Top 15 Funny Prank Call Ideas

Prank calls are a great way to enjoy with your friends or all by yourself. Whenever you feel a little low or wish to have some fun, prank calls would surely give you a good share of laughter. If you are witty, you can add more to it. The key for a successful prank call is not exaggerating the joke but being fully ready to improvise when needed. Sometimes, things don’t go according to what you have planned, in that case a person should improvise conveniently and stay confident always.

Also, avoid harassing or offending someone when you make a prank call, this will keep you off the legal troubles and the victim would also giggle after you hung up on them. Another important tip is to keep your number private. In case you are wondering about some perfect and funny prank call ideas, here is the list of top 15 ideas that will leave you ROFL. These will definitely cheer you up after a dull day.


  1. ‘Congrats! You Have Won!’

This plan works best with someone you know. Also, someone who is very enthusiastic about lotteries and coupons which promise a prize. Call them up; tell them about the prize they have won. They’ll be super excited and thrilled upon hearing this. Now ask them to come to a certain place to claim their prize. I assure you they’ll rush down to that place instantly. This will surely leave you giggling when they arrive at the place and find nobody there.

  1. Subway or subway?

Call the subway train control and describe them the sandwich you wish should to be delivered to your home. Start the call by describing your favourite sub sandwich, they’ll be puzzled and will ask you if you have the right number. To this, reply that “Isn’t this the subway’s number”. They’ll be confused and hung up on you.

You can do it vice versa too. Just call the subway food restaurant, tell them how you missed your train, because you got late and plus ask them when the next train would arrive. This will leave them puzzled and you’ll enjoy your share of laughter.

  1. Dominos or pizza hut

This one’s a classic. Tried and tested. Call dominos and describe them your perfect pizza and how you love it. Then tell them that this pizza is available at pizza hut. Ask them for pizza hut’s number.

  1. Answer correctly and you’ll win a prize!’

This can work both ways, either with someone you know or someone you don’t by dialling a random number. For someone you know, you can ask them some personal questions which you are dying to know. Tell them that they are shortlisted for a certain competition. If they answer the following questions correctly, they’ll be rewarded. Then begin with your evil plan and ask them whatever you have always wanted to know about them.

For someone you don’t know, you can ask all sorts of silly questions like ‘have you ever spat in someone’s food? Or have you ever stolen an ice cream from a child?

  1. Phone Service

This one will leave you laughing uncontrollably. Pretend that you are calling from their phone’s service department. Tell them that, to test the quality and performance of the phone, they’ll have to make various noises or repeat silly phrases.

  1. ‘I’m Pregnant!

This will work only if the counterpart is a male and you are a female. Call the guy up and break the news to him, that you are PREGNANT with his child. When they enquire your name, tell them how many women do they have in their life and pretend to cry. This will leave them startled and scared to death.

  1. Mission Accomplished

This plan will leave your counterpart shivering and nervous whole day. Call them up and whisper ‘I have followed your instructions earnestly; I have hidden the dead body behind the warehouse’. He/she would have Goosebumps all day.

  1. Home Wrecker

In order to execute this prank, make sure that the guy you would be calling already has a girlfriend or is already married. You can do this to your friend who has an over possessive or insecure girlfriend. Call them up and whisper seductively in the name of the girl his wife of girlfriend totally despises off and say that you had a great time last night. Insist on repeating it all again.

When you are done with it, just imagine the amount of fireworks that will bloom out at their home and relationship.

  1. No One’s Home

This one’s also a prank that you can try on your friend. Call your friend up and pretend being their crush. Ask them to meet. When they ask the place to meet, tell them to come at your house itself as ‘no one’s home’ and give them the address of a house that has been vacant since long. Stick a note there saying ‘no one’s home’. They’ll hast down to that place all excited and upon finding the note, they’ll be embarrassed and would definitely not talk about this incident in future ever.

  1. Cleaning Up

Pretend that you are calling from their landline’s service department. Tell them that for some cleaning process of the dirt that gets stuck in phone line, your company would be sending electricity through the lines. Also, the electricity that will run through would be able to give a shock of 375 volts. Ask them not to use their phone for an hour.

I assure you they’ll be scared to death and won’t touch their phone for as long as they can.

  1. Adult Toys

Call a random number and tell them that you’re calling from a certain adult toy store. Tell them that the toy that they ordered for would be delivered at their home itself and it would reach in the next hour. This will leave them bewildered. They’ll keep on wondering what would be delivered. Also, they will call you numerous times to cancel the order they never made in the first place.

  1. This is Sparta!!

This one’s the easiest. Call a random number. They’ll ask you, who you are.

When they do so; shout and say ‘This is Sparta’ and hung up.

  1. Blonde or a brunette?

This prank is hilarious. Call a random number and pretend that you are calling from an established online shopping site. When they pick up the call, instantly start describing your company and introduce yourself as an employee of the said site.

Congratulate them for being your company’s 100th customer and for this they’ll be receiving a complimentary gift. Ignore all their concerns and jump directly to the reward. Tell them they’ll be getting an hour with a foreign dancer and, they’ll get to choose between a blonde and a brunette. The funniest part is that some people would actually choose between the two.

  1. You called me!!

This one will be quite irritating for your counterpart but you would enjoy this one surely as hell. Just call a random person and ask them why did they call you and who they are? When they interrupt you by saying that you are the one, who called them up: keep on arguing that they called you first and if they continue calling you, you’ll call the police.

  1. ‘Is your refrigerator running?’

Dial a random number and ask them if their refrigerator is running. If they say ‘Yes’ reply by saying ‘Hurry catch it before it runs away’ and hung up. It will leave your victim and you laughing out loud after you both hung up.