Top 15 Fun Ways to Spend your Weekend

Weekend is the time of the week when a frown changes to a smile, anxiety changes to nonchalance and boredom is replaced by exuberance. It is the time when the students experience emancipation from their daily routine and the workers enjoy their exoneration from their authoritarian bosses. It is the time to revive, renew, electrify and invigorate the individuals and break them free from the shackles of mundane and monotony. It is the time to paint the town red. It is the time to bury the sloth and awaken the cheetah.

Still wondering how to spend this weekend? Fret not we’ve got it covered. Here are top 15 fun ways to spend your weekend:

15. Enliven the sportsperson within

Kick it like Messi, hit it like Dhoni, bounce it like Jordan and shoot it like Gretzky. Playing your favourite sport not only is a good way to spend your weekend, but also helps in keeping you fit, physically and mentally. It contributes towards developing leadership skills, sharpening memory and learning new things. It also helps in cutting down stress. Thus, indulge in your favourite sport when you get time. After all, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

14. Go binge-watching

The gossips in ‘Gossip girl’, the mysteries in ‘Pretty Little Liars’, the adventures in ‘Once Upon a Time’ and the brawl in ‘Big Boss’ is hard and sad to miss. The pain of missing your favourite TV shows owing to your professional and academic commitments is real! However, life gives you two days of leisure time so that you do not cringe and cry with guilt all through the week. Apps like Terraruim TV, Amazon Prime, Voot, Netflix and Hotstar etc. come to your rescue. So spread yourself in your comfy beds, warm yourself in your warm and cozy blanket and grab your tub of popcorn and go binge-watching.

13. Nightouts

Break free from the monotony of you schedule- waking up early, rushing to work or college, doing the same tasks repeatedly, seeing the same bunch of people etc. This weekend go over to a friend’s house. You can have a girl’s nightout or simple get-togethers with your cousins or friends. You could also play games, gossip all night, watch movies, binge-watch your favourite TV series or pour your heart out about all that’s happening in your life. This is the best therapy to get rid of the collected stress over the week and also to head-start for the week ahead. Nightouts are the best way to get relief from the hangover of the entire week.

12. Zoom in your car or Vroom on your bike

Road trips or bike rides is another idea to zoom away, far from your everyday life. A bike ride with a friend or a road trip with family is a sure shot way of distraction and it leaves you calm and composed. Nature is said to be the best healer. Drive away into nature’s lap and enjoy its aesthetic beauty as you see your anxiety running miles away from you.

11. Attend a workshop

Passionate about something and do not have enough time to learn? Fret not. Spend this weekend by dedicating your time to learn what you love the most. Workshops are conducted in every nook and corner of big cities, offering to teach infinite number of activities. Various workshops are conducted by professionals to teach you to dance, sing, play an instrument, draw, sketch and even cook and bake. You can learn the basics of anything you want to- be it art or craft, music or dance, and even stitch or design. Never let your passion die under the burden of your workload. Invest this weekend by letting loose the ardent desires and giving wings to your heart’s passion.

10. Dote on a concert

Music lover? Can’t contain your lips from humming your favourite tunes all the time? Well, why not explore the world of music and loose yourself in the rhythm and the melody? Attending a concert would be one of the best ways to spend your weekend in that case. Everyone loves song and music. It transports you into a world of euphoria. So, book your seats and bond over music with your near and dear ones. Don’t miss out Edward Maya playing in your city, live the music of Coldplay and experience ‘Cheap Thrills’ with Sia over the weekend.

9. Summon the daredevil present within

Tired of the run-of-the-mill job? Do not get steamed up! Make this weekend unique by having your heart race and your adrenaline rush. Wallow in some adventure and experience the thrill of some adventure sports. You could go paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, trekking, camping, parasailing or scuba diving. Challenge yourself and indulge in these sports this weekend for an out-of-the-box experience.

