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Top 13 Baby Shower Games

The best part about being pregnant is having a Baby Shower and organizing a fun show with other parents as well. Games can be a lot of fun at functions and family parties. The guests get more involved with fun games at any party.We have so many baby shower classic games. It’s the source of communication and entertainment for parents. It’s one of the highly awaited events of the life of “Soon to be parents.” All of your friend’s, relatives and neighbors join in to celebrate this occasion with you. There are hundreds of games to play and enjoy your precious day. I am going to list the top 13 games which you can play, to welcome your little bundle of joy:

1. Who’s That Baby:

It is the most played Game in any Baby shower. This Game helps you to Know your guests even better and bond over a game. It’s a creative way of initiating any Baby Shower Event.For active involvement of parents in this Game, you need to inform them prior; mention in invites. You require childhood snaps of all the guest parents present in the parties: a pen, paper, and any stand to tie the photographs. Allow a maximum of ten minutes for the guests to match the picture to the guest parent as they note it down on a piece of paper. The guest who matches the number of images is the winner.

2. Name that Tune:

It’s the most lively and fun Game to set the party mood. To play this Game, you will need a CD, MP3 Player, Pendrive, pen and paper. Pick out a few random numbers that have the sound of Baby or Babe in their tune. Make the right mix of them with all the old classic and retro collections of music. Ask parent’s to recognize the song title and the artist. The parent guest with the most number of right guesses is the winner. Keep in mind to reward the members. It will keep them involved in the Game.

3. Baby Items in the Bag:

It’s an important game to play in any Baby Shower. It will help you prepare for your next phase of being a parent. To play this Game, you need all the Baby items like feeding bottle, rattle, Soft napkins, diapers. Put the baby items in the bumpy bag and then pass it around the guests turn by turn. Guests then put their hand in the big diaper bag and guess the things and write them down. The one with the correct items on their list is the winner.

4. Nursery Rhyme Trivia:

It’s better if the host of this show is a mommy. Every parent should be well versed with all the nursery rhymes to bond with their little ones. The more you know about their symphonic poems, the closest you can get with them. So, for this Game, you need a CD Player. You start playing the Rhyme and stop it in between, and other parent guests are supposed to continue with the further lyrics of the symphonic poem. The person with the highest score of guessing the correct lyrics will be the winner of the Game.

5. Don’t Call me, Baby:

Sure, it’s a baby shower time, but tell me if it’s still possible to make it through the entire shower party without uttering the word “baby or babe”? This Game will test the ‘ self-control and listening skills of the guests. As they try to elude saying “baby” and call out those who slip up. For playing this Game, you need to give a Diaper pin to every guest before the party starts. And someone who catches the person saying” Baby” will collect badge from him/her. At the end of the party, a person with the maximum number of pins is the winner.

6. Who’s the Celebrity Baby:

Now it’s the time that guests can put their celeb-kid knowledge to the test with this Game. To play this Game, you have to collect photographs or paintings of celebrity babies and their parents by picking them out of tabloid magazines, or maybe by printing them from the Internet. Assign a number to each celebrity baby. The second step is that on one side of a wall, hang up the famous-baby pics. Next, to that, display the celeb-parent pictures. Someone who correctly guesses the name will be the winner.

7. What will Baby look like:

Before Baby comes, there is numerous discussion already done on “how the baby will look like.” Though it’s not possible to predict what characteristics the kid will have, this hilarious shower activity can shed a tad off (admittedly highly unscientific) insight. During party time, give each guest a baby-shaped cutout and scissors. Mix them up and then glue the elements onto the baby-shaped stickers. Take a look at all the “babies” and have a good laugh!

8. What’s the Story:

It is one of the original plot twist game for the baby shower. It would be so much fun when parents are asked to create a short story on the spot. For this, spread the word lists to each parent. Distribute paper and pens to them. Give guests five-ten minutes to write a story that includes all 15-20 words. Take turns reading the funny stories out loud in public. The person who comes up with the entertaining story wins.

9. Quilting Time:

It’s a comforting yet straightforward game. To play this Game, give one square piece and several pen/pencil to each guest parent. The pen should be a Fabric pen. While the mom to be is opening gifts, have each guest parent decorate her square fabric piece. After the shower, have the hostess stitch the squares together to make a personal, impromptu quilt for the Baby.

10. Wanna Make a Bet Game:

Put guests at random position, but in the right way, and by dangling a cash prize. See who can come closest to or guess Baby’s arrival date. Give note cards and pens to the guests, and remind them of the pregnant lady’s official due date. Let each guest note down her name and the approx date she expects Baby to be born.

11. Saving Time:

At the shower party, have each guest present the item she brought and explained why she chose it in the first place. After every explanation, guests will put their things in the container box or any bag. When all the gifts are in, have the speaker seal the container and present it to the mom-to-be as a gift.


12. Baby Memory Game:

On a big decorated tray, collect together Baby related items like a dummy, nappy rash cream, diapers, nail clippers, teething ring, etc. and cover it with a towel. Provide each guest a pen and paper and show them the contents of the tray for one min then put the plate away from them. And finally, you can ask them to write down as many items from the plate as they can remember.

13. Blindfold Changing the Nappy Game:

To play this Game, you require a couple of dolls and some disposable nappies and see who can change the nappy fastest with the blindfold. It’s fun to play this Game.


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