Top 15 Reasons why Friends are Important

Friends are the family that you choose – the hand to hold. the shoulder to cry on, the laughter to share with, the ear to pour in your secrets, the heart that feels your pain and the soul that stands by you through thick and thin. Friends are the prime subject of your survival through all the spheres and stages of life: As kids to share your tiffins, as teens to share your secrets and as adults to share the joys of your achievements. Friends add spice to a recipe called life. They make you experience a whirlpool of emotions. You make numerous friends in your life and each one occupies a special place. It may be a friend who makes you laugh till your stomach hurts, a friend who boils your blood, your 4am buddy, a shopping partner, a friend who’s always clicking selfies, a friend who steals your wardrobe, etc. All of them add meaning to life and make us turn a blind eye to the mundanity of our life. They play multiple roles – they love like a mother, protect like a father, scold like a brother, tease like a sister, interrogate like a neighbour and care like a nanny.

Thus, it is rightly said by Steve Maraboli – “Friends are medicine for a wounded heart and vitamins for a hopeful soul.” Here are 15 reasons why friends are important:

15. To titter and snigger

Having friends who understand your level of sarcasm are saviours in disguise. You get along like a house on fire and can spend hours and hours giggling and smirking at the inside jokes you’ll crack. Having a secret language, signs and signals and code names for some people, enables you to communicate with each other via expressions or murmurs. Only your friends can catch such a humour behind your inside jokes and make you thank your stars for having such witty friends, who can make even a non-verbal communication such a delight!

14. Your own realm of luxury

Undone waxing, perspiring pajamas, unshaven beard, messy buns, fusty breath, no make-up look; nothing seems to be embarrassing once you enter into a comfort zone with your friends. Burping on top volumes, blowing your nose like a barbaric, stuffing your mouth with food as you talk are the activities which you have no qualms from displaying before your friends. You lose the sense of shame and a feeling of consciousness is overtaken by a sensation of extreme comfort in your friends’ company and ‘uneasiness’ just becomes a word. Thus, friends pull you out of the territory of insecurity and let you be comfortable and mingle along with them without any unnecessary consciousness.

13. Party all night

Graduated? Got your dream job? Became a parent? Finally impressed the girl you’ve been eyeing for a while? All this calls for a party and who’d be better to party with other than your friends? Having a friend to celebrate your happiness and achievements is a must. They add colours to your celebration and make you dance in high spirits. So go wild and paint the town red.

12. To take up the cudgels for

A friend is your personal lawyer. A person who stands by your side and defends you all the time, who argues with others and the one who takes a stand for you. Thus, a friend is essential to give you moral, physical and psychological support and also to take up the cudgels for you.

11. Source of Ecstasy

A friend is like a healing potion in Diablo that lights your life up when you are low. They are a source of ecstasy and result in Happiness level 100+. They are by your side all the time and usually their presence itself makes your life happy and delightful. Shopping, hogging, partying and celebrating with them is an ultimate mode of contentment and cheerfulness.

10. To be a buffer for your medley emotions

Crying over your breakup, laughing at inside jokes, drooling over a hot guy, stressing over academic pressure, all these varieties and mixture of your emotions is best poured into the soul of your companion. A companion thus becomes an input for a range of your emotions and helps you cheer up or calm down respectively, and becomes your personalized buffer.

9. To emit good vibes

Friends are like a sun that radiates and emits light to throw away all the darkness in your life and enrich you with optimism. Moreover, when pessimism and negative thoughts or people surround yo and put you down, friends beam out good vibes and feelings of positivity to help knock out all adversities of your life.

8. A stickler of regulation

Good friends are like the austere authoritarian that mend your ways when you go astray. They become paternal figures and prevent you from taking wrong decisions and getting into harmful and undesirable habits. Friends can adopt the roles of your parents too when the need arises.

7. Partner in crime

Who’d gang up with you to pull away all your pranks and monkey tricks with the ease other than your friends? Friends stand by your side through all that you do. They are the most apt bunch of people who support you even when you rag, bully, roast and pull tricks on others.

6. R.I.P loneliness

With friends around, you forget the meaning of loneliness and isolation. Solitude, isolation and despondency ceases to be a part of your dictionary as these naughty beasts don’t ever leave you alone and always be there for you like your shadow.

5. To confide into

Sometimes you just need someone to listen to all your complains, conflicts, dilemma, secrets and all the piled up exasperation. Sometimes you just need a listener and that listener is a friend. Friends lend a patient ear as you crib, sulk, whine, moan and carp all the while and also give you an effective solution to deal with your problems.

4. To set astir

Friends are those movers and shakers who motivate us to perform better at all times. When you are low and lose faith in yourself; the guardian angel called friend comes along to your rescue and gives you a much required push to perform better.

3. Because they’re the ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’

Friends know you from head-to-toe. They know about your flaws and faults. They’re the ones before whom you and your life is like an open book. Unable to introspect? Ask your friend what makes you good/bad. Ask them where you fall short and they will answer all the questions about you, better than you can. They can point out your shortcomings in the blink of an eye and give you solutions to overcome them.

2. Bearer of secrets

Everyone has a few things in life which remains private, unrevealed and extremely secretive in a dark corner of their lives, where only friends have an access. These dark secrets could be an incident of their lives or about something they fear in life or anything random which they’re unwilling to make public. Thus, all these secrets can only be shared with friends who seal the deal and never reveal your secrets.

1. For SO much love

After your parents. it is only a friend that can love you without any terms and conditions. Their love is unconditional and free from the “but’s and if’s”. As mentioned earlier, friends play many roles and one of them is of a lover. Friends love you by showing care and concern, making you smile and laugh, prioritizing you, taking you out on trips, accompanying you for odd jobs, motivating you, defending you and standing by your side through thick and thin. Thus, their way of showing love is different but they know you better than your partner and have seen all the shades of you and have still chosen to love you unconditionally.

Thus, having friends is extremely essential for the survival on this planet. Make sure you make new ones and preserve the old ones because life without them will be mundane and ordinary.