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Top 20 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Papaya for Health

Summers are here and it’s time we stock up our kitchens with the bright coloured delicious detoxifiers. What better than biting into that tasty orange mass of fruit – yes, I’m talking about papayas! Not only are they absolutely delectable, but also, they come with a ton of health benefits. Here is a list of top 20 health benefits that you can get by including papayas into your diet –

20) Smoothens out the digestion process:

With the awful load of junk food that we subject our digestive tracts to, it’s very important to include foods that help in breaking down the complex carbs and fats. Papayas have a digestive enzyme called papain, which along with the fibre content of the fruit, aids in bettering our digestive processes.

19) Reduces cholesterol levels:

It goes without saying that a good digestive system helps against the build up of cholesterol in your arteries. Rich in fibre, antioxidants and Vitamin C, papayas are recommended to keep a check on your cholesterol levels and thus, minimize the chances of heart disease.

18) Helps in shedding those extra inches:

One cup of papaya contains as less as 62 calories. Besides, the fibre content in the fruit helps to lose weight and keep in control unnecessary snack cravings. You might want to consider making this your evening snack.

17) Protects against arthritis:

Arthritis is an ailment of the joints, wherein the cushioning effect between two bones is reduced to the point where the bones rub against each other to cause pain and swelling. Many people who complain of this disease are known to have a poor quality of life because of the terrible joint pain. So it is best to prevent the occurrence of arthritis and eating papayas is one way to do the same. Papayas have vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties that help in keeping your bones healthy and free from problems like arthritis.

16) Helps in improving immunity:

One small sized papaya has 95g of vitamin C which is more than enough to fulfill your daily requirement of 80g. Vitamin C is known to boost your immune system, thus keeping diseases and illnesses at bay.

15) Suitable for diabetics:

One of the best properties of papaya is that it has a low sugar content as compared to bananas or grapes. At 11g of sugar per cup, the papaya is a great food for diabetics to satiate their sugar cravings, as despite being sweet, it doesn’t have high sugar content.

14) Helps soothe menstrual cramps:

Good news for the ladies, as there’s this one fruit that can help you with those annoying cramps during your time of the month. The papain enzyme in papaya aids in regulating blood flow during your period, thus reducing the pain.

13) Remedy for dengue:

A common remedy for the early signs of dengue is papaya leaf juice. Grinding the leaves and making a juice with the extract can help in treating the fever. This may not be the case in the final stages of dengue, where the circulation system entirely shuts down.

12) Improves eyesight:

Papayas are rich in beta carotene and vitamin A, both of which are the nutrients required to promote the mucus build up in the eyes which prevents them from any damage. It has also been scientifically ascertained that as compared to carrots (vitamin A rich food), papayas have carotenoids that are more bio available.

11) Helps in keeping skin wrinkle free:

Including papayas in your daily intake can slow down your ageing process by years and make you look visibly younger. The vitamins E, A and C help in detoxifying your skin and improve production of collagen to ensure glowing and wrinkle free skin. You can also whisk a natural face pack by mashing half a cup of papaya and squeezing some pineapple juice in it. Add some water to achieve a pack like consistency and apply it all over your face and neck. Wash your face after the mask dries and get beautiful firm looking skin.

10) Promotes healthy hair:

The vitamin A content in papayas helps in producing sebum, which is an important element to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. The vitamin C in papayas ensure that a papaya mask applied to the scalp removes dandruff and reduces hair fall.

9) Prevents cancer:

The beta carotene and antioxidants in papayas prevent the cells from undergoing free radical damage which is the main cause of the various types of cancer. Research has shown that papayas have been effective in preventing cervical, breast, liver and lung cancers.

8) Promotes a stress-free mind:

The tasty fruit that papaya is, it has been known to reduce stress levels because of the antioxidants and vitamins present in the fruit. You can eat a bowlful of the fruit after a stressful day without worrying about eating unhealthy or putting on weight.

7) Helps in healing burns:

Papayas have an anti-inflammatory property which makes them effective in healing burns and rashes. A thick paste of papaya extract applied to the affected area can help in soothing the burn and reduce inflammation.

6) Brightening the skin:

Papaya masks are great at removing that vacation tan you got last summer. They lighten dark spots, brighten the skin tone and also reduce signs of pigmentation.

5) Remedy for piles:

Piles is a common disease which is caused due to the inflammation and swelling of the veins in and around the rectum or the anus. Papayas with their anti-inflammatory properties soothe the swelling and offer relief against the pain.

4) Remedy for Vitiligo:

The prevalence of vitiligo has increased among adults as well as children, where they develop white patches on the skin. A regular application of papaya paste on the affected area can boost the melanin production and restore skin to its usual colour.

3) Helps with motion sickness and nausea:

Papayas are effective in providing relief from motion sickness during travel and they also cure nauseatic tendencies during pregnancy.

2) Controls blood pressure:

Low blood pressure is often a result of low potassium levels in the body. One cup of papaya has 264 mg of potassium which is good in providing the necessary dose of potassium to the system and arresting problems arising due to low blood pressure.

1) Suggested food for babies:

You can safely feed a cup of mashed papaya to your baby as it is easily digestible and provides a ton of nutrients for the baby’s health. It also aids in smooth bowel movement for kids as well as adults.

So whether it’s a bowlful of diced pieces of papaya of a delicious papaya smoothie, you should include this super food in your diet to see the positive changes in your body!