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Top 15 Romantic Second Date Ideas

If you’re here, you’ve obviously scored a second date or you are at least positive on scoring one. Bingo on that one though. The second date is as important as the first one. And now that you’re confused or maybe clueless with what to do for the date, here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

Tip : Before you make a choice, just make sure its something your partner will be interested in. I am pretty sure you are interested in a third date and also, you don’t want your partner to get bored.

15. Bicycle Ride

You could rent out bicycles for both of you and go for a ride around the city. The idea is a little different from the traditional ‘second’ dates but its fun to try. You could also race, but be careful, the streets aren’t always that bicycle friendly.

14. Scavenger hunt

You could prepare a scavenger hunt for your partner, around your house, or maybe around the park. The hunt could be regarding anything, you could leave them clues by quoting their favourite authors or favourite books or movies too. How about for every object they collect, they reveal a secret or a memory of theirs.

13. Go bowling

Bowling is definitely my favourite type of date. And I am sure a lot a people out there love it. Bowling is an old-school date idea with a great casual vibe. Bowling as a date can never fail, even if you aren’t good at it. What matters is you have a lot of fun while you play. What if for every turn one of you fails, you reveal a secret?

12. Stargazing

The most romantic date one could have is stargazing. A night under the stars, what could be more beautiful. Nights and stars have a way of making one talk. What one talks about when under the stars reveals a lot about them and about their lives, what they like, what they believe in, and many more things.

11. Trekking

Just make sure your partner is outdoorsy. If yes, then this is the best one for adventure lovers and trekkers. A trek with amazing scenic views. If you are both trek lovers, the location you chose for your trek can be any level from easy to difficult. You could also combine trekking and camping.

10. Movie Marathon at the theatres

Hah! The perfect way to spend your time. A movie marathon. You can watch the movies back to back. You can binge watch the same movie or watch different ones from chick flicks to thrillers to horror movies. Nothing is better than a lot of popcorn, cold-drinks and movies.

9. Moonlight beach walk

A moonlit walk on the beach with someone you love. How romantic! <3 The beach is so peaceful and beautiful at night time. Beach walks are just great and even more great for dates. Afterall, good vibes happen on the tides. And I already said nights have a way of making people talk.

8. Breakfast Date

Breakfast dates should be more of a thing, they are so much fun. You wake up early and go have breakfast with one of your favourite people on the planet. What an amazing way to start your day! You could go get some McDonald’s or go for a proper breakfast or even brunch.

7. Amusement parks

Another fun date for adventure lovers. Personally, amusement parks are my favourite. A great way to spend time with your loved ones. You have a lot of fun, spend a lot of time together and also get to know each other and also learn a little about each other’s phobias. 😉

6. Ice skating

Ice skating is a fun first as well as second date. Especially when your partner is active. And if they don’t know how to skate, so what? Holding hands as you help them stay on their feet is a fun way to spend an afternoon and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other. And I guess Ice-skating is always a pleasure for everyone.

5. Paint Ball

What better date than an epic day full of paint-balling! Not only will it create an immediate bond as you storm the opposition and bring your team to victory, but it’ll also be a date they’ll never forget. You’ll immediately find out how good you and your partner work out as a team. Plus, it’ll be so much fun. And maybe, you’ll get to see a little of your partner’s wild side.

4. Have a Picnic

A day out. A picnic day. Make a little basket of food, some beverages and grab something to play. And your partner will be so much more impressed if the food you bring along is home-made, even if its just a sandwich. While on the picnic, you could go for a peaceful walk or maybe a game of water balloon fight? Just make sure you choose the right place. What to do on a picnic is not much of an issue.

3. Go camping

CAMPING! Choosing a spot for camping can be tricky but there are various travel companies who offer camping now. Or if you know any camping friendly spots, you could just do it all by yourself. Make sure you carry extra food and beverages with you just in case your barbecue doesn’t work out. Camping can be coupled with trekking or a picnic, a combo of all three (camping, trekking and picnic) is a also a great idea. It also comes with an advantage of a romantic night under the stars.

2. Candle light dinner

Ah! The old school ways. One of the best traditional ways for both, a first as well as a second date. Don’t forget to get her flowers. A lot of restaurants offer a romantic candle-lit dinner with various stuff like a live orchestra or maybe a karaoke, etc or you could just do it at your home, order take-out or cook it all by yourself and then watch some cheesy rom-coms together or you could also go for some horror movies. But keep in mind your partner’s interests too or else they might end up getting bored because you chose the wrong kind of movie.

1. A day at the beach

Spend the day at the beach, swimming and getting tanned and enjoying the sea. Dive into the water, go for some water sports, have lots of street food, take a walk on the beach. You could also go exploring if there is anything interesting enough around. You could also go for deep sea diving or scuba diving, if those options are available. And anyways, you are always at a lack of vitamin sea.

So, with the second date in order, anticipating the third one already?