Top 15 Most Dangerous Jobs of All Time

When you think of your job, dangerous is the last word that would come to your mind. Hectic, demanding, maybe exciting or boring for some, but hardly dangerous. This is because majority of us work at jobs that ask us to sit behind a desk with a computer and manage affairs of the world right from that place.

Unless, of course you happen to have one of the 12 jobs mentioned down below, in which case you can surely say your job is not for the faint hearted. More than giving just an adrenaline rush, these jobs push the physical and mental boundaries of any ordinary job, leaving you exposed to risks and dangers every single day. Nevertheless, we must thank those who put their lives on the line to contribute to various sectors in the industry. So read on to find out more about these jobs and the dangers that they pose :

1. Fishermen

Despite the innocuously sounding description, fishers are considered to hold the most dangerous job in the US. Alaskan fishing and crab fishing is considered especially dangerous due to  extreme weather conditions and the dangers posed by crab pots and coil lines. Fishers generally fall prey to vessel damages and capsizing leading to drowning. The tough working conditions include a mentally tiring 18-20 hour shift with extreme temperatures and the pressure to make the best out of a fast receding fishing season. So when you gorge on your seafood platter next time, try and convey a mental thanks to the fishers responsible.

2. Loggers

Being a lumberjack/ logger is pretty much as difficult and dangerous as it sounds. Lumberjacks indulge in physically demanding work that puts their bodies under tremendous strain. Moreover, unforseen mishaps such as falling down from trees, axe injuries and getting struck by falling trees may prove to be fatal in some cases. The uneven terrain coupled with low visibility can also prove to be hazardous and cause lacerations and contusions from instruments. Despite the safety measures in a place, logging has a long way to go before it can be moved out of the Most Dangerous Jobs list.

3. Aircraft Pilots

The job of a commercial pilot is a highly coveted one, and rightly so. It is an exciting career with many perks, but those working as bush pilots and operating crop-dusters leave themselves highly exposed to the dangers of flying, since they man relatively smaller aircrafts in remote locations. Other than plane crashes, which are mostly due to human error, pilots may develop Deep Vein Thrombosis due to their prolonged sitting hours. Exposure to cabin radiation, dehydration and hypoxia that affects their decision making skills are some of the adverse effects faced by pilots.

4. Roofers

They might be reaching new heights in their career (pun intended) but the fact remains that it is one of the Most Dangerous Jobs In the World. Roofers are ALWAYS at a risk of falling, despite the safety measures in place. Add on to it the heavy equipment and unstable roofs which may cave in without a moment’s notice and you have a recipe for disaster. So, the next time you have these men working on your roofs, make sure you appreciate the hard work they are putting in.

5. Miners

The hazards faced by miners at a mining site will make you rethink your entire view on ‘dangerous workplaces’. Despite the standard safety measures and protocols in place, hundreds of men lose their lives each year to mishaps like explosions and cave-ins. Flash floods and equipment accidents also play a contributing factor in fatalities and injuries. Furthermore, miners are also quite prone to occupational hazards like respiratory diseases and hearing disorders.

6. Truck/Lorry Drivers

Trucking is one job that is not going out of business any time soon. Truck drivers are responsible for transporting heavy goods from one part of of a nation to the other, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. The quality and structure of roads plays an important role in preventing accidents, which can result in grieveous injuries, maybe even death. Moreover, drivers are subjected to hectic work schedules where most of the driving occurs during night. This can leave them stressed and fatigued and even more prone to accidents.

7. Electricians

Electrical workers may work either in a residential setting or a commercial one, but the dangers to the worker remain almost the same. Despite their training and safety measures, electrical shock is one of the most fatal outcomes of this job. Electrical burns, cuts from sharp instruments, exposure to toxic chemicals and musculoskeletal disorders are some of the hazards faced by electrical workers. Although a lot of these can be avoided by maintaining stringent work protocols, injuries have a way of sneaking in unnoticed.

8. Firefighters

If walking right into a burning building isn’t dangerous enough, I don’t know what is. Despite wearing protective gear and undergoing extensive training exercises, firemen are left vulnerable to a host of physical injuries and psychological problems. The injuries can be due to multiple causes like burns, falls from dilapidated buildings, but most commonly, due to strain from the heavy equipment and toxic smoke. They also have to deal with the loss of life and property each day that can eventually lead to trauma, depression and drinking problems.

9. Recyclers/ Refuse Collectors

Recyclers are tasked with collecting trash, loading it into trucks and sometimes also separating and sifting it into separate piles. Many a times, they are exposed to waste that may be detrimental to their health. This can include sharp wastes, toxic chemicals and contaminated medical waste such as syringes and blood soaked gauze. Thus, while recycling is good for the environment, it is equally dangerous for the workers.

10. Police and Patrol Officers

It hardly makes sense that the harbingers of law would actually be working in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, but it’s true. While the most common reason for injury is transportation incidents, they are also frequently subjected to assault and harrassment by criminals. Clearly, police officers put a lot at risk to keep us safe from the anti-social elements of the society.

11. Oil Rig Workers

Onshore oil rigs are extremely dangerous workplaces where a seemingly minor mistake can have the potential to impact hundreds of lives. While fire due to petroleum is the most feared hazard, it is a rare occurrence. The commonly faced dangers include falls from heights, injuries from the heavy machinery and long shift hours which leads to fatigue, thus increasing the probability of an accident.

12. Stunt Double

Any action movie is incomplete without daredevil-ish, gravity-defying stunts that bring you to the edge of your seat. However, the reality is that for the most part those stunts are performed by stunt doubles who are paid only a fraction of what the actors are earning, while risking their lives for it. The risk factor is always high while performing stunts and the double may succumb to non fatal yet debilitating injuries such as spinal fracture, paralysis and severe burns. Moreover, once they are incapable of performing stunts, their career as a stunt double comes to a standstill, which makes it an even more risky endeavour.

13. Construction Workers

These hard working fellas face a tough time onsite, susceptible to danger from every corner. More than half of the fatalities are caused by falls from great heights such as ladders and scaffoldings. Other risks include injury from pulling and carrying heavy machinery and goods, getting struck by stray debris and burns from electrical faults.

14. Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs

The yellow taxi cabs are an indispensable part of our daily routine, and so are those taxi drivers. While road accidents could happen to anyone on the road, taxi drivers are at an increased risk due to the mental pressure of getting their quarry to their destination on time and making the best of a day. They are also frequently subjected to passenger violence and have to drive through crime-prone areas many a times.

15. Bike Couriers

Who would have thought that these seemingly invisible bikers could feature on the Most Dangerous Jobs list? Yet here they are. Couriers, especially those on bikes run the risk of being knocked down by a fast moving vehicle. They also fear mugging and violence in pursuit of the goods they are delivering.

So keep in mind those dangerous jobs and thank the stars for your mundane yet safe job!