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    12 Beautiful Type of Dance Forms

    One avid memory of my childhood is getting back from the school and sitting in front of the Tv watching my favourite dance shows. I remember growing up watching every dance show possible. Yes, I was crazy for dance and I even remember matching the steps of the famous songs which came on Tv. Are […]

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    Coconut Oil in Curing Yeast Infection: Reasons and Methods

    The first picture which pops up on this blog may not make you cringe but the red marks of the infection may be making you uncomfortable. If you are wondering what it is then you can google ‘candidiasis’ and go to the image section, straight. Moreover, I would suggest you do this only if you […]

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    12 Things Switzerland Is Famous For

    Look at your bucket list; is going to Switzerland one of the things in it? If not, your bucket list is surely missing the most beautiful and most adventurous trip of your life. Switzerland is often referred to as heaven on earth. If you talk to anyone who has been to Switzerland, they will surely […]

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    12 Awesome Total Fun Drinking Game Ideas

    If you have ever been to parties, you know that they aren’t deemed to be awesome because they serve milk. The proposition of having alcohol in a party makes it seem interesting even before you get to know whose on the guest list. Alcohol is the very definition of fun for a number of people these days. […]

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    Top 10 Most Venomous Insects in the World

     You might be perceiving insects as those tiny creatures that are of no harm to you. But it turns out to be that they are one of the most venomous creatures on earth. An insect as small as an ant, in fact, has the capacity to kill human beings. They aren’t as cute as they […]

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    Top 10 Famous Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

    What is the Illuminati anyway? Some history lessons first (no not like the ones you have in your textbooks). The Illuminati is believed to be found in Germany on May 1, 1776. It was historically called the Bavarian Illuminati. Unlike the modern Illuminati, Bavarian Illuminati was an Enlightenment-era secret society founded to fight superstition, obscurantism, […]

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