Top 15 Ways to Pass Time When you are Bored

When you are relaxing on your couch at 5 pm, yawning in despair, no work in hand, no wish in heart and no motivation in head; you know that boredom has struck! More than 70% of the population resides in this increasingly habited, unbearably hopeless and completely jobless planet called boredom.”I am bored” could be the most uttered word by the human tongue. But like the Guardian angel, we’re here to drive you out of the labyrinth of boredom by offering you tips to turn boredom into some of the most interesting or creative moments of your routine. Here are 15 ways to pass time when you are bored:

15. Go Al Fresco

The best way to get rid of boredom is to get your lazy self out of your bed and set your feet out. You could either bond with your friends over a movie, explore new hangouts in town, paint the town red or go shopping. If these activities fail to ignite your soul, indulge in various adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, camping, rafting or go karting. All these activities are sure shot ways to put your boredom at bay and get your adrenaline shooting.

14. Dissect those hidden talents

At home and bored is the best time to dissect your talents, which surprisingly you’re unaware of. You could be a nightingale whose voice could make flowers blossom. So put on some music and coordinate with the singer and sing along. You could also be an excellent cook, who could give the best chefs a run for their money. Chop those vegetables and fry those wedges, you might me taken aback with your culinary skills. You could also shake a leg on your favourite tunes, or paint a portrait that puts a smile on your face or even indulge in letting your thoughts free by writing or absorb some knowledge by reading. All these activities may help you to free yourself from the shackles of boredom and transport you in a happier world where you discover your talents, whilst others appreciate them.

13. Give wings to your passion

Burdened under work at office or assignment at college? Why not use the free time you get to give wings to your ardent desires instead of whining over joblessness? In your free time, instead of falling into the traps of boredom, go fulfill the wishes of your heart. It could be joining the fashion designing class that you always wanted to or learning a foreign language at a class near your house. Utilize your time by indulging in activities that always interested you but had to be put aside, utilize that time to put a smile on your face and defeats the pangs of uselessness and boredom.

12. Re-live your child

Bored and dead? Grab those memories and dive into your childhood by playing your favourite video games. This will ensure that time flies by in a flash of a second. You could also play games like snake & ladder, ludo or various other games with your friends and family to fly away  from boredom.

11. Spend time with your family

Get out of the labyrinth of your mobile phone and spend some quality time with your family members. Talk with your parents, tease your siblings and play with the toddlers. You’ll experience some of the best moments of your life within the horizons of your house.

10. To-do-list to the rescue

Better safe than sorry? Save yourself from boredom in the near future by preparing a to-do list. This will be a savior, helping you organize your day properly, avoiding a sense of futility through the day. An organized and well-planned day calls for minimization of boredom and thus saves you from feeling hopeless and pathetic.

9. Become Mephistopheles

Put on those horns of Mephistopheles and get ready to display your shenanigans by pulling out pranks on friends, family members or people near you. This is another effective and fun way to kill boredom by being mischievous and having quite a laugh.

8. Go online

Mobile phones have always been our loyal companions when boredom strikes. Next time you’rte bored, grab your phone and go online. Surf, chat, post, hit the like button, share, review, or stalk. Facebook and Instagram are sure to provide you a lot of amusement. And if you’re more ‘risk-taking’ go on Tinder and find a boy/girl of your dreams. You could also entertain yourself by watching funny videos, diys, makeup tutorials or football matches on YouTube. So bored? What’s that?

7. Reorganize your nest

The best way to pass your time when bored is to reorganize your room: clean the shelves/drawers/wardrobe, arrange your jewellery systematically and organize your shoes neatly. Also, while cleaning or organizing your room you also tend to find things which you had thought you lost or had misplaced. So surprise!!! this is surely a bonus activity.

6. Netflix- the saviour

Our love for SITCOM’s shall never end. With a range of TV shows and movies available at one touch of your phone, who knows what boredom means? Engage yourself in watching all your favourite TV shows which you had missed earlier due to personal or professional commitments.

5.  Become Blair Waldorf

Sink into the character of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and call your Serena to gossip about the girl you met at the party, the boy who sent you a Facebook request or he latest celebrity wardrobe you are crushing over. You could also share the trails and tribulations of life or have a laugh at your inside jokes.

4. Pamper yourself

Why not spend the free time pampering yourself rather than whining over your existence in the land of boredom? Try out unique nail art styles, apply a cooling and soothing face pack and relax while laying some music, trim your beard or try your favourite haircut or hairstyle. Free more beautiful or handsome in your free time instead of carping and complaining about joblessness.

3. Hit the gym

Go from flab to fab instead of dwelling in the dome of boredom. hit the gym or yoga class or aerobic center. Work yourself towards fitness instead of bemoaning over how you develop a layer of fat over your belly by staying in like a couch potato.

2. Self-talk

No one to entertain you? How about getting entertained by thyself? Indulge in self talk. Talk to yourself about your shortcomings and ways to overcome them, motivate yourself, praise yourself and love yourself. Self-talk is believed to result in high levels of self esteem. So boost yourself and turn your ‘free time’ into ‘me-time’.

1. Sleep

“Sleep is the best meditation’ – Dalai Lama. The best thing to do when you’re bored is to take a nap. Sleep is the best thing you can do as you forget about everything for a while- grief, uselessness, exasperation, etc. It is also the best meditation as you slip into a peaceful, calm and soothing phase, free from the anxieties  of life. So get into your cozy blanket and dive into your fantasy world.

Follow the above tips and say R.I.P to boredom and unfriend it forever.