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Top 20 Amazing Benefits of White Tea That You didn’t know

Here I am, taking a sip of my favorite coffee while writing about ‘White Tea’. Talk about irony. I am a die-hard coffee lover. Scouts honor. But the reason why I chose to write about this topic is pure curiosity. As intriguing the name sounds, white tea is the least processed among the entire types of tea.

The name derives from the tiny silvery white needle-like threads that are found on the leaves of the tea plant. There are found before the leaves are fully open and hence they are processed much earlier than the usual green tea and other varieties. Now let us read some of its benefits.

1. Weight on downhill

To be honest, this was not a surprise to many. I guessed it hearing white tea after green tea. Well, it’s proven. One of the German studies says that white tea burns existing body fat and thereby reducing body weight.

But according to the Harvard Medical School, the white tea catechins promotes weight loss. In fact, all forms of tea are loaded with antioxidants resulting in the weight loss process. In addition, tea catechins are also found to have antiangiogenic properties that may prevent obesity.

2. Acne.. Go Away!!

This is a happy news for all the people who is troubled by acne. By that, I mean everyone including me. Everyone, nowadays, have some form of acne. According to Kingston University London, the white tea has antiseptic and antioxidant properties. The antioxidants flush out toxins from our body, as everyone knows and ta-da!! you are free from acnes.

You can either drink white tea twice a day or boil two tea bags in water and refrigerate it. Soak cotton balls in it and rub it on your face followed by washing your face with cold water. I am already running to buy white tea.

3. Smile Please

Alcohol, smoking. What all bad habits doesn’t the present generation have. Just wait and think about the effect on your body and your TEETH. Yes, guys, this stuff stain your teeth and screams out that ‘YOU SMOKE’ or ‘YOU DRINK’. Well, a happy news. White tea helps in removing such stains. So, interested?

4. Satin Smooth Skin

What keeps us young with youthful skin? Antioxidants and antioxidants. But how? The antioxidants help remove toxin out of our bodies. When free from these toxins, our organs start functioning better. Along with the toxins, free radicals are also flushed out. These makes us healthier with more youthful skin.

5. Way to Healthy Heart

Heart problems. We hear that nowadays quite often, due to fast paced ever unpredictable lifestyle. But we all are concerned about it and at the same time, what do we exactly do about it? No one has time for exercise. Don’t worry. White tea helps you out there as well. It reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood, the main villain for heart diseases. Take two cups of white tea and have a controlled lifestyle.

6. Bye Bye to Arthritis Pain

Most of us know at least one person who suffers a  lot due to arthritis pain. The pain is too much that they have no idea about what to do about it. White tea acts as an angel to the people who are suffering from Arthritis pain. It has an anti-inflammatory property which gives relief to the pain. The most surprising part ids in some people, damage to the people are seen to disappear after the intake of white tea. So, recommend white tea to your friend who suffers from arthritis.

7. Hypothyroidism

Well, here comes catechins again. According to one of the studies conducted in India, catechins has antithyroid properties. and white tea has catechins in abundance. So, we all know the drill. Have white tea daily if you are suffering from hypothyroidism.

8. High Blood Pressure?

Suffering from hypertension? Fed up with the medicines, food control? Try starting the habit of having two cups of white tea every day. Studies have proved that white tea reduces blood pressure.

9. Stronger Bones

Ever wondered why people become smaller and baby like as they grow older? Or why our grandparents are so adorable and fragile? This is because of their weakening bones. As the bones weaken, we humans have the tendency to stoop. Taking in white tea regularly prevent some bone diseases that can cause bone degeneration. Also, people who have it regularly says that they feel that they have regained their lost strength.Enough said I am buying white tea for my gramps and grandma.

10. Forgot Birthdays?

Do you antioxidants and catechins help in boosting memory? As we read above, white tea has lots of catechins and antioxidants in them. This makes white tea a good source to fight memory issues, improve memory or decline in memory due to age. Catechins are found to protect the brain from age-related memory problem while antioxidants improve the health of cerebral cortex. Together, they make the best candidate to fight against memory problems.

11. Healthy Liver

Tea catechins block the life cycle of Hepatitis virus. Yes, it’s true. The viral properties of the deadly Hepatitis virus are controlled by the antiviral properties of the tea catechins. White tea is supposedly the most effective among all. But do not have white tea in excess. Have it in a limited amount as over consumption of white tea have proved to be toxic to the liver.

12. No more kidney stones

Kidney stones… a terror and nightmare for many. In 2015, a Polish study found that white tea can reverse the adverse effects of pollution caused in the human body including kidney stones. Following that, another study was conducted in India and the results showed that catechins can prevent renal failure. So, say goodbye to the kidney stone and the pain with white tea.

13. Pregnant Tea Lovers… Are you listening?

Can’t avoid tea during pregnancy? But fearing that it may affect the baby? White tea to your rescue!!! Having comparatively very less caffeine content, white tea contains antioxidants which provide cell protection against increased oxidative damage during pregnancy. Although, I would rather have the pregnant women consult the doctor before you start consuming.

14. Indigestion?

Are you a person who suffers from bouts of indigestion? Maybe you should start including white tea in your daily diet. It is found that white tea gives relief from heartburn. In addition, it reduces and relieves one from the pain of stomach cramp, nausea and stomach acidity in no time.

15. Healthy Gums, Teeth, and no bad breath

White tea helps improve your oral health. This is not about the removal of stains from teeth, but about the plaque formation. The polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins prevent the growth of bacteria in our mouth and thereby prevents the formation of plaque. This, in turn, reduces the risk of tooth decay. As the bacteria breeding ground is protected, you no longer will suffer from the embarrassing bad breath

16. Energy booster

Tired after pulling an all nighter? Too sleepy to attend that early morning meeting or to go or that important exam after the whole night revision? Don’t worry.have a cup of white tea before you head on with your day. Being the least processed tea, it retains the amino acid that helps boost the alertness level. Also, it has the least amount of caffeine and more hydrating. So it helps in storing more energy and prevents quick draining out of energy. Also, those amino acids contain the happy hormone, which elevates the mood and keeps us happy.

17. Diabetes

Diabetes makes life boring. What is life without something sweet and at times chocolaty? Also, did you know that diabetes can affect the part of the brain that plays a vital role in consciousness? Studies show that white tea helps to promote insulin secretion in the body. Again it is tea catechins who saves the day. It also gives reliefs from the diabetic symptoms like excessive thirst. Hence, we can conclude that it is an inexpensive way to control diabetes.

18. Better Reproductive Health

White tea plays a savior for the men’s reproductive health. They play a major role in fighting and not helping to spread prostate cancer. It also provides the necessary stamina to all the men out there.

19. Shiny Hair

Healthy hair. every modern girl’s dream. Nowadays we are exposed to more toxins than out previous generations. These results in toxin accumulation. The best way to flush out toxins? Antioxidants. They help to treat hair fall conditions and also allergies like eczema and dandruff. Also, some studies have proved that white tea contains EGCG, which promotes survival of hair cells and also supports more growth of hair. So girls, what are you waiting for???

20. Cancer treatment

White tea contains catechins as we have read before. But do you know that the same catechins fight most effectively against cancer cells? We all know that green tea fight against cancer tissues. But white tea does it better. It fights the cancer cells and also protects the healthy cells from being attacked. Also, it helps to improve metabolism which can block some cancer causing effects.


Gosh… We heard a lot of catechins and antioxidants. But I guess it is safe to start having white tea as part of your daily diet. I am seriously thinking about it. How about you???


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