Top 24 Hobbies for Men in their 20s

Teenage is more like a playful time. But once you get over it, it is time for you to get serious. The transition from teenage and early 20s is more like moving from school to college. It won’t be easy for you to adopt the changes. You can not just continue playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Naturally, your hobbies will change.

24. Fishing

Fishing might be boring for those who are in pre-teens but once you pass that age, you will surely develop a love for fishing. Fishing can easily calm your mind if you had a busy day at work.

23. Travel Blogging

Not at all a new for those who love traveling and literally spend more than half of their life traveling, Travel blogging is a fun way to kill time. Blogging, not only kill time but also improves your language significantly. If you love juggling with word and do know the difference between “there” and “their”, you are capable of writing good content and moreover a better “Travel Blog”.

22. Gardening

Gardening might be a bit boring to start with, but once you grow some quality amount of plants, the interest will gradually grow and will turn into something called “Craze”. If you are in your early 20s and you are willing to kill some time then gardening is the best thing to do.

21. Billiards

If you love 8 ball pool game and you are planning on experiencing the “real” fun, then go to a bar or local store then play billiards.

20. Surfing

Not to be confused with “internet surfing or web surfing”, the surfing that we are talking about here is a sport that involves waves and surfboards. Undoubtedly an interesting way to kill time, surfing is hard to master but once you are in a safe zone, then there is no stopping.

19. Archery

Archery is somewhat similar to the Dart game, instead, here you use a bow to drive the arrow. The reason why I considered Archery over the infamous dart game is that Archery is more matured and once you master the game, you can turn this hobby into a career.

18. Gaming

I pictured this to be at the top, but once you reach your early 20s then it is time for you to go out and explore more. Gaming is a cool and all, but it is more preferable for teens.

17. Graphics Designing and Photoshopping

The ultimate goal for a photographer is to sharpening the pictures that they took with their gear. Photoshopping comes in handy for this. Men at their early 20s find this as an effective tool to kill time and earn some cash. Yes, I did say “Cash”. Instead of editing, you can earn sufficient amount of cash if you design a logo or artwork.

16. Woodworking

Woodworking is a way to show off your creativity. If you think you can handle and bend the wood to make it attractive and creative artifacts then, do research more about this, and start making your pieces now.

15. Reading

Reading a book is more likely to mend your brain so as to keep you engaged. Reading a book might sound boring to you, but if you could just focus on the content rather than the number of pages, then you will be just fine and will finish the book as well. Don’t Judge a book by its cover!

14. Marksmanship

If you think Archery is not matured enough for you, then go for Marksmanship. The concept is more or less the same, except you play with guns instead of bow and arrow. Play Safe and of course, have fun.

13. Cooking

Why not? Why can’t men cook? Arguably the best thing to do if you work well with knives and vegetables. Cooking is a way of expressing your emotions and creativity. That being said, do not add the extra spice of your angry so as to express emotions, quantity, and quality are very much important.

12. Metalworking

Same as woodworking, but in the case of metalworking, you have a lot of choices and options. You can melt, bend, press and what not. Take a sheet of metal and work on it till you get bored of it.

11. Writing

Reading and writing is a perfect duo to keep you engaged for the rest of your life. Yes, I did say that. Writing is the preferable thing to do if you have read enough book in your teenager. Most of the renown writers started their career in their early 20s. So what are you waiting for? kick start your career at the right time.

10. Swimming

Even though Surfing is a bit more fun thing to do, you can not forget the sport that attracted a lot of people ever since it started. Swimming is arguably the best thing to do if you are need of natural gains or to develop a better body flexibility.

9. Restoration

Restoration, whether its classic car restoration or an antique artifact restoration, Restoration is always a fun thing to do. Killing time along with gaining knowledge is arguably the best hobby that a man can expect.

8. Photography

Well, I bet people started this particular “hobby”, or career in Photography. Photography has a wide range of choices and options, all you have to do is to buy a professional camera. However, it is not necessary to own a high profile camera worth thousands of dollars as the newer smartphones or phones have a better option for the camera.

7. Bodybuilding

Men and Gym, are like Women and Parlor. Once you are into it, it is impossible to stop it. Some people consider bodybuilder as a career instead of a hobby. They take it more seriously and the output is nothing but a healthy and fit body.

6. Model Crafting and Researching

If you have read enough books and watched enough science documentaries then you are qualified for research and model crafting. You do not necessarily require a degree for model crafting, as it is all about creativity and thinking skills.

5. Kart racing or Karting

You love Driving and have a huge passion for cars or automobiles, then Go-karting! Probably the most overlooked way to kill time, Karting will definitely give you an awesome experience.

4. Entrepreneurship

It is impossible to, not to come across people who do not earn money for themselves. Most of the people in their early 20s often start a small business or a start-up to earn some cash. It is not always required for you to succeed at such start-ups, but once you work hard enough, you might as well earn some quality amount of bucks.

3. Making Music

If you listen to enough music then you will surely have an interest in making music of your own. Making music is simple these days, as all you need is a mobile app and some cash to market the track. But there is no fun to make music that way. Stick to traditional methods and learn instruments. If you could find some friends who have the same passion, form a band or something. Playing in a band naturally increases your financial and social status

2. Practising Martial Arts

Similar to bodybuilding, Men often try out martial arts such Krav Maga, Karate, Kungfu​. Nothing much to say about this particular topic as you might be well aware of it since martial arts is immensely popular among men as well women.

1. Bike riding

Going for a ride is a lot different from Going for a ride on a Bike. Guys have an endless affection towards a motorcycle. Grabbing a bunch of friends and planning a trip the day before the scheduled time is always fun and interesting. If you haven’t done it yet, you should try it. Use social media as a tool to gather some friends and schedule a trip, I doubt you will regret doing it.

If you are in your early 20s and you are still confused figuring out to spend your time well, make sure to try these. After all, these are better than refreshing your newsfeed.


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