Top 15 Smartest Animals

It is surprising how quickly people get into a fight once a debate on Cats v/s Dogs starts. Scientists began working on this dilemma and luckily enough, they have finally revealed the answer with enough data and facts to prove their answer. Based on the IQ levels, Scientists at the British University found that it was the Canine breed that had higher IQ compared to that of Cats. The reason being their social involvement with the Owner. This made them develop a more matured mindset.

However, The research doesn’t stop there. Scientists have estimated the IQ levels of most of the animals and have closely monitored their IQ level as well. Based on the stats, Here is how Scientists rank the animals based on the IQ level.

15. Falcons

These birds, compared to other birds of prey, the fossil record of falcon’s prey is not well distributed with time. In various research held in 2005, it was seen that falcons have a well-educated brain. The research was held by the idea of feeding habits.

14. Rats

Rats being most tested animal in the world, they are used for various experiments because they share almost the same psychology with humans. In 2007 research, it was evident that rats possess metacognition which is a mental feature that only humans and primates share. Rat has a great sense of smell, for this very reason they are used to sense the presence of bombs and mines as well.

13. Cats

These pet animals are also trained to sit down, roll over, etc by their owners. But unlike dogs, cats are more difficult to train reason being these species are different from that of canines. Felines are more solitary animals and their primary need is to survive. They adopt the same environment for about 10,000 years.

12. Octopus

They are one among the brilliant invertebrates in the sea. Their brain structure shares the same as the humans. Their brain consists of forelobe folds and even a region to process visual and tactile information. These creatures are curious, and they hate bore like the humans. They can also create and use tools effectively. Various octopus uses a well-established muscle control for eating.

11. Squirrels

Squirrels can be as intelligent as to fake their prey from the thieves they suspect. From various experiments, it was concluded that squirrels have the ability to read people’s intentions. They even image the location where they hid their food. These rodents are seen protecting themselves from rattlesnakes by hiding their fur.

10. Dogs

Dogs are known to possess a brain which has an IQ level akin to that of a two-year-old child. Moreover, research suggests that dogs could easily beat a three-year-old in basic arithmetic. When it comes to social life, dogs have a complex mindset similar to that of a teenager at that stage. Unlike Cats, Dogs develop a better relationship with the owner and they protect them as well. Among all the canine breeds, Border Collies have the highest IQ level followed by Poodles and German shepherds.

9. Crows

Legends say that crows use stones, twigs or any other items around them to reach the food from small enclosures. In fact, the story is true and it clearly shows the intelligence of this cunning bird. Crows learn these skills from their older ones which may be a sign of higher intelligence. They can even manipulate society for the protection of their food.

8. Racoons

Racoons always tend to move in small groups and they share a cold relationship with others. They have actual hands with which they are capable of solving puzzles and many more. They control the situation in which they are very fearless.

7. Pigs

They are the cleanest domestic animals known. Since pigs don’t have sweat glands they usually roll in the dirt to cool themselves down. Some experiments performed in the 1990s show the intelligence level of pigs. Pigs were able to control the cursor using their snouts to distinguish between the scribbles they know. They were as fast as chimpanzees in this experiment and they were able to learn this quickly.

6. Elephants

Elephants are most likely to have knowledge about the way of living in this world. They show an incredible amount of empathy towards other elephants or even other species when in need. Moreover, they are seen consoling and protecting other animals. They use vibrations felt through their feet as a means of communication. A research shows that the female Asian elephant ”Happy” recognized herself in the mirror, the behavior she showcased was only similar to that of humans, apes, and dolphins.

5. Orangutans

Orangutans are considered as the most intelligent primates. They can be educated with tools and hunting but that is not what makes an orangutan smart. What makes them smart is their ability to understand the reason for the whole actions. An orangutan can be taught how to hunt and quite surprisingly they understand why they are given this knowledge.

4. Whales

How embarrassing will it be, if a human loses to a marine creature such as Whales? The study suggests that Killer whales, member of dolphin family are capable of beating humans in an IQ test. Since it is not possible for a while to actually write an IQ test, a scientist measures their intelligence using the encephalization quotient (EQ). According to scientists, This essentially measures the size of an animal’s brain compared to its body size to predict its cognitive abilities. Whilst comparing the EQ of humans and whales, it is found that humans have a slightly higher EQ. However, researchers believe that whales would develop higher EQ subsequently, as the time passes.

3. Parrots

Parrots are very much known to mimic the human response. But there are several species of parrot which not only mimic but also create a sentence with the given word. Certain Parrots species have the intelligence level similar to that of a five-year-old human.

2. Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures in the water. They are also capable of using the items in the sea as tools. In Australia, dolphins are seen using a sponge to protect their snout while searching the seafloor. Dolphins use various sounds and clicks which maybe their names or a type of communication between them. Some groups of dolphins provide fishes as a reward after they perform the given task.

1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees have an awesome skill to use tools. Sharing almost 98% genomes with humans chimpanzees can be described as self-aware, sympathetic. This may be the reason that chimpanzees are humans’ ancestors.

If you ever come across a Chimpanzee or a bottlenose dolphin hand them your homework, they will finish it quickly and their answers will be more precise than yours.