8. Paint the town red

This weekend just let loose, spend it by partying with your squad. Dance till your feet hurt, howl till your throat dries and groove till the clock strikes midnight. “So what we go out? That’s how its supposed to be. Living YOUNG AND WILD AND FREE!” -Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

7. Shop till you drop

Shopping is a stress-buster and an anti-depressant (at least for women). How women forget about the world and their pains when they set out and glue their eyes on footwear and handbags and what-not! Shopping is definitely one of the best ways to spend your weekend. Isn’t it satisfying to buy something that makes you smile all the way home or even lights someone else’s to see what you brought for them; satiating pleasures. Thus, shopping for yourself, household, family, friends or loved ones is a sure shot way of going out and getting to explore what the world has to offer and also filling your heart with happiness.

6. Mend your muscles and your mind

Rejuvenate and renew yourself by spending the weekend at spa. Get rid of the crippling anxiety and cramped muscles by enjoying various treatment at the spa. From massage to salt glows, body wraps and aromatherapy, these spa treatments are a quick fix to your physical and mental fatigue and exhaustion. You may also enjoy parlour services like manicure, pedicure or a relaxing head or body massage. Thus, a visit to a spa or a parlour is an indisputably best way to bid adieu to the weariness and anxiety that crippled you all week long.

5. Do what you love, Love what you do

After wagging your tail behind the authority’s decision all through the weekdays, weekend finally gives you some ‘me-time’. Dedicate the weekend to feed your soul with your interests and passions. Bring to life the person who hides behind the mask and surrenders to hegemony. Spoil yourself with all that your heart desires. It could be cooking, painting, singing, shaking a leg, playing video games, pampering yourself and even being lazy. Be the boss of your weekend and spend it by doing some ordinary yet beloved activities.

4. Read a book/Write a blog

“Reading a good book is like taking a journey” – Emma Gulliford

Nothing is more satisfying than sitting by the window, with a coffee mug in your hand and a book in your lap in this chaotic world. Reading a book is the most peaceful way to relieve yourself. Reading transports you to an imaginary world which makes you forget all your problems, conflicts and anxieties. It is an escape  from reality into a chimerical world. It reduces stress, leads to mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion, boosts concentration, feeds your imagination and is a great source of entertainment. So, grab a book and lose yourself in the sphere of imagination.

You may also invest your time is writing. Writing a blog is the best way to pour your heart out, enables you to express yourself to a larger audience and may also leave a positive impact on them. Moreover, your skill could get you in demand and better job opportunities may open up for you. Embrace a book or pen this weekend and travel into the world of fantasy.

3.  Receive the showers of blessing

Partying, hanging out, going for trips over the weekend are too mainstream. How about quenching your thirst for blessings and having your soul satiated this weekend? Volunteer and take some time for some social/community service. Visit an orphanage or an old-age home and spend some quality time with the people there by talking to them, feeding them or bringing them gifts. You can also volunteer and fight for the rights of the underprivileged by giving voice to the voiceless. You could also be a part of blood donation program or donate clothes, food and other basic necessities. it is rightly said, “The best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy”. Thus, this weekend take the path of thoughtfulness and altruism.

2. Re-union

A re-union with school friends, childhood friends, friends from college or family friends is a merry time and makes you realize how much life has changed. Re-union is a must on a weekend. With everyone busy in their lives, a get-together to know about what’s happening in your friends’ lives is a must. Gossiping, recalling old memories, pulling each others leg as you bond over food are definitely some of the best ways to spend your weekend. *Dials  school friend’s number*

1. Sisters before misters

After a hectic week, all that we crave for is to go out, meet our friends, eat and drink and have a ball. However, we mostly ignore our roots- the people who were, are and will always be by our side. Spend your time by being with your family, where every member eagerly waits for weekend to be with you.

“If you are too busy to enjoy quality time with your family, then you need to re-evaluate your priorities.”-Anonymous. Thus, it is essential to prioritize your family too. After all, a family that eats together, laughs together, stays together!

So here was the list of amusing, quirky, sporty and exuberant ways of spending your weekend, so that you are ready and as fresh as a daisy to kick-start another week.