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    Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means, “to add”, ‘to join”, “to attach’ or “to unite” originated in ancient India. The practice of Yoga was established with its ultimate goal of “Moksha” (liberation). Although it had its different definitions according to different philosophers and their philosophies. For instance, According to Jacobsen, “Yoga has […]

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    20 Women who Radiate Inspiration

    From sports and politics to glamour and business, no matter what is their chosen field, inspirational women have been marking their footprints in the world since time began. They broke the barriers of patriarchy, soaring high enough for the world to look up and genuflect before them. Therefore, in celebration of these powerful women and […]

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    10 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Canker Sores Fast

    Canker sores also known as mouth ulcers are commonly seen today. So what are canker sores? Well, they are sores in the mouth which can be quite painful. They are yellowish-white sores which not only make it difficult to eat and drink but, also cause immense pain, inflammation, burning sensations, swollen lymph nodes and even […]

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    15 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Swollen Eyes Quickly

    Swollen eyes are as pertinent in their presence, as much is the presence of eyes themselves. It is being said that eyes are the windows to the soul, I’m not quite good at reading souls, but have certainly have studied about the glances of health they exhibit. While swollen eyes can be a result of […]

  • Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses


    Top 10 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses in the World

    “A luxury home has to be immaculate, absolutely spotless.”- Richard Dorn.  And that is all these out-rightly luxurious and dead-costly houses are about. From the beaches of Florida to the posh streets of New York and London, the locales of the Royal Family to that of metropolitan cities. So, these Top 10 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses […]

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    15 Natural Effective Methods to Grow Taller and Increase Height

    Exhausted of being called a shorty, midget, little person and so many of those degrading names throughout your life? Experiencing anger and irritation on being looked down upon (literally) by your friends, household members and acquaintances once more often? Desperately wanting to discover a method to increase your height and grow taller without having the […]

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    Top 10 Greatest NBA Players of all time

    Like it or hate it, NBA is undoubtedly one among the most interesting and challenging sport in the world. It is always a treat watching your favorite players in the fields. Not only favorite players but watching the greatest showdowns like Lebron James vs Curry or the historic Larry vs Magic is cherishing and interesting. […]

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    Top 15 Traits of People with Brown Eyes

    Physiognomy is the knowledge (some might declare it as art) of face interpretation. In olden times, it was looked at as a sure shot method of defining the nature of an individual. Current day philosophy has declared such sciences as obsolete and out-of-date, but a few of their theories still exist. One such theory is the […]

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