Top 20 Important Personality Development Tips

Personality development is a vital process of every individual’s life. It is a set of characteristics and traits which contribute to the individuality of a person and build their overall personality in all spheres. The word ‘personality’ is often misunderstood and underrated. The meaning of this word goes far from just enhancing your dressing sense or fluent speaking skills. People disbelieve this to happen overnight, but unfortunately, that’s not the truth. A personality takes time and a lot of time to be grown. In this busy world where everyone is competing with someone other, in every field, it is really important to be able to stand out of the normalcy. The attitude and the personality are what make one person unique from another. Hold on, and seek help for developing your personality with 20 exceptional tips below.


20. Firm and strong handshakes

A handshake is the mark of your first acquaintance with a person. So, make sure it is firm and not a mere touch of hands. The posture shall be upright, sitting or standing. Not limiting to just a handshake, your body language should be so confident, that it calls for compliments.


19. Chin up

Looking down at your feet creates an aura of confusion and isolation around you. Rather make sure that you’re walking with vertical posture and chin up with pride in being yourself. Being this way converts the negative aura around you the other way around.


18. Stay healthy

Keep exercising, because this helps you become energetic with your life and you’d always be feeling fresh. Improve your immunity, eat healthily and sleep well. You’d be surprised how such little improvements add up to a big one.


17. Keep reading

Read, read and read as much as you can about anything and everything in this world. The books may sound a bit boring to some people, but they are always the kind of friends who can guide you through any trouble. Reading makes a person more than looking smart, it makes them smart.


16. Implement the information

Use the information you read from the books at the right place. People would find you to be an updated person who has always got something to talk about. Even if you read a headline somewhere, make sure you’re passing on that knowledge to someone interested.


15. Be curious

Unless you’re not attentive to everything happening around you, you’d not be able to grow as exponentially as you are capable of. Inquisitiveness makes you eager to know anything and just about everything. It helps you grow in a real way.


14. Keep your eyes open

Notice everything around you when you enter a new room, and you are sure to make a mark. You might strike an interesting conversation that no one would have because no one else took such intricate notice. The icebreaker conversations are usually within the walls.


13. Master the language

The language doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re able to speak the one language you’re speaking in as fluently and smoothly as possible. Keep learning new words, improve your vocabulary and interact with people who are interested in talking in the same language. Speak confidently and you’re already the star.


12. Discuss all stuff

The discussion gives a kickstart to the whole learning process. When you discuss with people, you are able to get to the other side of the wall and learn new facets to one same subject. It might even change your own perspective about a certain thing or run you some food for thought.


11. Expand your network

A good personality is one which is able to gel well with people belonging to different backgrounds. It does not have to do anything with monetary advantages. A wide network exposes you to diversity and helps you stay updated about the field of your interests or your workplace.


10. Listen well

Hearing and listening are two different things. And what a good personality need is good listening skills. You should be able to concentrate on what the other party is speaking and trying to convey to you, instead of just hearing some blah blah.


9. Never stop learning

Learn from the person who’s cleaning office shelves or learn from the CEO of a great organisation, just don’t stop learning. Knowledge knows no boundaries and so shouldn’t you.


8. Be kind

Don’t ill-treat people. Stay humble and generous, or you’d probably lose respect for everyone you meet even though you excel at everything else. Have a clean heart and you’d surely make your way to everyone else’s.


7. Be energetic

Make your absence visible. Become life-of-the-party level of energetic, such that when you’re not there the next time people would actually miss you. Nobody likes a dull, tired person. You should be able to light up the room with your presence.


6. Prioritise

Try to prioritise things and make the most of your day. Start with a fixed routine and make sure that you have a checklist for each day to be completed by the end of the day itself. Never put tasks for the next day, it becomes a really bad habit and even harder to let go of.


5. Take responsibilities

Push yourself to your extents and voluntarily take charge of whatever you are capable of and not of. You’d always be learning something new or be learning new ways to finish the same old task. It’s a win-win situation.


4. Don’t hesitate to fail

Failure is nothing to run away from. It keeps your feet on the ground. But, remember to get back up and start afresh each time you do with the new lessons learned and experiences faced. You’d be undoubtedly doing it better the next time.


3. Don’t rely on

If you don’t know a thing, don’t feel conscious of taking outside help. Everything is okay as long as you’re doing your tasks by yourself and not totally depending on others to complete them for you. Keep practising after you know it, else you may forget what you learnt in a few days’ time.


2. Perfection

Try to make everything as perfect as you can. Don’t be ready with excuses in your mind, as to why you shouldn’t be doing it perfectly and let away the task undone. It becomes an erroneous attitude and every coming task would be done poorly. Being a perfectionist makes you have a highly influential personality.


1. Know yourself

Keep an observation at yourself. The analyzation of your own strengths and weaknesses would do half your job of improving your personality. Don’t be afraid to accept your flaws or ignore them at all. Instead, work with them and you’d be one day, the best version of yourself.



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