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Top 15 Preachings That Are Common In Every Religion

There are some pieces of wisdom that all religions impart, which can be applicable to each and every person, irrespective of their faith, race or nationality. You might be an atheist, an agnostic or a believer, but these principles build the foundation on which humanity rests, and imbibing these values will make you witness a positive change in your life.

15) Forgive one, forgive all

Holding a grudge hasn’t done any good to anyone. It gives you a negative feeling towards the other person, as well as, it corrodes you within. The longer you hold the resentment, the stronger it becomes, and every time you even think of that person, a negative tide passes through your mind. So, what do you do when that colleague of yours is rude to you, or if a close friend betrays you? As hard as it sounds, you forgive them. Forgiveness is as much a gift to yourself as it is to the person you forgive. By forgiving someone, you accept that the person wronged you, however, you decide to let it go. Inculcate this habit of forgiveness, and see, how the world around you changes.

14) Be compassionate

Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have the comforts of life, nurturing parents and a healthy body. Having compassion for the less fortunate ones, makes them feel acknowledged and they realise that there’s someone who understands their pain. It’s only when we help others, can we feel the joy that comes out of giving. While we focus so much on receiving and acquiring things to find our happiness, we forget that the purest form of happiness can only be felt by the humble act of giving.

13) Knowledge is the key to spiritual growth

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The continuous pursuit of knowledge is what differentiates man from an animal. One who ceases to learn, ceases to grow. Thus, it is of utmost importance, that you seek the right knowledge. The scriptures provide some gems of wisdom which can help man free himself from materialistic clutches. Knowledge has the power to make life simpler, better and purposeful.

12) Revenge is no recourse

Although revenge is tempting and seems like the right thing to do when injustice has been inflicted upon you, it can only leave you feeling hollow inside. The simple reason is that, no sense of happiness can be achieved by hurting others, irrespective of their deeds. The right thing to do is to forgive others’ sins. We are not here to judge, as everybody has to eventually reap what they sow. It’s only wise to forgive and forget, and free ourselves of the burden that comes with holding grudges.

11) Spread peace

In the world scarred by violence, destruction and intolerance, it is our duty as human beings to spread the word of peace. We need not organise rallies or campaigns for the same, but simple acts of kindness and forgiveness can help foster an environment of peace.

10) Pray

Contrary to what people think, prayer is for everyone, even for atheists. When you pray for peace, happiness and a better world to live in, you send out positive vibes, which help you to attract all good things. It is more of a state of mind, where one believes that there is room for betterment and improvement of oneself and the world.

9) Friendship with the world

No religion teaches its followers to see enemies in people belonging to different faith, race or nationality. Every religion advocates universal friendship, as friendship is a relationship beyond prejudice.

8) Never steal

Every religion states that stealing is a sin, and when you steal from someone, you deprive them of something they’ve rightfully earned. Stealing is not just restricted to things, but also information. For instance, cheating on a test is stealing information from someone.

7) Speak kind words

Bad language or a harsh tone can hurt others to a great extent. Even in the case of arguments, it is important to maintain the tone of speech. Make sure that your point is sent to the person without hurting their feelings.

6) Unconditional love

The display of love that we see among relations nowadays, is based on favours or conditions. People are good to others as long as they reciprocate the affection; once that stops, the feelings change to that of anger or hatred. The love propagated by all religions is unconditional, like that of a mother towards her child. A mother loves her children unconditionally, always forgiving them for their wrongs, and encouraging them to be better human beings. When each one of us will stop judging and start loving unconditionally, our hearts will feel fuller, and our world will get better.

5) Respect your parents

Our parents are the ones who bring us into this world. They help us grow as independent individuals and protect us through thick and thin. It is rightly said that the place of parents is next to that of God. One must always respect his/her parents and look out for them especially when they’re old and in need of care and support.

4) Be grateful to your teacher

A teacher or guru is the one who helps in shaping a person’s character and helps him/her achieve the highest goals in life. A teacher is a guide and a friend disguised as a mentor, who always looks out for the student’s well being. Thus, every religion has laid emphasis on the importance of a teacher, and has urged that they should be respected and revered for their greatness.

3) Be humble

A person’s karma can make him/her reach the peak of success, or stoop down to the misery of poverty and sickness. You never know where life may take you, hence one must always be humble and have their feet on the ground. Humility is what separates great leaders from autocrats.

2) Don’t let anger take over you

Anger is known to be one of the greatest fall outs in a person’s character. One, who knows how to control his temper, knows how to control the world around him. Under the influence of anger, a person always makes rash decisions, which he can only regret later and seldom repair.

1) Lead a simple life without deceit

It is important to be honest in your intentions, words and deeds. Manipulating others can lead you into your own trap, and harm relationships. Leading a simple life by being kind yet direct in communication is the key to nurturing healthy relationships. It helps you to avoid complicated mind games or politics, which cannot benefit anyone.

Now that you know the key mantras backed by most religions, there’s no stopping you from leading a peaceful, happy and simple life!