Top 15 Things to do that can make you Feel Happy

Happiness is a choice. Not a result.
-Ralph Marston
Life is not always all rainbows and sun shines, but being sad and pessimistic is also no solution for it. Life is too short to cry about things, that we cannot control. It is no use to put on a depressing mask on our face and contemplate life because there is always a reason for us to be happy. Happiness does not depend on our life situations, but on our attitude. Reflecting the good things in our life and being thankful about it, is the best way to be happy and joyful, regardless of our circumstances. So, discard your negativeness and choose a reason to be happy every moment of your life.

1. Family Time

We often take those things for granted that value the most in our lives. The one thing that we compromise with every other thing, is family time. Spending time with our family should be on top of our priority list because it is the time when we can be ourselves, without any hesitation. The best thing about family is that, all the members me us smile without asking for anything in return. They make things easier for us. Even simple moments like sharing lunch , watching television  or arguing about ridiculous things with them can lighten our mood. Their mere existence is our biggest blessing. So, spend time with your family and share your moments of joys and sorrows with each other.

2. Nature’s residence

The beauty of nature is contagious. It has its own way of creating magic around our bitter reality.  It arouses all our senses and makes us forget about all our worries. The chirping of the birds, the smell of orchids, the sight of greenery and the feel of water flowing around our feet is heaven in itself. Nature not only soothes our mind and body, but it also touches our inner soul.

3. A Kind Deed

There is more happiness in giving than taking. For helping others, one does not need a million dollars, but just a kind thought. You can help your elderly neighbour to mow the lawn, you can give your old clothes to the needy, you can offer a seat to someone  or you can simply visit an old age home to spread some happiness among the neglected ones. The happiness that these little deeds bring us, is limitless. So go out, spread smiles and distribute happiness.

4. Forgive and forget

There is no point in holding grudges throughout our life. It fills us with hatred and hollowness. We should learn to forgive others as well as ourselves. When we forgive others and accept them with their flaws, we feel as if a weight is lifted off our chest and it instantly relaxes us. It is also psychologically proven that forgiving others can lower our blood pressure, improve our immune system and thus, helps in reducing stress. It is difficult to forgive others and forget their faults, but it is a better option than carrying loads of bitterness and anger inside us. So, be a bigger person and learn to forgive people not for others, but for yourself .

5. Eating

There is no greater joy than having a meal full of delicacies. It does not matter if you are not a foodie because food is the only thing that can excite us every time. A large cheeseburger, french fries dipped in ketchup, a bowl of caramel popcorn, a slice of pizza or a mouth watering chocolate dessert, just name the food and your mouth will crave for it, your stomach will churn out of hunger and once you have had your favorite delicacy, your heart will be satisfied and elated. So, eat out of happiness and then burp out loud.

6. Laugh out loud

Laughter is the best medicine. It cures our soul from all our worries. Do not shy away from laughing even if you are in public or a sophisticated crowd because laughing is natural. Go out to watch a comedy show or laugh on your own lame jokes. Call a friend every time something funny happens.  Laugh and make the world laugh with you.

7. Exercise

Exercising helps us to keep our body fit and fine, and it also makes us happy. Exercising helps in releasing a chemical inside our body, called dopamine, that instigates the emotions of pleasure and happiness in us and reduces our stress. It energizes us and boosts our confidence. After a few minutes of exercising, we feel relaxed and stress free, which makes us feel good. So, head towards gym or take out your yoga mat to lift your mood.

8. Shopping

The best way to spend money is to spend it on ourselves. Shopping is the one and only way, where spending money brings us happiness. Retail therapy is proven to reduce sadness by restoring control over one’s situation as per the Journal of Consumer Psychology. It is also believed that the experience of shopping makes us happier because of its monetary and material value. The desire to shop also increases our motivation to work. Thus, shopping helps us in increasing our happiness.

9. Hobby

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away. It is that part of our character that defines us the best, and nothing can make us more happy than doing something that we love to do or are born to do. Many of us do not have the luxury to follow our hobbies as our career, for those of us, it becomes very important that we constantly make time for our hobbies. This not only helps us to sharpen our skills, but also helps us to be happy.

10. Meditation

Sit in silence, close your eyes, blank your mind, absorb your surroundings and meditate. Meditation possess great benefits and not all of them are related to physical health. It also makes you happy. Studies have shown that when you meditate, you tune into a consciousness that isn’t always possible to attain when you’re living in a chaotic state of  following routine. Meditation allows you to develop a serene calmness, which also helps you to cool down and communicate more effectively with your loved ones.

11. Playing with children

The nostalgia of our childhood days calls us every time. Playing and spending time with children will carry us back to those days and make us believe that innocence is not lost in the world. Every child is special in his/her own way and their thinking and attitude makes us smile and renews our hope for a better world.

12. Clean up the mess

Ever considered why Monica Geller (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) is so obsessed  with cleaning or why it is so important for some people to be prepared and organized every time? Well, it is time to find that out. When we clean up our mess, we tend to become calm as we can look through matters more properly, thus rendering control over our situation and making us happy about our ability to sort things out. Cleaning up also clears our minds and inspires us to arrange things in our lives in a uniform order. So erase your clutter and get organized.

13.  Be Grateful

We only live once and our life travels really fast, without a pause button. But going on a jet speed to catch up with the competitive world out there, leaves us with little time to celebrate our life. So, slow down for once and reflect on the things that you are grateful for, so that you can enjoy and live life in a better and happier way. Be thankful for the blessings you have received. Celebrate special occasions without any work pressure and value every moment.

14. Take Rest

Without a good night’s sleep, we tend to become cranky and irritated by little things. It is important to give our body and mind some rest, because only if we rest better, we work better.

15. Realize your worth

Have you ever wondered that you are not good enough or you can do nothing? If yes, then you need to stop doing it. If we only will not believe in ourselves, no one will ever do and our whole life would immerse in self pity and self loathing. Stop questioning your abilities and value your skills. You can only be happy if you feel like being happy.