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    8 Home Remedy Tips For Oily Nose

    Who doesn’t want skin that is absolutely smooth and free of marks? Having a flawless skin is definitely everyone’s dream. Who doesn’t want a glowing face? But do you really want a glowing nose? Having an oily nose is hated by many, especially those who keep on getting blackheads and whiteheads no matter how hard […]

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    10 Types of Guys You Should Never Date

    There are all sorts of people in this world. It is difficult and unfair to broadly categorize them into two different categories (good or bad), because each one has his own unique personality with distinct traits. However, there are certain types of guys who are notorious for exuding negativity (knowingly and unknowingly) and thrive in […]

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    Top 10 Places known for Hospitality

    “Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before”- Dalai Lama How beautiful is the feeling of waking up at a new place one fine morning, with a completely unknown city waiting for you to explore. When you go to a new place your environment changes drastically. The moment you set your foot on […]

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    15 Qualities a Good Wife Must Have

    “Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife”  – Franz Schubert Marriage is not just a relationship status but a long lasting commitment. Having a good and loving wife is every man’s dream. Being a good wife is not just a […]

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    Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Face Muscles

    When someone says the words ‘toned muscles’ we immediately think about toned arms or toned legs or basically any other body part which we regularly work out at the gym. However, we tend to ignore a set of muscles which significantly affect our appearance- our face muscles. Your facial muscles, like any other body part, […]

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    10 Weird Uses Of Vicks

    It might be resting on our dressing tables, bathrooms and inside drawers, futile since days and months. Commonly used as an ointment for cough and cold, it gets to see the daylight only during winters. But not anymore. Because after reading the below list, it is going to become the most used thing in your […]

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    15 Stereotypes about Malayalis

    Stereotypes are common. However, when you generalize people based on the geographic area that they are hailing from, it might not sound that nice. Malayalee stereotypes are very common especially among the people of mainland India. This most probably might be stemming from the fact that people from the south are a wee bit different […]

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