Top 15 Traits of People with Blue Eyes

Eyes are the first thing we see in someone at first sight. And no doubt that it adds on to your beauty. Indubitably Blue eyes are damn attractive.

Every coin has two sides and so do blue eyes. Apart from being magnetic and luring, some researches have laid out few interesting facts about people with blue eyes.

  1. Diabetic

According to the studies, sugar is not a good friend of yours if you have blue eyes. As per the research, around 12 percent of people with blue eyes are more likely to suffer from higher sugar levels. When compared to the dark eyed people, people with blue eyes are more likely to suffer from diabetes with other chronic diseases. According to the Italian researchers, genes which determines eye color is also responsible for determining the resistance to diabetes.


  1. Alcoholic

Blue eyed people are most likely to be alcoholics. Quitting alcohol for blue eyed people is not less than a challenge. According to the survey conducted, 12 thousand Americans had drinking habit, out of which the majority of alcoholics were blue eyed. As compared to people with darker eye shade, the people with blue eyes are the ones more likely to drink alcohol in enormous amount. They have high tolerance for alcohol and consume alcohol in large quantities in comparison with others.

  1. Attractive

Blue eyes are like sea which is very frosty and deep to get lost into. If you have blue eyes, then it is assured that you do have many admirers. Why not to praise Hollywood stars with stunning blue eyes adding spark to the movies and TV shows. According to the studies conducted, majority of people find people with blue eyes more attractive than the people with dark coloured eyes whether it be brown or hazel or green.

  1. Poor Reflexes

Researchers have conducted various researches to determine motor reflexes based on a person’s eye color. A research was conducted back in 1987 with the help of various physical education activities with students, where the researchers found out that students or children with blue eyes took more time to react while playing football, basketball, and boxing. The reactions were recorded and concluded that children showed slower reaction time as compared to children with darker eye color. This means that people with blue eyes respond a bit late to some of the actions.

  1. Strategic Thinkers

A person’s achievements in life can be determined by the color of his or her eyes. According to some well conducted researches, majority of people with blue eyes are more likely to be involved in good strategic thinking as compared to people with dark colored eyes. Blue eyed people are more likely to be good academically than the brown ones. These people usually excel in activities that require strategic thinking and self-pacing.

  1. Waardenburg Syndrome

Blue eyed people are most likely to have this syndrome than people with different eye colors. A person with Waardenburg syndrome is likely to have two different colored eyes. According to the studies conducted, more than 50 percent of people with blue eyes are likely to have this syndrome. People can have blue eyes not only because of their genes but also because of this syndrome namely ‘Waardenburg syndrome’. This can also cause some people to have pale blue eyes. Other than having different coloured eyes, people having this syndrome can also have patches of grey hair.

  1. Dark skin

Many people darker skin tone can also have natural blue eyes. Well, it can be said that blue eyes are not Racist. There are plenty of reasons for dark people to have blue eyes. It can either be because of Waardenburg syndrome or some form of AI binism or the genetic mutation with the whites. Dark skinned people having blue eyes are definitely rare to be seen but it’s true that some of these people are born with blue eyes. And they look magnificent no doubt.

  1. Melanin Deficiency

People with blue eyes generally have less Melanin in their bodies as compared to people with dark colored eyes or darker skin. Melanin affects the pigmentation and is present in our hair, skin and iris. People suffering from Vitiligo usually experience their skin losing the pigmentation which results in white patches all over their body. Vitiligo is believed to be an auto-immune disorder.

  1. Prone to cancer

In the above listed point, we talked about Melanin deficiency affecting people with blue eyes. It seems that having blue eyes is not less than a curse. Since, Melanin affects the skin, eyes and the hair, hence people suffering from Melanin deficiency are easy preys for UV rays. Exposure to the sunlight is likely to cause skin cancer.

  1. Long lasting relationship

With having gorgeous blue eyes and looking extremely beautiful, it is believed that blue eyed people are canny and gracious to others. With the trait of being smart and kind, blue eyed people are known for being gentle and hence, end up having long lasting relationships. Blue eyed people work really hard on their relationship to make it peaceful and know much to how to keep other people pleased. With such beautiful eyes and prodigious traits, these people are said to have full commitment to their relationship.

  1. Less adaptive

According to the research conducted, blue eyed people are shy, less open to new ideas and have lower confidence as compared to people with dark eyes who are mere more confident, open to new ideas and willing to meet new people. People with blue eyes generally tend to have their own world and loves to be lost in that. They like minimal interactions with others. It is so may be because of low confidence or self worthiness.

  1. Common ancestors

Generally, eye color inheritance is controlled by the interaction of many genes. The pattern followed by the people with blue eyes is called as a recessive trait. However, it is very much known that blue eyed people come from the first person who had this genetic mutation. According to the researchers, every blue eyed person in this world present right now is related to another blue eyed person in one or another way. Researchers say that because of the mutation that took place at some point in last 10,000 years, is the reason behind people with blue eyes.

  1. Misunderstood

With being smart and peace loving, blue eyed people are usually misunderstood to be egoistical. People with blue eyes are shy and do not open up easily, which might be the reason for interpreting their behaviour towards others to be competitive and egoistical. These people are generally misunderstood due to their hesitant nature. This is can also be the very reason why people don’t trust blue eyed people easily.

  1. Strong

According to the research, women’s with dark eyed colour can handle less pain than the women’s with blue eyes. Women’s with blue eyes can handle pain more efficiently. Research was conducted with 58 women’s who were about to give birth. These women’s were divided into two groups of blue and dark eyed women. According to the stats, pain, sleep, coping behaviour and anxiety in women’s with dark eyes was more anxious than the blue eyed ones. Similarly, the pain theory can also be applied to men’s as well.

  1. Sensitive to light

We earlier talked about the melanin deficiency in people with blue eyes. Well yes, Melanin is also responsible for people with blue eyes to be sensitive to light. As we know by now that melanin is present in hair, skin and iris and as a result people with blue eyes have less melanin, resulting in being sensitive to light. Blue eyed people are recommended to protect their eyes well, otherwise they might suffer from Melanoma of the eyes. It is very much advisable to wear dark sunglasses(UV-protected) to protect eyes from UV rays.