Top 15 Romantic Second Date Ideas

First dates are special, but going for a second date is equally important. Because this is the perfect time for you to know each other better than the previous time and also to get more comfortable. Irrespective of having a good or bad first date, you should definitely go for a second date because this will help you in making decisions about the possibility to spend your present and future together. If your first date was not so great, then the second date gives you an opportunity to compensate and prove that you are actually better than the last time.

If your first date was really good, then the second date is the best time to make your feelings clear and perhaps also to propose. So read more to find out what are some romantic second date ideas…

1. Why go for Dinner outside, when you can cook together?

A woman loves a man who can cook her some good food, so instead of taking her out for dinner, why not cook for her or even better, invite her to your place and cook some mouth watering food together. This is the best time for you to showcase your skills as well as build a more profound bond. Cooking together will also help you find out, if you guys can cooperate and understand each other.

2. Theatre show

If you are an artistic person and so is your crush, then theatre shows are all set for you. Theatre is very much different from movies, here you see live emotions and you can experience the joy of watching it all. Find out from a newspaper or the internet and see the theatre shows on board. Take her to watch romantic plays like Romeo and Juliet. Theatre shows are not something people usually go for, frequently, so it’s time for you to be different from the usual, and give her the visual treat and impress her.

3. Bike ride to unusual spots.

Instead of going to places where everyone goes, try exploring the unusual and less popular ones. Plan a getaway to unusual spots in the city. Take her on a bike ride, and spend the evening experiencing the joy of togetherness.

4. Surprise her with an unexpected visit.

Well, this is not a usual date idea but surprises can also be part of date ideas. Who doesn’t love surprises! Think of creative ways to surprise her, show up at her place with flowers and chocolates, and I am sure you are all set to woo her. Your surprise visit would ignite the spark and who knows you’d be talking about this visit, as a part of your cherished memories together.

5. Go Trekking!

If you are looking for some great adventure then there’s nothing better than starting the adventure with trekking. Explore the beauty of nature and conquer your fears together. Leave behind all your tensions of life and experience some truly extraordinary activities and events. Trekking is a challenging activity and this is also the best opportunity to show your crush that you will stand with her through tough times. Together you can overcome all obstacles. Moreover, you can click some amazing photos together.

6. Tennis match

If both of you are sporty beings, then bring out the sportsperson in you by going for a tennis match. Play and compete with each other. You will come to know a lot about the other person, they will probably be themselves and the comfort zone between you guys will surely expand. It’s also a great way to know their skills. This match will be fun filled and memorable.

7. Horse-riding!!

If you want your crush to have an unforgettable experience, then take her to do something she has never done before. Horse riding would be new to both of you and maybe this memorable experience could make her fall in love with you.

8. Art festivals

If you are a creative person, go to art festivals as it won’t cost you much and will also give you a lot of time for casual conversations. You can also express your opinions and share your ideas. You will have a deep understanding of the other person’s perspective on different things. Who knows you will gradually find out your common interests and tastes!

9. Dance your heart out

Dancing with your partner is going to do a lot for you. Whether you decide to hit a pub, or go dancing at a bar, it is one such expression which discharges a considerable measure of enthusiasm and feelings.It gives you an opportunity to forget everything and live in the present moment. It’s going to generate a feeling which you will cherish for long.

10. Explore street food

Rather than following the same old idea of having food at a nice restaurant, how about going out, hitting the local street and having some mouthwatering street food?. This is also a great way to have fun, to explore, to learn and find out something new.

11. Late night walk

Walking down the street at night with your loved one, feeling the cold winter breeze rustling though the trees is such a romantic feeling. Who knows this late night walk will turn to be a walk to remember of your life. Love is surely in the air and you just need to experience it with your crush.

12. Take up dance lessons together

Taking up dance lessons together is a great way to know each other better. Learning something together requires a lot of patience and understanding, this is the perfect way to find out whether the two of you are compatible with each other or not. It also generates a lot of passion and romance.

13. Long drive

Taking your crush for a long drive will make both of you feel rejuvenated and revived. The music, the air, the beautiful scenario and of course the lovely feeling is truly phenomenal. You also have the freedom to stop anywhere and everywhere, and also to do all crazy things together. You are all set for your journey together.

14. Sightseeing

If your crush has a bucket list and going to a particular place is affordable for you, then you should definitely take her with you for sightseeing. Going to a new place, exploring and experiencing a different culture with your loved one can be quite a romantic idea.

15. Live music

Attend a concert with her and enjoy your love for music together.Concerts have a phenomenal vitality, they touch your heart and above all, they give you an excellent feeling. Most importantly, by going for a live show, you can get to know each other’s taste better and this could be helpful in making your bond stronger.