly technical world filled with gadgets and gizmos, we all face the problem of misplacing the remote controls of our television, gaming consoles, air conditioners etc. Fear no more, now you can carry your remote controls around with you by attaching it to a stupid looking headband with painfully tight velcro to stick your remote controls to your head and go around looking like the subject of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong.


10. Subway chinrest

This stand is supposed to help you rest your chin during tiring and long subway journeys when your head becomes too heavy for you to support. It is highly improbable that someone incapable of supporting their head’s weight could carry the extra weight of a weird-looking stick while they travel. It is amusing how the fellow passengers appear completely unfazed by the chinrest. Could you imagine using this stick in the Delhi Metro, or even better, in the passenger trains of the Indian Railways?


11. Screen Privacy Hood

For all those of you who are tired of having your parents looking into your computer screens. This is your highly uncomfortable, suffocating and downright weird fix. Now you can enter your own shell like a turtle, maybe damage your eyesight in the process, and earn the privacy you have always craved. This is for your inner introvert’s hidden desire to attain the position of a social pariah.


12. The Walking Sleeping Bag

This walking sleeping bag helps one to have a warm and cozy sleeping bag wherever they go. No more crashing on the floor after a crazy night of partying, now you can have a comfortable nap in any given place. No more awkwardness of asking a sleeping friend for a blanket during a sleepover, now your peaceful sleep is guaranteed, at the simple cost of looking like an Eskimo at all times.