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Top 20 Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

You must have heard about the benefits of Decaf. Coffee, but are you aware of the numerous health benefits of Black Coffee or Caffeinated Coffee? Ever heard of the famous Turkish proverb, “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love”. Black coffee, if taken in a moderate amount, can prove to be one of the most beneficial health drink. I’m sure most of you weren’t aware of this. Scientists have experimented with black coffee for years. They have come to the conclusion that the anti-oxidants and nutrients in Black Coffee, are beneficial for various diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Type 2 Diabetes, etc. Apart from this, black coffee can prove to be a boon for the skin,brain and the digestive system as well. To find out how and why, let’s dig deep into the Top 20 Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee.

20- Best Pre-workout drink

You might have heard most celebrities, sticking to their coffee mugs through out. No, that is not milk-containing coffee, but black coffee most of the times. Not only does it keep you awake all day long, but it also prepares you to work out better. Furthermore, for all the weight-lifter, black coffee also reduces pain. So, make sure you have your coffee, before you hit the gym next.

19- Prevents Cavities

Regularly drinking black coffee kills the bacteria present in the mouth. These bacteria are responsible for tooth decay and dental cavities. This ability gets decreased by the presence of milk or sugar in the coffee. Therefore, black coffee suits this purpose the best.

Black Coffee

18- Reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Most of you may already know that coffee works the best for the brain. Then, it surely works well for brain-related disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, where the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord get damaged. By keeping the nerve cells activates due to the presence of dopamine, it scares away the chances of MS.

17- Stimulates the Brain towards Intelligence and Memory

Most of the people associate intelligence and productivity to coffee. Yes, that’s true and the reason behind this is caffeine.Studies reveal that black coffee has an incredible effect on the memory. It promotes quick thinking, recalling and learning abilities.

16- Anti-aging Properties

The presence of Dopamine in black coffee makes it an elixir of youth and beauty. Dopamine keeps the mind and body healthy, fresh and young. The anti-oxidants in coffee too play a key role in enhancing youthfulness and beauty. Keep having black coffee, the best and natural youth-enhancer.

15- Fights the Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis that arises due to inflammation. Inflammation is body’s response to harmful external stimuli. Black coffee contains dopamine and serotonin, that lead action against inflammation. Gout is a problem ,generally faced by men and proves to be a hindrance in everyday activites. So, regularly drinking black coffee can save you from the pain.

14- Reduces chances of Parkinson’s Disease

During old age, the human body is prone to neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s. The main reason behind such diseases is the weakening of the brain and consequent surrender to the power of time. But for regular coffee drinkers, Parkinson’s is far away. Black coffee contains caffeine, which further contains Dopamine. This substance called Dopamine does wonder to the brain. It activates the neurons of the brain and slows their decay process. This saves the coffee- drinker’s brain from surrendering to the ravages of time and Parkinson’s as well.

13- Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Just like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s too is a disease that seeps in at the onset of old age. Apart from secreting dopamine, caffeine is also responsible for the secretion of cytokines. These cytokines fight against inflammation, which is another reason for neuro-degenerative diseases.

12- Energy Booster

Most gym enthusiasts would know that coffee is a key ingredients in the production of energy-supplements. It not only keep you awake and alert but also boosts performance and productivity. Caffeine is known to raise adrenaline levels and consequently, the energy levels of the body. This is one of the reasons why it is the most preferred energy drink/beverage too.

Black coffee

11- Promotes Focus and Better Concentration

Why is it that everybody heavily relies on coffee during days of excessive work or exams? Yes, the reason is caffeine. This mighty substance plays a key role in keeping us wide awake. In fact, it improves concentration and the ability to understand things better. This can be done with milked coffee too. But it is the black coffee, the highly caffeinated coffee that works the best for this scenario.

10- Reservoir of Antioxidants

Just like tea, black coffee too contains a massive amount of anti-oxidants. A huge percentage of health benefits of black coffee rely on these antioxidants. Black coffee contains antioxidants such as Vitamin B2, B3 and B5, Manganese, Potassium,Hydrocinnamic Acid and Polyphenols, that not only keep you in high spirits through out the day, but also keep you away from free radicals. This is the reason why, the best time to drink black coffee is early morning and empty-stomach.

9- Reduces the risk of Cancer

Black coffee is known to be the best to find several types of cancers. Be it cancer in the liver, colon, breast or any other part, black coffee takes over it effectively. This is because coffee contains substances that hamper growth of the unwanted cancer cells. These substances reduce inflammation, which is the leading cause for cancer. Studies reveal that regular coffee-drinkers can evade liver cancer by a good forty percent.

8- Black Coffee is a great Stomach Detox drink

Black coffee not only makes the best natural detox drink, but also a digestive cleanser. Owing to its diuretic  and pro-metabolism properties, it is a advised healthy drink. Upon drinking black coffee, the digestive system cleanses and gets rid of toxins and excess urea that comes out through urine. This is the reason why after drinking black coffee, you would have to rush to the loo often.

7- Increases Happiness and Longevity

Black coffee contains caffeine that secretes Dopamine and Serotonin. These substances together work towards promoting mood balance. This further leads to a happy and cheerful mood throughout the day. In addition, the multiple health properties of black coffee promote longevity in the long run.

Black coffee

6- Contributes to the Fiber Intake

We all know, how important dietary fibers are for a good health. Black coffee ensure the same, by providing contribution to our fiber intake. Fibers play an important role in maintaining heart health by lower blood cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure. It is said that drinking coffee, especially black coffee, that is without sugar, milk and cream increases fiber content of the body.

5- Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Caffeine adversely effects and knocks off the chances of Type 2 Diabetes. Black coffee plays a vital role in balancing insulin and blood sugar levels. In addition, it increases insulin resistance in the body.

4- Strengthens the DNA

This one is definitely new for everybody. Scientific studies reveal that the DNA of regular coffee drinkers is less likely to break and weaken as compared to other. In addition it states that the white blood cells exercised greater DNA strength. Yes, coffee has effects as deep as that.

3- Reduces the risk of Suicide and Depression. 

We’ve already seen how the presence of Dopamine and Serotonin help in balancing human mood cycle and happiness. This forms a direct link to suicidal tendencies and depression. Drinkers of black coffee are reportedly less prone to think of or commit suicide or even slip into depression. It has all got to do with the deep connection black coffee and its caffeine have with the brain.

2- Promotes Heart Health

A coffee drinker is least likely to die to a heart attack. Yes, this is a fact. The reason behind this is that black coffee contains most of the vital elements to support a healthy heart. In fact, anti-oxidants, fiber intake, insulin resistance, good cholesterol, etc all lead to a healthy mind and a healthy heart.

1- Aids Weight Loss

Yes, if you are looking out for a beverage to promote weight loss, black coffee is the best option for you. Cheap and Best! Studies reveal that black coffee has the potential to boost the metabolism. This is done by stimulating fat oxidation in the body and speeding up the fat-burning process. Moreover, drinking black coffee can even raise your calories expenditure. Calorie expenditure too, results in fat-burning.Furthermore, black coffee has solutions to your sugar cravings too.The magnesium and potassium content in black coffee acts against untimely sugar cravings.So, it’s a win-win in both cases.