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    Here’s How to Fix Undetected SD Card Problems.

    SD cards are most often used to store various forms of multimedia, and since they can be plugged into a number of devices, this small electronic item has become popular in a very short span of time. However, like any other electrical devices, they are also prone to damage and device failures. SD card corruption […]

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    Three Best Cloud Storage Services for Students

    Until a few years back, computer systems and external devices were the only data storage options available. And the space was so disappointingly less that users had to delete previous files and resort to multiple storage choices to make room for new data. Fortunately, as digital platforms started to rule, more cloud storage alternatives came […]

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    10 Adorable Things Babies Do

    Babies are a huge responsibility and taking care of them is not everyone’s cup of tea. From changing diapers to bothering about feeding them on time, it is a full-time responsibility that not all of us maybe ready to take up. However, one cannot deny that in spite of all this, babies do some of […]

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    Top 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India

    When the word “Entrepreneur” comes to mind, the connotation that arrives along with it is “risk-taker”. Encyclopedias and dictionaries define entrepreneurship to be the act of creation. Designing, creating and running a small venture is what entrepreneurship in its essence is. Deep down though, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are largely running around the ability to be a […]

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    Top 10 Ways You Can Make This Christmas Extra Special

    Christmas holidays are genuinely one of the most awaited for holidays around the world. However, this festival is much more than being just about exchanging presents; it is about togetherness and celebrating with your family. Every family has their own little Christmas party, which make this festival special and unique for everyone. This holiday season, […]

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    RTR- Top 10 Successful Space Missions

    Space travel, in many ways, is one of the greatest advancements of the human race. It is truly proving our sheer advancement and prowess as a civilization. It has shown us to be a civilization committed to exploring the world and the universe it inhabits. As technology develops and we make longer strides in the […]

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    Top 10 Most Secure and Protected Prisons

    Incarceration in prisons and other correctional facilities remains the most common punitive exercise against lawbreakers till this day. However, the security and technology in these prisons has to be kept up to date and secure, so as to ensure that no fantastical, Hollywood- esque prison breaks happen. Following is a list of the top 10 […]

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